Mac Miller – Best Day Ever

Rex Arrow Films, Rostrum Records & TreeJTV Present… Mac Miller Best Day Ever (prod. ID Labs) Shot & Edited By Ian Wolfson Additional Footage Shot by Dave Prokopec & Alex Surgent Childhood Footage Shot By Karen Meyers Lil Mac Played By Lil T Executive Producer: Benjy Grinberg Marketing & Promotion: Arthur Pitt Rex Arrow Films 2011 Rostrum Records 2011

You can download the sheet music from the video: Miller – Extra Special Day

Mac Miller – BDE Bonus [Best Day Ever] *NEW*

Mac Miller – BDE Bonus [Best Day Ever] *NEW* Mac Miller – BDE Bonus [Best Day Ever] *NEW* Mac Miller – BDE Bonus [Best Day Ever] *NEW* Great song from Mac. Awesome bonus Rostrum Records

Why do some people have to look down upon you for liking domestic beer? Is it just me, or do some people think they are better than you because they drink microbrews? I don’t understand that one. There is a reason why Coors, Bud and Miller are the top selling beers. They are beer. Microbrews are just someone’s artistic way of describing how they like their beer.Some people have to be snooty about it as if your tastebuds are undeveloped and you are less of a cultured person. It just doesn’t make sense.Anyone have any thoughts on this and if so, any good comebacks to those who are holy-ier than thou?

You can download the sheet music from the video: Miller – Extra Special Day

Your exactly right, people look at you like your white trash or a redneck if you drink a domestic around people who aren’t.Im and a Sammy Adams person, and no matter what people say, Ill be drinkin it, and cookin with the stuffBut just because im a sam kinda person, doesnt mean I dont drink coors, mill, bud or anything else for that matterMicros are great and all, but not everyone can afford snooty stuff, especially the hard working people!

My Brews are Steel Reserve and Natural Ice, Bud, Miller. I like German brews as well but whatever people enjoy I could care less. I see were your coming from, I won’t drink with those type of people anyway. Enjoy your favorite Brew.

They have to justify why they’re paying a buck more per beer than you are.Your friends who dislike domestics are going against the golden rule of beer: All beer is good.

Because they are snobbish and pretentious. Whatever beer you like is your choice, your tastes and your decision. BTW – microbrews are often brewed in the US – but they are made at smaller distilleries. They aren’t imported, necessarily. The term microbrew just means it’s a small brewery. It doens’t imply the location.

People have to find something to make themself feel better. You drink what you want to. With all of the money you save on your domestics, you can buy a hot car and show them up!

As a “microbrew” drinker, but also someone who is annoyed by those who look down upon what the microbrew crowd calls the “BudMillerCoors” drinkers, let me try to play both sides. Essentially, the view of the microbrew drinker is this: true beer is made with only water, hops, malted barley, and yeast (ingoring for now wheat, and also some speciality ingredients in certain Belgian trappist and fruit beers). In addition, true beer has a strong flavor- the natural brewing process will bring out strong flavors. Throw some pilsner malt and hops in and you come out with Grolsh, not Budweiser. The fact that the major brewers put so much effort into creating beers with less taste, and throw in rice, corn or other adulterants at that, is taken as a personal insult to the microbrew drinker. To try and give an example, lets say you knew a lot about NASCAR and the ins and outs of motor sports, and then you see some yuppie at a bar talking about Jeff Gordon in the 24 car, spewing junk he heard on ESPN. If you were a real NASCAR fan, you’d be annoyed by this guy claiming he’s a fan of real-deal NASCAR when he clearly knows nothing about the true sport. It’s the same thing here. Microbrew drinkers who know a lot about beer history/brewing tend to get annoyed with Bud drinkers who claim they know everything about beer. But, usually those people who get annoyed only know a little more about beer themselves, and as has been suggested, want to make themselves feel like beer gurus. My personal take is that all beer has its merits- even Jim Koch of Boston Beer Co (maker of Sam Adams) respects Budweiser for what that beer has achieved technically and business wise. It is NOT easy to do what they do, trust me- a beer that light with such a consistent taste takes skill. I wish instead the microbrew people and the “BudMillerCoors” people could see each other’s point of view. There is nothing wrong with a Bud at the end of a long day- it’s beer. However, there is a whole world of beers out there with special tastes and if you don’t try them, you are missing out- so if you usually pick up a 6 pack of Bud when you grill some burgers, next time try some Brown Ale (Newcastle, for example) or an Extra Special Bitter (such as Redhook ESB) and see how those fit your burger. There is room in this world for all beer drinkers, and a true beer drinker owes it to him/herself to taste and appreciate the spectrum of beers,

