Good Time – Alan Jackson

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Download and print Good Time by Alan Jackson sheet score

Alan Jackson Good Time

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Did Alan Jackson really have an encounter with the ghost of Hank Williams? I like that song “Midnight In Montgomery” and I was wondering if anyone knows if Alan Jackson claims the encounter was real. Or did he just make it up for his song?

Download and print Good Time by Alan Jackson sheet score

Pretty sure this was made up. You’ll also note that another song about an encounter was made in the song by David Allan Coe – “The Ride”So really, Alan Jackson is a take off of Allan Coe’s song.

what was the womans name that alan Jackson had a fling with ? when alan jackson separated from his wife, and who was the woman he had a fling with ?
I read Denise’s book “It’s all about Him” and I don’t think she mentioned the woman’s name.probably so she wouldn’t get,,20048697,00.html

I heard that Lady Gaga is having an affair with country music superstar Alan Jackson? I even heard that she IS Alan Jackson. At least that’s what I’ve been telling people. Sure would be sweet to hear her sing 1993’s smash hit “Chatahoochie”.Anyway, my question is about kittens: are they playful?
Aaaarrrrgh, why is there an Alan being mentioned in here other than me?About kittens, it depends on the individual kitten’s personality. Some are, and some aren’t. Just like people.

“”That’s an easy one. The answer is nobody cares about your question. Go get yourself a copy of “Chatahoochie” by Alan Jackson.””” sorry friend but am not here to have a fight since i am a yahoo answer member who has the right to ak any question philip p

Does anyone know about Alan Jackson’s independent 1987 album called New Traditional? I was wondering if anyone could help me find a place to get a copy of Alan Jackson’s 1987 independent album, New Traditional. I want to have that CD but it’s probably impossible to find.
How to get Alan Jackson for my wedding? At any and all costs Im looking to see if Alan Jackson is available for my wedding. I don’t care the cost.
Unless he is a close relative or best friend, keep dreaming. As far as the cost for regular folks, you need to have more money than you know what to do with. Then contact his booking agency (found inside the cd cover) and then be prepared for him to only sing one song if he does show up. Better to just play cds or tell your dj to play lots of songs by him.
Your best bet will be to get in touch with his manager. Good luck!
Wow the only way you could get him was if you were a millionaire..I heard he’s over $250,000. But by all means if you have that kind of money to blow do it lol.

What are your favorite songs on Alan Jackson’s new CD? I’m on itunes, trying to pick a few songs on Alan Jackson’s new CD, but I dont know which ones I like better. What are your favorites?
All of them are great but my favorites are:Taillights BlueThat’s Where I BelongHard Hat and a HammerTrue Love is a Golden Ring’Till the EndFreight Train

I’d say that “Freight Train” and “Hard Hat and a Hammer” are my two favorite tracks off of that album. However, I only did hear it once and it was a few days ago so, the next time I get to hear it, that might change. Until I get a copy of my own though, I’ll stick with the two I chose.The whole album is great, as usual with Alan Jackson. I’d recommend getting the whole album!

What infidelities, did Alan Jackson have with how, and where and when? Would like to know about their split I never heard about this. Was Alan cheating with someone else?, if so where and when. Any gossip on Alan Jackson’ infidelities,
What does Alan Jackson want for Christmas? What does Alan Jackson want for Christmas?