Paul Simon – Duncan – BEST version with lyrics!


You can download the score from the video: Simon – Duncan

Paul Simon Duncan

Name of instrument used in Paul Simon’s Duncan (Live Version)? In the song Duncan from the Paul Simon album The Paul Simon Collection [Disc 2], what is the name of the instrument played at around 2:30? (Maybe some kind of flute?)You can also listen to the song

You can download the score from the video: Simon – Duncan

Is there any specific site to download free videos of BLUE(simon,lee,duncan,anthony? Not softwares like limeware or morpheus.etc.
Do you think that Blue (Duncan, Lee, Simon and Anthony) will reunite?
who do you think is the best of the boyband blue—duncan,lee,simon or antony??why?/? i think duncan.coz he’s an allrounder!he has got everything voice,face,talent.
who like blue-lee,duncan,anthony,simon? they r pop stars -uk hot stars
Who among the BLUES is the best and why ? Antony, Duncan, Lee, Simon or All four ? I want your suggestions . . . . .
Does any think,the band called BLUE featuring Simon,Lee,Duncan,Anthony which doesn’t exits now was superb ? Hey I think that BLUE was really a very sparkling band and that it should havebeen lasted till today coz they made gret songs.n I m just crazy bout them all.Don’t U think they rocked the world.its true that they became famous worldwide. I just love their songs specially One love, Bubblin, ALl rise, Fly by.
Yes they were absolutely superb.. I loved Breath Easy and Guilty. I was so sad when I saw Curtain Falls coz I knew it was the end. I swear if they came back into my life i’ll support them till the end of time.

Anyone of u fan of BLUE (Simon,Lee,Duncan&Anthony? They are GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATT!
i would say duncan is the coolest among ’em blue fans check der site
no.saying that duncan was sexy in ‘dancing on ice’!
Mugen(Samurai Champloo) Duncan McLeod(Highlander) Or Obi Wan Kenobi Who Should Decapitate Simon Cowell? Cmon you know you wanna see that big hydrocephalic melon off of his body which of these three should do the deed.Which AI winner ought wake up to ala Jack Woltz as well.(I say Carrie Underwood an offer she cant refuse) Muwahahahaha!No he isnt. And JR Ewing was the man you love to hate. NO SIMON DEFENDERS ALLOWED! chose one
Well, If Obi-Wan does it, it would be to clean. A lightsaber would just cut his head off and cauterize the wound. However, if Duncan McLeod does it, there would be blood, but that’s just about it.Now, if Mugen does it, there would be decapitation, blood, extra slicing, and a smart a$$ comment. I would pay money to see any of them, but I would pay first class for the Mugen show.


Some good Simon & Garfunkel songs? I recently found out about Duncan by Paul Simon, and last christmas my parents bought me their Greatest Hits, but I need some more, can someone name me some of their very good songs? Many thanks
A Hazy Shade of WinterMrs. RobinsonBaby DriverThe BoxerBridge Over Troubled WaterCeciliaEl Condor PasaKeep the Customer SatisfiedWednesday Morning 3 amBleecker StreetScarborough FairCloudyHomeward Bound59th Street Bridge SongThe Dangling ConversationFlowers Never Bend With the RainfallFor Emily Wherever I May Find YouA Poem on the Underground WallThe Sounds of SilenceLeaves that are GreenRichard CoryA Most Peculiar ManI am a RockI love Simon and Garfunkel, those are my favorite songs by them, if you like them you should check out Crosby, Stills and Nash

Those are some good choices. There are a lot of great Simon & Garfunkel songs that aren’t on the greatest hits album. You should also check out the Paul Simon solo albums. They all have some great songs.

Basically anything from their Essential Collection compilation