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If you could send a letter to yourself back in time when you were a teenager? What would you tell yourself.Question inspired by the Brad Paisley song Letter To Me.

Downloadable sheet music: Find Yourself – Brad Paisley

Im 18, so I am technically a teenager, but I’d send a letter to myself a few months ago saying “SAVE SENIORITIS FOR THE LAST MONTH OF SCHOOL” because I got it wayyy too early.

Well, I’m still a teenager. But I would tell myself to suck it up, be happy, don’t stress about boys or messed up friends, have fun always and stay in school.

I’d tell myself that although things may be bad at the moment, things will get better when you get a little older. I’d tell myself to always be yourself, regardless of what others may think; to not care what others think of me; and to think of myself as a worthy person, regardless of any abuse that I face.

it would be something along the lines of a “good times..good times..” letter, cause i deff love to party it up lolin the teen years i have been through so far, they have been pretty fun, minus all the boy issues or bad breakups 🙂 ha[i would also prob. mention about how stupid and gullible i was with guys..we all have our downfall, right?]

that is a real good question I wish I could have done that for real I would probably right something like Big things are coming there going to be hard but you will make it and become a stronger person spend time now with your Mom because you won’t have her for long appreciate the family you have and don’t take yourself so seriously your ok the the way you are , don’t change for any man and most of all when he asks you to marry him listen to your heart and run like hell!

What are good Brad Paisley songs (All of them are great) that are good for a ringtone? Im trying to think of a Brad Paisley song that’s really good for a ringtone. (I want something that has a fast-paced tempo)
Its not fast paced, but “Alcohol” is a great song. If you like Keith Urban, go with “Start a Band.” excellent duo!

Mud on the tiresRemind me ft carrie underwoodLittle momentsAmerican saturday nightOnlineStart a band ft keith urbanWe dancedTicksWaitin on a womanAlcoholWhiskey lullaby ft allison kraussShes everythingThenAnything like meCamouflageFind yourselfCelebrityHe didn’t have to beI’m still a guyLetter to meOld alabamaThis is country musicWaterWelcome to the futureWhen i get where i’m goin ft dolly parton:) hope this helped!

Why does my stomach hurt for a qucik second when i see brad paisley? Ok so i had some dreams of brad paisley ALOT and whenever i see him on tv or on the radio, my stomach like has this weired feeling and my face gets all red and i smile alot. And after i hear Brad or see him, i think about him ALL day. Like, whats goin on? thanks -Amber 🙂
I suspect you have programmed some illogical emotional connections in your brain which causes the effect. This comes from recent brain imaging research that is best explained by Dr. Amen in his book Change your Brain, Change your Life, among others. I found it in my local library.You need to deprogram, debug yourself. Could be a chemical or nutritional imbalance as well. I learned a lot about this in studying nutritionals and herbs. Here are a couple of sources.

What do I need to start playing guitar? I want to learn how to play the acoustic guitar and more specifically, stuff like Josh Turner, Brad Paisley, and some other acoustic stuff like Howie Day as well. I know I’ll obviously need a guitar, but what other things do I need to get started?
PluckandPlayGuitar has free video based lessons for absolute beginners and assume you know nothing or close to nothing. It takes you step by step through the basic guitar chords one by one. There’s also lessons on guitar scales, techniques and some easy songs to

A guitar, a pick, some guitar tabs to learn some songs and you could get a book on guitar that’ll help you with chords and octives and pentatonic scales and notes, & all that good guitar stuff, you’ll also need timeto practice. I teach myself how to play songs by listening to them, but yeah also YouTube is a good place to start. Good luck 🙂

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What are some songs about killing yourself? What are some songs about killing yourself?I know The Spores-Kill yourself is one.
Evanescence – TourniquetPapa Roach – Last ResortOzzy Osbourne – Suicide SolutionSilverchair – Suicidal Dream3 Doors Down – LoserEminem – Stan ft. DidoHold On – Good CharlotteBlink-182 – Adam’s SongJeremy – Pearl JamLinkin Park – Shadow Of The DayBring Me The Horizon – Suicide SeasonMetallica – Suicide & RedemptionMegadeth – A Tout Le MondeSentenced – The SuiciderSuicide is Painless (M.A.S.H Theme)Tim McGraw – Kill MyselfJumper-Third Eye BlindSimple Plan – UntitledThe Outsider – A Perfect CircleBrad Paisley & Alison Krauss – Whiskey Lullaby

Well if you’re gay then you could probably get along alright with using, “Killing Me Softly With His Song.”

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