Cat Stevens – Time/Fill My Eyes

Album: Box Set (2001)

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Fill My Eyes – Cat Stevens cover

Fill my eyes from Cat Stevens album Mona Bone Jakon. Already my 3rd try on this but a) found a better sound now (I think) b) I love it and c) was lost in thought….

What does the poem “13 ways of looking at a blackbird” actually mean? IAmong twenty snowy mountains,The only moving thingWas the eye of the blackbird.III was of three minds,Like a treeIn which there are three blackbirds.IIIThe blackbird whirled in the autumn winds.It was a small part of the pantomime.IVA man and a womanAre one.A man and a woman and a blackbirdAre one.VI do not know which to prefer,The beauty of inflectionsOr the beauty of innuendoes,The blackbird whistlingOr just after.VIIcicles filled the long windowWith barbaric glass.The shadow of the blackbirdCrossed it, to and fro.The moodTraced in the shadowAn indecipherable cause.VIIO thin men of Haddam,Why do you imagine golden birds?Do you not see how the blackbirdWalks around the feetOf the women about you?VIIII know noble accentsAnd lucid, inescapable rhythms;But I know, too,That the blackbird is involvedIn what I know.IXWhen the blackbird flew out of sight,It marked the edgeOf one of many circles.XAt the sight of blackbirdsFlying in a green light,Even the bawds of euphonyWould cry out sharply.XIHe rode over ConnecticutIn a glass coach.Once, a fear pierced him,In that he mistookThe shadow of his equipageFor blackbirds.XIIThe river is moving.The blackbird must be flying.XIIIIt was evening all afternoon.It was snowingAnd it was going to snow.The blackbird satIn the cedar-limbs.

Check out digitalized sheet music for Fill My Eyes by Stevens

I love Wallace Stevens for a lot of reasons but this poem is not one of them. Just as the title suggests, he gives you thirteen different perspectives of viewing a blackbird. I would like to think it is deeper than that but it’s not. Then again, I haven’t really studied this poem in any great detail.If you want to read something a little more interesting from Stevens, check out “Man Carrying Thing” and “The Idea of Order at Key West.” Of course, his most popular poem is “The Emperor of Ice Cream” which is fairly easy to understand.If you’re looking for a better understanding of this poem, I suggest you read about imagism. Stevens was very much influenced by Ezra Pound and the imagist movement in American poetry. Here is a

A main point to note is that the word “blackbird” is used in all of the verses. This is intentional.Nice poem. Not sure what kind it is. As in, what form. Almost lyrics like or song like.This person is obsessed with the blackbird.Nice imagery and observational writing. I wish more people had the ability to view the world like this poet does.Thank for sharing.

I’m looking for ideas to decorate my kitchen in a french bistro style nothing expensive. Any ideas? I live in an apartment so I can’t do anything major. Some websites with ideas on decor would be great.
artisan house.. i think their site is or somin. they have some really cool stuff, like theese 3d wall hangings that can go in the kitchen.. were ordering sum for ours

Nothin major,,, hmm. You might ask about tiling the floor, and do it in some form of terra cotta that would give the appearnce of an indoor/outdoor cafe. A very simple, wrought iron,,,etc,,, ice cream parlor type table and chairs, in your choice of color. Bright colors, or muted is your choice. Pictures/actual or reproductions of menus, advertisements, etc, dealing with French products. A sign from a famous French bistro or multiples. Book covers, playbill booklets, theater signs, etc. etc etc. Shelves above eye level filled with STUFF that relates to your theme.Rev. Steven

What are some good exercises to get rid of allot of stomach fat? i’m talking a big ol’ keg gut. ( I’m about 40-50-lbs. overweight mainly in my stomach and thighs)
Well, you can’t ever loose weight in one spot, it is impossible. But to tone, and to loose weight, as well as build muscle in your abs and thighs as well, is just running. (Though make sure you have good running shoes, even if it is expensive, if you don’t it can mess with the arches on your feet.) Just do basic core workouts, and you will be dropping weight in no time.

for your stomach and thighs you should be doing sit ups and squats and lunges. also you need to be doing more cardio than any other exercise, so say 30 mins 3 times a week at the minimum. also try and work on your core strength so do sit ups on a fit ball, or try the plank pose where you are laying straight leaning on your forearms and toes, or knees to start off with. do sit ups every second night, trying different varities including side sit ups where you lay on your side with your torse twsited so your face and chest is facing towards the ceiling but your knees and legs are on the side, and do sit ups. or pulse crunches where you do them really fast and don’t go all the way back down to the ground. once that gets too boring try adding weights to your arms while doing them. But remember cardio is your best weapon for losing weight and sit ups and weight work help to slim you down and tone you up! also drink plenty of water and don’t expect results straight away!

