Nights Over Egypt – The Jones Girls (Vinyl 12″) 1981

From my vinyl collection.

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The Jones Girls – Keep It Comin’

These three sisters (Valorie RIP, Shirley, and Brenda Jones)representing Detroit first came on the scene as backups for Lou Rawls, Linda Clifford, and Teddy Pendergrass; just to name a few. These sisters continued to make minor hits in the early 70’s, until breaking out in 1979 with the hit, “You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else”, these ladies had continuous hits on the R&B charts; not necessarily making POP success. From the Philadelphia International label, this is their 1984 cult classic from the album entitled “Keep It Comin'” Enjoy!!!!

Should I be Indiana Jones or a Ghostbuster for Halloween? I was thinking about either being a hot girl Indiana Jones type character or a hot girl Ghostbuster. I already have most of the Indiana Jones costume, but those fedoras are damn expensive. A Ghostbusters costume is easy to get and pretty cheap, but would be harder to make ‘hot’. What do you think?

Download and print PDF scores of Girl by Jones

stay with the indiana jones motif. def hot, have most of the stuff AND did I mention def hot. do it girl


Sounds like you have it all almost figured out – pros and cons – and, if ‘being seen as hot’ is the most important criterion? You already have your answer, huh? Have fun and play safe. . .WOW – so many bogus accounts answering here and collecting 2 points . . . amazing to realize that Yahoo has such levels of counterfeit players. . .

Oh you can make the ghosbusters look hot. Just get some short shorts and a short sleeve with the logo on it. Make sure they’re the same color (The short and the short sleeve shirt). Then get a toy back pack thingy that they wear, and unbutton the shirt a little bit to show some cleavage. There you got yourself a sexy ghostbust suit. ;]

Definitely Indiana Jones! All the little kids go as ghosts, and while that is great for them, you should look very original as Indiana Jones.

HONEY GO WITH INDIANA JONES, Since you already have most of the costume I would to with that. This year again I am going to be Beetlejuice. Happy Halloween to you

If it’s a tight Ghostbuster suit, and unzipped to show some cleavage, then you’ve got it!Otherwise, the Indiana Jones style girl costume could definitely be a lot more sexy!!

What is the children’s book where a little girl trades places with her dad to work at an ad agency? I remember reading a book about 20 years ago where a little girl and her dad both disliked their situations, so they decided to trade places. The dad went to kindergarten and the little girl went to the dad’s ad agency. While she was there, she came up with a tag line for a cracker company, and the executives loved it. The dad loved being in kindergarten because he was tall enough to get balls out of trees and do other helpful things. Does anyone remember what that book was called?
Bea and Mr. Jones by Amy Schwartz “Bea Jones is bored with kindergarten. Really bored. Her dad is fed up with being stuck in an office. Really, really fed up. So Bea and Mr. Jones decide to change places. Neither kindergarten nor the office will ever be the same.Originally published in 1982, Bea and Mr. Jones, Amy Schwartz’s unforgettable debut picture book, was a New York Times Best Illustrated Book of the Year and a Reading Rainbow selection. Now back with a fresh design, this charming favorite will inspire a new generation of children to see everyday life in a whole new light.”

what kind of food should i bake at an indiana jones b-day party? My daughters a girl, and, the answers don’t just have to be about food, they can be about ideas for the party, and, my daughters 10.
lol your daughters a girl, really?hehe I don’t really know anything about Indianna Jones to be honest.. sorry this is a waste of an answer.

That’s a really tough one. I can’t really think of anything that will go with the theme for food but I think you could find a cook photo on the internet and get a photo cake made. For food I would do like chicken fingers, chex mix, mini corn dogsSorry that’s alI I can think of but here are some cool links for theme party,+8ct.doYou gotta check out that last one!

What about making cupcakes or a cake with gummy worms on top (and calling them snakes). Indianna Jones always hated snakes, and there was that snake-filled pit in the movie and they ate that python that was stuffed with moving snakes. What about getting a hat like Indianna Jones wears and filling it with tortilla chips (like use it as a bowl). You could serve it with salsa. If you don’t like the chip idea, you can do this with other foods (buns, etc.) Just put a liner in the hat to keep the food clean.

A Treasure Hunt! If it’s nice out do it outdoors. You can make a map and leave clues that will direct them to different spots and eventually lead to the

You could do something with an Oriental or Indian theme. Egg rolls, chicken fried rice, won tons, etc, or mild chicken curry with lots of cool sides to dip into. For decorations, again go with an Oriental or Indian theme. Search for instructions for wrapping a woman’s sari, then divide into teams to see which team can do it the best. A scavenger hunt for Indie items would be fun, too. For music, look at the library for big band music from the 1930s and teach them to Fox trot, or jitter bug! If you need ideas, rent a couple of the movies to find ideas.

What is a book about a girl who tries to find love but never does? Please can you think of any book about a girl who tries to find love but never does. Or maybe even a book about a girl who thinks there is no such thing as love. Or a book about a girl who doesn’t let people love her.
How do I tell a girl I just want to have sex with her and that’s it? There is a girl who really likes me who is the long term relationship type and I don’t want that. What is a good way to break it to her so she doesn’t get too upset.
Just flat out say it. Whats the worst that could happen? A smack or two? The best? She goes for it. Risk and reward my friend.

Why would you want to break her heart just for sex?I mean if thats all you want out of a girl, then find someone else who isnt emotionally attached to you.

Don’t bother. She’ll think you’re a jerk and deny you. Save yourself the trouble and resort to man-hand time.

i dont know i tried asking straight out loads of times and women just dont like it and think ur nuts, i dont know wat the prob is!

Woah. ok NEVER EVER EVER tell a girl ur just dating her for sex! 1) she will never have sex with u and 2) its just plain mean no girls just LEST u do that.

Just ware a sign that says “I am a huge scumbag who just wants to use you and has complete disregard for your emotions.” I really hope you are a troll.

Just tell it to her straight. Say “I’m attracted to you physically, but I don’t want to have a relationship”. Please don’t then take advantage of her by sleeping with her. This is assuming that you haven’t already had sex with her. If you have already slept with her, and you knew beforehand that she would want something more, then you are a jerk. She will be upset no matter what you say.

I believe it was Velvet Jones in his guide to picking up women who suggested saying, “Baby, I’d really like to jump your bones.” “Nine times out of ten, [you] get slapped in the face; but, that tenth time is pure magic.”

That’s a good way to get your balls messed up telling a girl you just want sex unless she’s of that mind too.

Just be direct and tell her you’re not looking for a relationship. You’re only interested in sex. Then let her decide if she’s ok with that. If she is, then you’ll get what you’re looking for. If she’s not ok with it, you can move on and find someone who is into just sex.To those who think he’d be using the girl just because he only wants sex, he’d only be using her if he was deceitful. If he’s honest from the start, it’s all her decision.

Just grab your d1ck out of nowhere and smack that shit across her face till she sees stars, i bet shed wanna do it then.. good luck ;>

DONT USE A GIRL THAT WAY. THATS NOT NICE.. if you wanna have sex with someone just do it with someone you love and someon who loves you to