what is the difference between Japanese work ethic and American work ethic? And what challenges does a expatriate manager face in Japan?

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the japanese work about 2 to 3 times as hard as americans and tend to think before they speak. much more respect for one’s superiors than in the USA. much more hierarchy. An expat manager would have a difficult time – he/she would have to work much longer hours, work much “smarter”, be more sophisticated, be more sensitive, be “less american” and more “cosmopolitan”. it would be hard for the japanese to take the new american seriously.

The International Herald Tribune has an interesting article written by Steven Brull entitled “Tale of Two Work Ethics By Many Yardsticks, the U.S. Tops Japan” that you may want to read iht.com/articles/1992/02/07/work.php The article looks at the traditional Japanese ethics — very hardworking. But the writer argues that this is the old style traditional Japan, where elders have to make sure they work hard to rebuild their country after the war. The younger Japanese is more like the Americans — they want more free time.As an expatriate manager, it will depend on what industry you will work and how exposed to the western culture your colleagues are. But generally, the working culture is far different from the American culture. It can even be a culture shock for the expat. Succeeding in Japan requires experience and unique skills that most expatriate managers simply don’t possess. Communication will be a challenge. For one, criticism is avoided as saving face is crucial to the Japanese. So directness and bluntness are to be contained.Here is a good link on the Japanese culture in business that you may want to readkwintessential.co.uk/resources/global-etiquette/japan-country-profiles.html

How can i send a book to an agent? I live in Egypt, and i’m 16. I’m about to finish the first book of a juvenils fantasy series. But how can i send an agent, what should i tell him?? Is there’s a problem for being in Egypt. To how manu agents should i send the book. What’s this query letter and how can i write it?. Thanks.
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Tarek, US agents are accustomed to working with authors all over the world. Your location is not a negative factor.You will need to identify books in English which are in the same genre as yours is, and then determine which literary agent sold the book to its publisher. This is tedious but you can do a lot online. You can also check Preditors and Editors to confirm the legitimacy of an agent or agency, and you can join Writer’s Market’s online version for agent listings as well. (Copy what you need, then cancel your membership.)Do *not* send an agent your book. You send only a one-page query letter giving its genre, word count, title, a one-paragraph summary, and a request that they consider it. Since you’re so far away, you might want to start with agents who accept emailed queries (many of them).I hope you will take no offense in my saying that the English in your question contains many errors which would cause an agent to reject your query letter. You will need to edit very carefully.Oh, and you will also need the signature of a parent or guardian when and if you sign a contract with an agent or a publisher, since you are too young to enter into contracts.Good luck!

What’s wrong? Did Sir E. Brull’s wonderful father the “agent” not work out after all? I see he changed his name since then to C. Niall.answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AgKsKpY_RJQCQ6r4Tfify9_ty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090321164036AAFxTJI&show=7#profile-info-Fyffqh4Yaa

what do you think of the name Caden Abrell? Caden for my grandfather –his name was Ada in german.Abrell ( said A brull) my maiden nameentire name would be Caden Abrell Hehle (said heel lee)
No no no. Caden is awful, trendy and trashy. I can’t stand the aden trend and it really needs to go away. Abrell is not a name and you cannot give your child a maiden name for a middle name unless its somewhat normal, (for example my son is Jason Scott, Scott is my maiden name). Give the kid a normal first name and use Ada as a middle name if you want to honor someone.

Ive never been a fan of Caden. But now that it is over popular, it makes me dislike it even more.Abrell is different. but it’s cool. I like it.If I can suggest :Caanon Abrell (kay-nun)Cane AbrellCarter AbrellConnor AbrellCameron AbrellCamden Abrell.Good luck.

I think it’s great! All the names blend well together and it’s a great way to honor your Grandfather. All the best!

Meh.In all honesty, I don’t like Caden at all. It would be a nice name if it wasn’t SO overused. I feel like everytime one of my friends has a baby boy his name is either Caden or Jayden. But hey, if that doesn’t bother you, then go for it! I just don’t care for overused/trendy names, so I’d personally never use Caden, but thats just my taste. And I get the whole personal meaning behind Abrell because its your maiden name, but I don’t like it at all. In my opinion, there’s nothing pleasant sounding about it at all. And in all liklihood it will be mispronounced as Ab-rell or Abe-rell as opposed to A-brull because of the spelling. Overall, I’d give the name Caden Abrell a 4/10. Not terrible, definitely not the worst I’ve ever heard, but not my taste at all.

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