sum 41 – fat lip @ live in tokyo

SUM*41 live in tokyo… more info: enjoy it

Sheet music for Sum 41: Fat Lip (Sum 41) is available for downloading in digital format.

Fat Lip – Sum 41 Expert Pro Guitar/Bass

This song is really fun. I can definitely do a lot better though

What sum 41 songs are in the american pie movies? I know In Too Deep was in one of the movies, but what other Sum 41 songs have been in these movies?

Sheet music for Sum 41: Fat Lip (Sum 41) is available for downloading in digital format.

In Too Deep and Fat Lip in American Pie 2The Hell Song in American

How do I sing louder than my band? I’m going to have my first gig in school tomorrow and I’m the lead guitarist and the vocalist. I can sing while playing, But I cant sing loud enough, If we turn the guitars down the drums will be too loud. If we turn the guitars up I won’t be heard. I’m going to sing without a guitar with Sum 41- Fat Lip and with a guitar with the song Dead ! by my chemical romance.
What I would do in that situation, just to play around, is be confirmed to singing lower, till they played lower, without letting them know I was doing that. Or more simply, and less fun, higher the volume on the mic!

Your microphone input channel needs to be boosted.Or’You may not be using a good microphone for vocal.Good Luck

Simple – turn up your mic output. If the gear you have is not powerful enough to be heard over a drum set, you have a big problem. Invest in appropriate gear immediately.

does anyone know of some good and easy punk rock songs to play on guitar? I don’t really like Greenday, but i already know how to play 21 Guns, Boulevard Of Broken dreams, Holiday and a little bit of American Idiot. The songs i also know how to play besides for Greenday are:Dear Father by Sum 41, Fat Lip by Sum 41 and Handle This by Sum 41. The bands that i would like to learn songs from are: Rise Against, Sum 41, Bowling For Soup etc.
any blink 182no solos, kinda like interludesall power chords or single notesdammit, all the small things, and adam’s song are all easyM&Ms and stay together for the kids are harder

Well I don’t really listen to those bands except for all killer no filler by sum 41. If you really want to play punk then you can’t go wrong with The Ramones, The Misfits, and Black Flag. Stick with the original punk not this overproduced excuse for punk, plus all of their songs are pretty easy.

well joe (great name btw sounds a lot like mine,) those bands you listed arent punk! and all punk is easy. mostly power chords and a really easy mini solo. check out band like cheap sex, the virus, the unseen, nofx, rancid, dropkick murphys, the casualties, flogging molly, the misfits, pennywise, rancid, time again, the oppressed, sham 69, the 4-skins, and lower class brats. that should hold you off for a while.

Which one of these drum songs should I play? 1. What’s my age again blink 1822. The anthem good charlotte3. When I come around green day4. First date blink 182 5. Fat lip sum 41maybe Unholy confessions or everlong but those might be to hard for me I’ve only been playing for 2 months