Turkey Creek String Band – “The Girl I Left Behind Me”

The Turkey Creek String Band is an exciting seven-person acoustic ensemble centered in Southern Middle Tennessee. Our repertoire consists of traditional fiddle tunes, folk, western swing, waltzes, bluegrass, and Irish jigs. Our unique triple and quadruple fiddle tunes add a flavor rarely seen in string bands. Our group can lend a festive, casual atmosphere to your event, whether it is a wedding, company outing, contradance, festival, or any other special event or party! Visit us at turkeycreekstringband.com

You can download the sheet music from the video: Girl I Left Behind Me (music Folk)

1161. The Girl I Left Behind Me (Traditional Irish) with Matthew and Bob

Another song from the one-hour jam session I had with YouTube friends, Matthew Vaughan, from Canada via Bangkok, and Bob Hornett from Heywood. They arrived here accidentally by magical technology when attempting to transport Matthew back to Thailand, and we managed to squeeze in four songs together before the technical problem was solved. The first known printed text of a song with this name appeared in Dublin in 1791 and the earliest known version of the melody was printed in Dublin about 1810 in Hime’s “Pocket Book for the German Flute or Violin”, vol. 3. There are many variations and a number of songs were set to this tune, one of the best known, and most recent, being “Waxie’s Dargle”. Earlier (19th Century) examples include “An Spailpín Fánach” (“The Rambling Labourer”) and “The Rare Old Mountain Dew”. In England the tune is often known as “Brighton Camp” and is used for Morris Dancing. You can see a playlist of my Irish songs here: youtube.com For lyrics and chords of my songs please see my website: raymondcrooke.com

What is the name of the Dolly Parton song about a baby or babies? As I was delivering my twin girls last friday, a song was playing in the room. Singer was definately Dolly Parton and it was a song about a baby or babies or that was the theme of the song.Anyone know PLEASE? It made me cry but being so delerious I don’t remember any of the lyrics.

You can download the sheet music from the video: Girl I Left Behind Me (music Folk)

The first song that comes to mind is “Down from Dover”.Mike Honeycutt=================Artist: Parton DollySong: Down From DoverAlbum: You Are Dolly Parton Sheet MusicDolly Parton CDs I know this dress I’m wearing doesn’t hide the secret I have tried concealing When he left he promised me that he’d be back by the time it was revealing The sun behind a cloud just casts the crawling shadow o’er the fields of clover And time is running out for me I wish that he would hurry down from Dover He’s been gone so long when he left the snow was deep upon the ground And I have seen a spring and summer pass and now the leaves are turning brown And any time a tiny face will show itself ’cause waiting’s almost over But I won’t have a name to give it if he doesn’t hurry down from Dover My folks weren’t understanding when they found out they sent me from the home place My daddy said if folks found out he’d be ashamed to ever show his face My mamma said I was a fool and she did not believe it when I told her That everything would be all right ’cause soon he would be coming down from Dover I loved him more than anything and I could not refuse him when he needed me He was the only one I’d loved and I just can’t believe that he was using me He couldn’t leave me here like this I know it can’t be so it can’t be over He wouldn’t make me go through this so long, oh he’ll be coming down from Dover My body aches the time is here it’s lonely in this place where I’m lyin’ Our baby has been born but something’s wrong it’s much too still I hear no cryin’ I guess in some strange way she knew she’d never have a father’s arms to hold her And dying was her way of telling me he wasn’t coming down from Dover

Who are the best and who are the worst everyday drivers? Using factors such as age, sex, race, time of commute, location, type of auto, etc. who in general do you think make up the best drivers and who are the worst?
My husband and I travel all over the country by car and I have found that the ones who are aiming for us are those who are talking on the cell phones while trying to drive. There is no age factor to this. We also found that those in Florida will cut you off in traffic without even signalling. I don’t know why.

i do not think any of the factors you mention play an important role, what is important is the ability to read, understand, and comprehend the drivers manual,,,,, the reason for speed limits,,, the understanding that posted speed signs are for optimum conditions,,,, a person should slow down at night, rain,,, road work etc,,,, speeding is the biggest risk factor i believe,,,

The best drivers are professional drivers who, after probably driving to work, will spend up to ten hours driving a bus, truck or van before driving home again.Also the emergency service drivers who don’t spend as long at the wheel but are highly trained.The worst are Orthodox Jews in Volvos.

I would say the very young drivers, usually teenagers and the very old who are having trouble with their driving skills. Drivers in large cities have more opportunity to have a wreck than country drivers. I do not believe that sex has anything to do with it.

