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Digital music scores source: Feels Like Love by Adam Watts

Adam Benz (feat. Slick Watts) – “All Your Love” OFFICIAL VIDEO © 2012

Adam Benz (feat. Slick Watts) – “All Your Love” OFFICIAL VIDEO © 2012 All Your Love – You know I need it in the morning time/ you know I need it in the evening too/ so don’t hold back momma/ right now would never be too soon// Give me all your love/ heal me with your touch/ give me all your love/ I can’t get enought// You know that I’ve been waiting/ all day long/ and just can’t wait to get home to you/ so when I get there baby/ you’ve got to let your love loose// (Watts) I need it every morning like a vitamin/ hence this love is a drug and she’s my vicatin/ help me take away the pain with a simple touch/ the way she walks around the room damn what a rush/ if I should ever settle down she would be the one/ this fast life of stealing hearts got me on the run/ but when I look into her eyes I swear I see the sun/ it’s like no one else is there and she’s the only one/ so baby give me what I want// (Benz) You know your love is like a drug/ and I need another dose/ so come and heal me with your touch/ now baby give me what I want/ I need it now, I need it later/ there’s no special indicator/ I’ll take it soft, I’ll take it rough/ just give me all your love/ you know I want it all night long/ the way you kiss could never do me no harm/ so come a little closer baby, lay it down with me/ the way you feel could never, never be wrong/

What are some songs to put on a party playlist? I need enough party songs to last 4hours or so, but I only have 15 so far. What songs should I put on there? Help!

Digital music scores source: Feels Like Love by Adam Watts

Look for a today’s top 100 of whatever your genre of music has to

If you want dance songs, I’d say get some songs by Daft Punk or Cascada.Daft Punk (Recommended songs)One More Time{Listen to the Tron Legacy soundtrack and pick some}Harder Better Faster StrongerDigital LoveCascada (Recommended Songs)One More NightReasonEverytime We Touch (the fast version)House MusicMiracleEvacuate the Dance FloorHope these help :} and hope your party turns out awesome! ^.^

I’ll keep editing in more songs if I can.Dizzee Rascal – Dance wiv meGnarles Barkley – RunGnarles Barkley CrazyOutkast – The Whole WorldOutkast – Ms. JacksonOutkast – Roses (yes, that’s a lot of outkast, just spread em out.)Panic! At the Disco – That Green GentlemanBruno Mars ft. Damian Marley – Liquor Store BluesK-os ft Saukrates – I Wish I knew Natalie PortmanK-os – FlypaperK-os – CrabbuckitK-os – Burning BridgesK-os – Born to Run (Again, a lot of one artist, but what can I say? People like K-os.)Aesop Rock – CoffeeJames Brown – It’s a Man’s World (followed up by)Beyoncé – Run The WorldRadio Ibiza – Tu vuò fa L’Americano RemixStephen Marley ft Damian Marley – The Traffic JamDamian Marley – Welcome to JamrockNas & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – As We EnterThe Beatles – Hey Jude The Rolling Stones – Sympathy For The DevilCage The Elephant – Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked Cage The Elephant – In One EarBob Marley – Three Little BirdsBob Marley – One LoveChiddy Bang – Opposite Of AdultsGym Class Heroes – Shoot Down The StarsTravie McCoy – Billionaire ft. Bruno MarsGym Class Heroes ft. The-Dream – Cookie JarMadcon – Beggin’K’NAAN ft. Adam Levine – Bang BangSnoop Dogg – Gin & JuiceReggie Watts – F*** S*** StackSnoop Dogg – Drop It like Its hotGorillaz – Clint Eastwood Gorillaz ft. De La Soul – Feel Good Inc Gorillaz – 19/2000 Soulchild Remix Kanye West ft. Jamie Foxx – Gold DiggerKanye West – StrongerB.o.B – Nothin’ On You [feat. Bruno Mars]B.o.B – Airplanes (Feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore) Kid Cudi – Day ‘N’ NiteRobert Randolph – Ain’t Nothing Wrong With ThatAdele – Make You Feel My LoveBlack Eyed Peas – Lets Get RetardedCee-Lo Featuring Timbaland – I’ll Be AroundSo there’s a few for your party. I hope those spark other ideas for songs that would work. If all else fails just look up the shitty top 40 music. Just don’t play Beiber, unless you wanna get murdered. Try finding music people can move with or sing along to. Also try getting some dubstep, people dig that shit. Just try to avoid the shit on the radio right now. People have heard enough of it already, you gotta give them variety. Just because a song is 9 years old, doesn’t mean people won’t move to it.

Opinions on the Best Place to Go See a Championship Fight? Based on atmosphere, historical significance, comfort, ability to actually see the match without having to stand-up every minute, etc. Resopnses tied in with actual experience are more apt to get the “Best” vote.
I have been to Madison Square Garden, Mandalay Bay and the MGM Grand. MGM grand had the best sight lines, Madison Square the most history and Mandalay had the best fight. Picking one would be the MGM Grand, best experience.

I like seeing the fighters in a “hometown” environment. I grew up watching Virgil Hill in North Dakota and it was great to see how charged the crowd was for the local guy. Plus it was cool because we would never have had the chance to watch world class boxing without him. Not a lot going on in Bismarck.Also for UFC stuff I like to see it at the amatuer level and cheer for the local guys. I have some that work out at my clubs and it gets me pumped to see them finally in the “fight” after their hard work at our club.

I love to see the fights in Vegas. The MGM grand is a good place. Every seat in the arena is good enough to actually see the fight. The Staples center is good if you get close seating otherwise it is horrible

The best experience I’ve ever had was in Philadelphia at “The Blue Horizon”. My dad was from Philly and fought professionally for 8 yrs. Many of his fights were at the Horizon. We would shoot down the freeway every now and again if he managed to get his hands on some tickets. The one fight I remember the most was Halloween 1979. We were sitting in the upper level (which at the Blue means you were overlooking the ring.) I kept thinking if I leaned over the rail I was close enough to touch the fighters. So close between rounds you could hear the corner as they laid out the plan for the next round.I still have the program they handed out at the door. This is the fight card that evening; October 30, 1979 at the Legendary “Blue Horizon” Bobby Watts TKO3 Clifford Willis :10 seconds into 3rdRichie Bennett TKO8 Dan Snyder 1:21 into rd 8 Kevin Howard D8 Johnny Cooper (Anyone know what Kevin is most famous for) Guy Gargan W6 Jimmy Sykes Tony Mesoraca TKO3 Sonny Grooms 1:22 / Grooms pro debut Bob Rooney D4 Xavier Biggs Best Fight from this card was:Tim Witherspoon TKO1 Joe Adams this was the Pro debut for both and TW beat the snot out of this guy. Had he only beat his refrigerator more often instead of worshiping it who knows how long he could’ve stayed at the top.The Horizon seats about 1500 with all the noise of the Philly fans drowning out everything else. I’m originally from NYC and love to check out bouts at MSG. Now I live in Southern Cali and hop over to Vegas quite a bit. Last fight I caught was Oscar vs Mayorga at the MGM. But, for atmosphere, history and feeling like you’re in the ring, the Blue made quite an impression.

I saw Trinidad vs Mayorga at the garden, and the atmosphere was great.everyone rooting for tito, puerto rican flags everywhere along with hot mamis!! and a great 8th round ko by tito!! it was a hell of an experience, especially for my first live fight!