For Always – Lara Fabian

“Come away O human child / To the waters and the wild / With a fairy hand in hand / For the world’s more full of weeping / Than you can understand”, Iv keep this videos since 2002 dedicate for my mum, but lately after AI revisit I decide to share it for Speilberg: “Artificial Intelligence” movies fan

Downloadable music scores: Josh Groban and Lara Fabian: For Always (from AI: Artificial Intelligence), Lara Fabian: For Always – J. Williams

For Always (Lara Fabian)

I’ve never been able to find backing tracks or piano scores for this song and so I’ve recorded it in KBox, a karaoke place in Singapore. For Always is sung by Lara Fabian, one of the most brilliant vocalists I’ve ever heard, she also sang the theme song of Final Fantasy, called The Dream Within. Initially I thought Josh Groban was an old man, with a voice so matured and resonant. It came as a surprise that he was actually a young American man, handsome to boot! This song really inspired and touched me, and it began my quest in learning how to sing with proper techniques. For Always is the theme song of the Steven Spielberg (favourite director) directed movie, AI (my favourite movie), and is composed by John Williams (my favourite composer). So I guess you can see that this song is quite special to me. It is recorded using a Sony Cybershot as I unfortunately have no video camera yet =( Chief of Film Direction is my BFF Bonnie, aka camera handler… Ha Ha!