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Downloadable music scores: Footprints – Stewart

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»sorry for all The Hunger Games videos I’ve made. Decided to do a qucick Kristen Stewart video 🙂

Seasonal Decorating. Is it really practical for the average family to be able to afford to decorate like this? I know people like Martha Stewart can afford to have a bunch of seasonal things that she stores in one of her many homes, but is it really do-able for me, your average family? I love this book by Seasons of Cannon Falls. What do you all think?

Downloadable music scores: Footprints – Stewart

Sorry, never heard of the book. But I for one can’t afford to keep up with the proverbial Joneses! We make a lot of stuff and buy used stuff in like new condition for next to nothing. I think that a lot of Americans and others around the world have started shopping places they wouldn’t have 10 years ago.

I don’t think of seasonal decorating as typing pink bows on pumpkins or running 100% made-in-the-USA raw flax ribbon around a sheaf of low-carbon footprint hay. Or make up your own weird, expensive example. In fact, I think you can decorate seasonally by taking note of what’s evocative about each season:Spring: fresh, growing, green, bright, butterflies and other pollinating insects. Smells: fresh spring floral smells, like lilac, lavender, mint, etc.Summer: warm, sunlight, very bright, relaxing shade. Smells: the ocean, cut grass, rain, barbecue, pine, etc.Fall: worn out, twilight, dark, faded glory, harvest, orange or brown, pumpkins, fallen leaves. Smells: “comforting” smells like cinnamon, cloves, chocolate, vanilla, etc.Winter: quiet, cold, undisturbed, unfertile. Smells: traditional winter holiday smells like evergreen(s), peppermint, etc. Work these themes when you can. For instance, to decorate seasonally for the fall, distresed woods, dried flower arrangements in old (even rusty) containers, dry leaves, miniature pumpkins can usually be gotten cheap. Bake something that smells good, or even just warm up some store-bought cookies in the microwave. Buy, make or freshen a potpourri with some of the fall smells mentioned above.You can decorate with light as well. Just reducing the wattage in a couple of bulbs, using zone instead of overhead lighting, and / or turning on the fireplace (if you ahve one) made a difference. And you can decorate with temperature. Making your home warmer makes it seem more inviting. Making it colder can either enhance the “fall” feeling in unoccupied areas of the home while drawing folks to the warmer parts.Think of decorating as controlling the environment and the experience rather than buying a lot of expensive stuff so that your home can look all “Martha Stewart”. If you were Martha Stewart, you’d have thousands of dollars to blow on decorating, but most of us don’t have it and don’t need it!Good luck.

Haven’t seen the book. Of course we can’t all spend the time and money to decorate like Martha Stewart, but one of her messages is that you can always do something to make your home more appealing, almost regardless of budget. I think if you choose carefully, be creative and look for bargains, an average family can certainly afford to decorate for a season.

It depends on how far you want to go with the “seasonal decorating.”I see a lot of seasonal decor in thrift stores, so it would be possible to create a tablescape or decorate a mantel for Halloween or Thanksgiving for very little money. Wal-Mart has some seasonal fall stuff that was very nice and reasonably priced.If you pick up things at thrift stores and on sale throughout the year, it’s possible to decorate frugally and attractively.I am waiting for new furniture for my living room, so I don’t have that room decorated for fall. I have a teeny tiny front porch. At the dollar store, I bought a fall wreath for the front door. I bought a tall scarecrow figure dressed in orange burlap. From the thrift store, I picked up a garland of silk fall leaves for 50 cents. I wove the garland through the iron hanging shelf planter on the porch. I bought two little ceramic crows at CVS for $2.00 and perched them in a pot of ivy. I bought a scarecrow pick for $1.00 at Walmart and stuck it in another flower pot. And I have a pot of yellow mums. All this for less than $25.00. I don’t think that’s bad.The thrift stores around here are full of Christmas stuff, and it’s really cheap. I’m sure yard sales are a good source, too. So like I said, it’s possible to decorate without spending a fortune. Natural things, such as flowers, fruits, seeds, nuts, grasses, vines, pine cones, etc. are available free in many areas.