The best drivers are the people who have consideration for people, have a life, and some place they have to be. There are good drivers in every age group, every sex, and ethnicity. Now here’s the thing.it’s all about common sense which every race , every sex , and every age is guilty of losing! City driving.if you don’t have somewhere to go get the hell out of the way.there are people who have a life and things to do! to do!Freeway driving.wake the hell up and get your slow driven @ss in the LEFT LANE.and if I’m riding your @ss that means move the HELL over!USE A TURN SIGNAL.you lazy self -serving s.o.b.’sIf your on the cell phone your not paying attention and you will wreck eventually. If your eating, reading a book, or newspaper, putting on make-up you are not paying enough attention.My 83 year old grandfather is out there looking for you! This after me you can go first attitude.common.pay attention people.if I leave a hole to let you in , you better be looking and not farting around.if I offer you a outlet be ready to move and get in! And when I do let you in ,for God’s sakes at least wave or jesture telling me thanks. worst drivers- The black and white guys that cars look like a 1963 catalina sailboat, boom box’in down the road, with there windows down thinking that evryone is so, enjoying there rap music.But sitting so low in there lazyboy carseat all you see is this glimpse of a small peanut head.they have to be looking through the slots of the steering wheel.they are two busy trying to be cool and not realizing I got shiit to do!Old folks.God love’em.Now I have seen some good older drivers.and they will run your @ss off the road.but for the most part .if your glasses are thicker than your windshield.time to park babe!Asian women and men.Me love you long time.but learn our driving laws before you get behind the wheel.sheesh!Here is the number #1 worst driver out there.and they have just moved up and took sole postion over the Old and Asian!The black woman driving either her Mommas 1984 chevy lumina( don’t lie you know you’ve seen her) or her players car.she is the one driving her mommas car with 6 kids with no seat belts, eatin potato chips and givin whitey the finger.have you seen her! Or the Black girl driven Players car.and God help her, if she puts a blemmish on the Impala ss.so she sits on top of the steering wheel , drives totally with tunnel vision, white knuckle grip on the steering wheel and 25 mph tops.have you seen her!Now I haven’t forgotten about the good ole boys in their 1985 chevy pick-up, spittin dip out the window, stickers all over the truck, gun rack.no shirt , Hollar’in .EEEEE- haw. out the window.there is no help for this breed.God help’s those who cannot help themselves! Lastly.Drive safe, but efficient.Care about people, but dont care too much when you are driving. And last but not least. PAY ATTENTION.I have been waiting a long time at this light,. you could have made it through, but you decide to stop., three minutes before you got to it.When the light turn’s GREEN GO! Get your heads out and quit snack’in!

The best- very aggressive, consious, observant drivers, usually men trying to negociate tough traffic, i.e. slow drivers, or people who don’t know where they’re going. The best drivers can anticipate what may happen next. The worst-very slow, lost, multi-tasking working moms, either in older cars or vans, most likely carrying precious cargo. Also, men and women who are late for their appointments or distracted by boom-boxes are often really bad drivers. Younger drivers are also somewhat irresponisble but some are very good. Older drivers need to know when to stop driving their 1980 cadillac deville. When there’s a highway entrance or exit, cars start moving around, and people who drive badly affect this greatly when they won’t move, pick up their speed on the entrance ramp, or change lanes early so they don’t have to accidently get on the highway. People do need to know where they are going. I’ve seen plenty of accidents here in Houston that sure could have been prevented, especially the ones near the “spaghetti” bowl of overpasses. There must be 4 layers of overpasses, and numerous splits occur on these overpasses. If someone doesn’t know where they are going, they are in a heap of trouble, and it ends up that other drivers must brake or dodge these people who are both lost, confused, and going in 5 different lanes when they realize they have almost missed their precious exit.

i know my s-10 cant compete in any nascar event but people still tailgate me at 85-90 mph in THE RIGHTHAND LANE. also ive seen alot of car stereos and the idiot rattling his stock system so bad i hear the speakers cracking drives me insane. they generally also sport the spinner hubcaps.

Among the worst, people who don’t know how to share the road with an 18 wheeler.you’ve seen the bumper sticker, “if you can’t see my windows, i can’t see you. “If you’regoing to pass, thn pass. if you aren’t. then drop back so he can see you. If one is passing you, hold your speed , don’t speed up. And don’t tailgate. A Chevy will not fit under a Great Dane trailer.

The best driver- the one who kept his car at home and found a way to car pool or take mass transit. Probably having trouble making ends meet or maybe an environmentalist.worst driver- always drive alone and great distances for minor reasons, bought a house 60 miles from work. blames all their problems on someone else. only looks in a mirror to primp.