Fallout – Rockpalast

Stewart Copeland, Andy Summer & Sting

If you like this piece you can download Copeland (Fallout) sheet music online in digital format.

Fall out Boy -Roxanne (Drum Cover) Dean Minerva

Mapleworks Drums, Pro-Mark Drumsticks and Protection Racket Artist Dean Minerva Plays Roxanne by Fall Out Boy. Original Song done by The Police

So you all mean that Lita really had an affair with the two men and WWE just acted the scene out in wrestling?

If you like this piece you can download Copeland (Fallout) sheet music online in digital format.

Well, Hardy was fired for a sec because of it. But the fans were too vocal, so WWE played it out like a storyline to make people forget. Never worked though.

Lita was engaged to Matt Hardy and during that time she cheated on him with one of his friends Edge/Adam Copeland. During the fallout Hardy was fired and then subsequently rehired by the WWE, where they did a storyline on their shows that was inspired by the real life events of their lives.

Face it Lita’s a crack hore. great wrestler but she was a crack hore. thats the reason she left wwe because of the heat she was getting for the affair.

Yes! Lita is a stupid whore, she was with an amazing guy (in real life ) Matt Hardy for 6 years and then cheated on him WITH ONE OF MATT’S REAL LIFE BEST FREINDS adam copeland (edge). Matt took some time off and then when he came back the WWE decided to make it into a storyline.

songs i should get on my ipod? (I know im in the wrong section but this one gets the most answers)i want some more songs on my ipodmy favorite bands are -paramore-all time low-relient k-cartel-say anything-fallout boy-my chemical romance-simple plananything thats like there musicplus what kind of music do i listen to?the genre?id say i already have all the songs by these bands but other bands and there songs are what im looking for
yes i love all time low. give me a sec. i’ve got suggestions. :)oh and most of those are alternatives, like me! :)Okay well here are some of my favorite songs & if you like them just check out other stuff by that artist:* Dark blue – jack’s mannequin (Holiday from real is also awesome)* the maine (everything by them is AMAZING!)* coffeeshop soundtrack and dear maria count me in – my favorite two by all time low* Insurance? – the higher* a wolf in sheep’s clothing – this providence*secret valentine & check yes juliet – we the kings* bedroom talk – the starting line*second chances – october fall* i’m not over – california liar* thunder – boys like girls* its a disaster – ok goyeah. if you like these and want more you can email me, i’ve got plenty of songs. 🙂

That’s what you get by ParamoreSimple plan Vaction and your love is a lieu listen to punk/rock music!

hmm, try mayday parade. I’m a huge fan of FOB, and I love mayday parade. and maybe good charlotte or panic!at the disco? You can also try forever the sickest kids. another band i love is billy talent, but a lot of people don’t like it. just depends on your personal taste. hope I was helpful.

anthem of our dying day-story of the yearkiller-the hoosiersparalyzer-finger elevensituations-escape of fatethink twice-eve 6degenerates-scary kids scaring kidsanimal i have become-three days gracemr. brightside-the killerswell id say rock/alternative is your genre.

youll like the veronicas if you like paramoreanswer mine?answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Am5Cj0O4duUghXRhR8IE.scMxgt.;_ylv=3?qid=20080724110203AAj3pNu

Okay.ready? (I can’t find my iPod, or I would give you more)-The Used-AFI and/or Blaqk Audio-Cobra Starship-Lostprophets-Alesana-Taking Back Sunday-Allison (*even though they’re Spanish)-The Almost-The Hush Sound-Chiodos-The Dresden Dolls-Emery-Every Avenue-The OLD Panic! @ the Disco (now they’re hobos)-Rammstein (german metal that sounds like techno)-Story of the Year-The Color Fred-Family Force Five-The Academy Is.-Pink Spiders-We Are the Fury (they’re completely AWESOME)-Bulletproof (our substitute teacher is in this band and they did a concert with the above band!)-Meg and Dia-Tegan and Sara-Gym Class Heroes-Plain White T’s-The Killers-Cute Is What We Aim For-Powerspace-Forgive Durden-The Early November-Hellogoodbye-Hot Hot Heat-Bloc Party-Cajun Dance Party (this band + the above is British!)-From First to Last-Underoath-Rise Against-Jack’s Mannequin-Motion City Soundtrack-30 Seconds to Mars-Jimmy Eat World-Matchbook Romance-Angels & Airwaves-Vampire Weekend-Armor for the Sleep-Hawthorne Heights-Flyleaf-Envy on the Coast-Copeland-The Kills-Madina Lake-Avenged Sevenfold-Alkaline Trio-Three Days Grace-Heavens-This Providence-AG Silver-The Strokes-Third Eye Blind-The Ting Tings-Norma Jean-The Rocket SummerI could go on. =]Just for the record, you listen to Alternative Rock – not the ‘Indie’ side (Modest Mouse/Radiohead) or the ‘Popular’ side (Snow Patrol/Matchbox 20), but the ‘Emo’ side. Check out the ‘alternative’ section in iTunes for more ;] The songs you should buy are the ones with the most popularity, just to get started.

kk here are some not on your list but I think you’ll like thembeating hearts babyhead automaticababy its facthello goodbyelove addictfamily force fiveI LOVE THEESE SONGS SPECIALLY LOVE ADDICT”doctor o doctor i’ve got an emergency.. it seems im head over heals.. a case of l-o-v-e”

Anyone know any good bands? I love band type music like.scene aestheticfaber drivedanger radioboys like girlsthe rocket summerthe click fivemetro stationhellogoodybesimple plan good charletteall time lowwe the kingsdashboard confessional the cabthe academy is.new found gloryplain white t’sfallout boythat kind of music and bands. does anyone know any good songs or bands that are kinda like this?
it seems you like pop punk. you can go to websites and find some good pop punk bands.some bands you might likenevershoutnever!the braverycartelcopelandcobra starshipa cursive memorycute is what we aim forevery avenuethe friday night boyshawk nelsonhit the lightskaty perrymayday parademotion city soundtrackmy american heartrelient kshiny toy gunsthose are some of my favorites. just rember there are tons more out there.

forever the sickest kidsmatchbox romancepowerspacesomething corperatea kidnap in colorreliant ksay anythingcobra starshipi hope this helped =]

wow, you have an awful taste in music you should listen to.Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith, Three Days Grace, Led Zeppelin, Motley Crue, Nirvana, Flyleaf, Velvet Revolver, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Hole, Evanescence, Paramore, Green Day, Van Halen, Slipknot, Metallica, Poison, Nickelback, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd.

good taste :]try:catelsecondhand serenadethe mainethe all american rejectshimhindersaosinjacks mannequinmarianas trenchmatchbook romancemayday paradefuelredchevelledeftonesthe almost&& more