What ink pad’s are safe to use with baby? I’m getting my daughter’s footprints tattooed on me next week. I bought a Martha Stewart acid-free ink pad to actually get her footprints (the hospital didn’t get them, so I have to) is that kind of ink pad safe to use on her?I’ve heard Babies r us has special kits for handprints and footprints but I went there today and they said they no longer have them in store. If the acid-free ink isn’t safe to use on her what kind of ink pads come in those kits?
I think anything non toxic would work fine. you dont want anything permenant either. Have fun!! sounds awesome!God Bless

If you go to the crafts store they have kids ink pads that are safe to use! Thats wht I have if you use any ink pad WASH the area right away to avoid serious issues like rashes allergic reactions or exsema (cant spell it) GL

I got this picture frame that had something like that in it but the ink doesn’t stick to the foot. Worked for my picture frame and it was super easy.

what can i do at home to help fight the oil spill? i feel really bad about the damage bp has done to us. so what can i do at home to help fight not only oil spills but global warming, pollution, and everything else that’s hurting the environment?
You are on the right path.Obama is going to address the nation on a briefing about the oil spill sometime this week.

It’s great to see that you are taking an interest in the environment, provided is a list of 15 things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint which is related to both pollution and global warming. In regards to the oil spill this may seem challenging but, I would attempt to start a petition or something similar or write to the companies involved. Essentially, these associated companies must be held responsible for their negligence/lack or reasonable and effective action by their consumers. Not to attack these companies, but, it is important that the public is assured that they have an established plan to correct this tremendous disaster.1. Now that I live closer to the office, I walk to work. – Andrea Janus, Beauty Associate2. To save energy, I don’t use the dry cycle on the dishwasher (I open the washer door to let dishes air dry), and I rarely use the dryer when washing clothes.- AJ3. I have started buying eco-friendly cleaning products, rather than using harsh household cleaners. I also simply use white vinegar mixed with water for light cleaning, like mirrors and counter surfaces.- AJ4. I’m trying to drive less and trying to be on time so I’m not racing to get somewhere — apparently driving slower emits fewer fumes.- Andrea Mills, Home Associate5. I only turn on lights, heat and air conditioning when I’m home and if it’s really necessary. – AM6. I buy local first and as much organic as possible. – AM7. I try to use my local library for books instead of buying new ones. – AM8. I always bring lunch to work. (I don’t actually do this to be green, but the bonus is no extra garbage from take-out containers.) – AM9. I pick up litter and throw it in the garbage along my running route. – AM10. I’m appalled at the failure of the Moore Park Residents Association’s (in Toronto) attempts to stop all of the trees being cut down for the building of a new Mount Pleasant Cemetery parking lot and visitation centre when it’s technically public land. This year I plan to get involved in environmental issues like this that affect my community.- AM11. Generally there are only two of us for dinner at my house, so we use the toaster oven instead of turning on the big oven.- Andrea Stewart, Food Director12. I’ve declared a complete personal ban on plastic bags for a little over a year now. If I know I’m going to the mall or the grocery store, I’ll bring a large eco-bag with me. If a shopping opportunity catches me off guard, I’ll still skip the bag, or at the very least ask for a paper one.- Jasmine Li, Online Editorial Assistant 13. I can’t live without my daily cup of java, but all those paper cups build up quickly to a massive pile of trash. I bring my own mug to Starbucks, not only does this help to reduce garbage, but it also saves me 10% off my order!- JL14. I choose to walk, jog, bike or take public transportation whenever I can, and if I really can’t get to where I need to go by one of those methods, I carpool when possible. This saves me gas money, too!- JL15. I have switched all of my light bulbs over to Ikea’s energy-saving bulbs. Not only do they use less electricity but they also cast a nice soft light that’s way more flattering – so I love them! I am also very aware of switching off the lights whenever I leave a room.- Suzanne Dimma, Home Director

Join the Amish.Yes it will be a great sacrifice, but it is the only way to prove that you are serious about saving the planet. Everything short of that is just bs.

Go to the site of oil spill through boat and throw detergent(washing powder). washing powder cuts the oil layer and again starts the supply of oxygen to the water surface.And for other pollutions the methods mentioned above by other members are enough to save earth!Best of luck!! 🙂

go to BP so they have money and don’t go bankrupt.i’m not kidding.some idiots are boycotting 3 engineers mess up and its the whole company thats bad.bad idea.go to bp and buy some gas..step 2 take some vacation time to go to clean up sites and get your hands dirty.

What I suggest is definitely scouring the web for many websites out there that tell you how. There are many in fact that is how I have furthered my knowledge but there are websites to go to where you can donate to the cause!^_^google search website for being green in the source place i listed a few just to get you started! enjoy took me like 20 minutes just to find those it was easy but they got addicting and I started to read them lol and recycle!

Walk places.Start Recycling.Stop Buying stuff you don’t need.Buy a car that’s good on gas.

when you go cut your hair ask them if there giving the hair to the oil spill. some hair places will send the hair over to the oil spill and it soaks alot up!