Ideas to enjoy our Carnival Pride cruise? My husband are first time cruisers doing a 7 day Mexican Riviera on the Carnival Pride. Any tips to make our cruise more enjoyable? Anything not worth doing/seeing in port or onboard? How about drinks, any ways to save on alcohol while onboard? Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
If they have the Soda Pass thingy.. buy it!! and also.. get off the boat everytime even if no excursion just so u can see everywhere..also the entertainment shows are great and try to use the services of the ship as much as possible.. use the daily cruise compass schedule thingy.. to save on alcohol. just dont drink so much!

Yeah, I have to agree with the person who posted above. Many times on cruises, they have soda passes and that allows you to have sodas for no charge. Also, DO go out of the boat, even when there are no excursions that you ordered. You would miss out a lot if you don’t. It’s really fun to see all those different cities. Also, watch shows that they may have during the evening, those are really entertaining. And you may also want to buy excursions as they teach you a lot and you have fun on them. Good luck and have fun!

Be sure to spend some time on the topless deck and soak in some rays. Alcohol is expensive on board unless you buy it by the bottle at one of the ship’s shops. You cannot bring alcohol for consumption on board. Aside from that I would have to know the ports where you are stopping.

Use a cash account if you want to manage to a budget while on a cruise. You put down a cash instead of a credit card for your on-board account. Notable.Carnival charges your account for the tips ($10 per day per guest) to your on-board account the moment you step on-board, so if you use a cash account, be sure to deposit enough cash to cover your tips ($70×2=$140 plus whatever your on-board spending budget is).Carnival has a drink of the day special. Drinks run from about $4-12 each plus a 15% gratuity. Sodas are $1.75 plus 15% gratuity per can or you can purchase the soda fountain card for $38.50 plus 15% gratuity for unlimited by the glass soda (Coke products).Most of the Carnival ships now allow you to view your tab view the TV in your room. If the Pride does not offer this, you can drop by the purser’s office and get a quick print-out.You pay a premimum for booking shore excursions through Carnival but you get the insurance that if your excursion is running late, they will hold the ship for you. If you book on your own, your on your own while in port.Be sure to take along a good supply of $1, 5 and 10 in US dollars to use in port for taxis, shopping and tips to the local guides. You will get a newletter each day in your cabin describing the next day’s events. There will be more going on the ship than you can do.don’t try to overdo.pick the things you really like and stick to those. We just returned from our 7th cruise and we spent many days just sitting in lounge chairs and enjoying the ride. Best vacation ever!To help you are a few of the “extra costs”– Bar drinks – $4-12 each plus 15% gratuity- Soda – by the can – $1.75 plus 15% gratuity- Soda fountain card – $38.50 plus 15% gratuity- Photos – $7.99 to $21.99 (depending on size and style)- Shore excursions – $50-200 per person per excursion.- Spa treatments – $50-200 per treatment (but there were many specials on this last trip as many people were skipping the spa)- Casino. Use cash in the casino to avoid 3% fee for using card.- Bingo cards – $5-20.depending on day and games- Goument coffee – $3.75 and up- Internet – 75 cents per minute- Ship to shore phone – $7.99 per minute- Parking at the port- Tips for luggage porters – $1 per bag- Tips – $70 per day per guestWith the exception of tips and parking at the cruise terminal, all of the above is optional. My sister spent less than $400 on our last cruise.