Despite whatever advertisements may lead you to believe – you can’t lose weight from specific areas – only way to do that is liposuction, which is really only for very small amounts of fat. Losing weight in general will cause you to lose weight from your whole body, like a layer, and will of course take it from your stomach and thighs as well as everywhere else. aerobic exercise is best for burning fat, and gaining muscle from weights raises metabolism to burn more calories when not exercising.

Mix carido and weights, alternate between the two. Start by walking and move on to jogging if you can. Running is one of the best ways to cut fat. I like the Power 90 (90 day bootcamp) DVD’s with Tony Horton. A friend from work said her husband lost 38 lbs using the exercises in those DVD’s. I like them because they helped me tone up, and because they’re not hard. They switch between weights and cardio. If you get bored with them, write down the routines and watch TV (a motivating show like sports or the Biggest Loser) while you work out. You could probably get the DVD’s off of EBay or Amazon; they’ve been out for quite has a flat belly diet. I’ve put the link below. That might help too!Best wishes!

1. As for exercise and weight loss, arobic exercise is the ticket. Abdominal exercise will tighten the muscles and help you look great after the weight is off but does nothing for weight loss.2. That is the type of exercise you want to do but as far as loosing the weight what is even more important is : diet. No, not as going on a diet but finding a diet that will allow you to lose weight and eat in a comfortable way that is right for your own unique body compostion and your own emotional hard wiring. Low carb diets DO WORK. Read Dr Atkins book and then the South Beach Diet for learning the accurate concepts behind them. If you want to change your health in a dramatic fashion then raw food diets do everything from erase wrinkles, increase energy shed major pounds, stop bad breath,decrease your need for sleep, eliminate degenerative diseases and sooooo much more. If you are even the least bit interested then rent or buy super model Carol Alts book “Eating in The Raw”. She writes for the regular o person who does not want to get crazy or extreme, ( and wait to you read her story) but wants to change their WHOLE health and lose weight. She even maps out a plan. 3 Whatever you choose, incorporate exercise and diet together for over all health.4 Lastly, there are eye opening studies that suggest people dont need a diet at all for the reason they are over weight is two fold: They eat to fill emotional needs and if people go out and get support from others and talk to people when they feel like eating to fill an emotional need (through some support group system) they will loose all the weight they want. Couple that with learning some common sense eating and exercise habits and your ready to go. (If interested google Drs. Cloud, Townsend, and also Steven Arterburn)Best Wishes

First, I would appreciate if you changed the “screw you” title to your name. If asking for advice, I would want to be nice and polite to those whom are willing to help you.———————————————I will start with a few things that make a HUGE difference in results.1. Healthy Eating2. Drinking Healthy Beverages3. Daily ExerciseWhen it comes to eating, the best exercises for losing ALOT of weight is walking. This is more beneficial to you than running because walking actually targets more fat than if you were running, which targets your body’s immediate sugars, but walking (aerobic) actually targets the fat cells that you want GONE. I’m a HARDCORE type of Fitness guy, so I’ll be giving you Hardcore ways to approach the fat that you want GONE. The way I see it is this, I will approach this matter like it was approached in NAVY Bootcamp.If you want to be 30 lbs lighter in 3 months, we’re going to have to really work hard. NOW, I am not totally sure if you have a gym membership, or if you even have time to go to the gym, but I will tell you what can be done regardless of circumstance.1. If you have time to fit an hour of your time during the day, you have time for the gym. 2. Suggesting that you could get a membership to a gym, you must discipline yourself every day that this is more important than something else that you would have regularly done prior to this Fitness decision.3. When you are in the gym, you must get IN THE ZONE. If you have a CD player or a MP3 player.WEAR IT, and listen to music that pumps you up and keeps you going. DO NOT get engaged in discussions with people.You are wasting precious time.remember, 30 lbs in 3 months.YOU CAN DO IT!4. Do NOT overwork yourself .start out slow on the treadmill, and gradually get faster.Many treadmills these days have programs you can be on, choosing the fat-burner workout would be a great choice. They incorporate your weight into what is the best speed to start out at, so you’ll need to be honest with your treadmill.5. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. Approx. 1.5 Gallons a day.——————————-If the gym isn’t a choice,1.You can briskly walk around your neighborhood.2. I understand that some neighborhoods aren’t fitness friendly, so if that’s not an option, the next best possibility is buying an elliptical machine for your house. —–Their costly, so I really think that the gym isa better option.———Remember, discipline is something you must keep constant all throughout the day, making decisions that your body will thank you for 3 months from now.————-Every decision you make, EVERY DAY will determine whether you are successful with shedding the weight, or not, so leave no room for negative thoughts in your head about whether you can do this. YOU CAN, and that is what you MUST tell yourself every hour of the day.I hope this not only inspires you, but I hope you become successful with losing all the weight you need to get back to great physique that you once had at one point or another in your life.Remember, YOU CAN DO IT!Sincerely,Fitness Jeff