The last time I was on a cruise the drinks were included in the fair. Just eat and enjoy each person likes different things so take no ones advice to strongly.

Glad to answer. We just got back from that cruise and thoroughly enjoyed it. Still, there are a couple of things I wish I would have known beforehand. When it comes to going ashore, don’t automatically assume that everyone takes a credit card. Some do, some don’t. And, don’t be surprised if there’s a fee of 4 or 5 dollars above cash price when a credit card is accepted. It’s probably best to have cash on hand, though, since it’s cash, carry it carefully, as with any traveling situation.Don’t forget your passport, and have a little passport carrier pouch–the kind that you can hang around your neck. This can also be a good place to store your carnival sale and sign card, since you need it to leave and get back on the ship.It’s best to book your excursions ahead of time. Know what you really want to spend your money on, and you will probably be happy with it. My wife and I did the dolphin swim/encounter in Puerto Vallarta and horseback riding on the beach in Cabo San Lucas. Enjoyed them both and felt they were worth it. The thing I liked about the horseback riding is that you have a chance to take your own pictures. That wasn’t the case with the dolphin swim. They take pictures for you, you choose if you want to buy, and of course it’s not cheap. Still, you can at least preview at kiosks, choose what you want and have it saved to a disk. Drinks: I was surprised that a domestic beer such as Miller Lite costs as much or more than a mixed drink. There’s no beer on tap, either. A whisky sour was less than a Miller Lite, and I in good conscience can’t ignore this fact. In other words, I stuck with the mixed drinks. Pay attention to the daily drink specials. Also, there was a chance to get complementary drinks at the captain’s reception. Wine is probably the best “deal” in that situation. Mixed drinks did not seem as strong then.Hope you chose a room with a balcony. Once you get one, there is no turning back. It’s great. If you did, have a bungee cord or two to hold the balcony door open. That allows the sound of the sea at night and some fresh air (if it’s cool enough, that is).We loved the ship and the staff. I actually enjoyed being on the ship over the shopping at the ports. Be ready to haggle if you do shop at the ports. Carnival does give some suggestions on how and where to shop. Sometimes the duty free shops on the ship will have some deals. Last point: On the day we arrived to board, the Coast Guard was giving a surprise inspection, which is common. That was beyond Carnival’s control, though most people, including us, had to wait an extra long time in lines during the boarding process. Ship left Long Beach an hour and a half late as a result. BUT, we talked to someone who got there a day early and stayed on the Queen Mary that night (which is right next to where you board the Pride). They told us they boarded extra early (maybe in the morning?) on the departing day and did not have to wait in line. Wish we would have done the same. They also said they got a pretty good deal to stay a night on the Queen Mary: $120, which isn’t too bad for a nice hotel. Still, once we finally got on the Pride we had a great experience.

First, you picked an awesome ship for your first cruise. We sailed on her in March and had an awesome time., now my suggests based on 10 or so cruises are:pack alcohol in luggage (i pack plastic sealed bottles and put with my shampoo) use juices from the buffetyou can bring your own pop on the ship, last cruise i saw group bring on about 10-12pks of poppack some warm things to wear in and out of Los ANgeles, it can get cold and choppypre-book your excursion, they can fill up fastwe booked a whale wactching excusion thru an outside tour group(usually i book thru carnival)great food and service and will use them again when we visit this itenery again, they also have other tourswe felt very safe walking around the ports, unlike alot of them on the eastern side, enjoy a drink at the sidewalk cafes.its all goodpack and extra power strip and a alarm clock (no clock in the rooms and not enough plugsHave a great time its a fantastic voyage, and check out for other ideas and suggestions(its where i got the lead on the tour company)