This Really Was A Tricky Video Animation To Do & Took Quite Along Time To “Dream Up”

Download digital sheet music: Gabrielle: Dreams – T. Laws and play it off-line

Gabrielle – Dreams (Bass Bomb Mix)

Label:Victim Records – Country:UK – Released:1992 – Genre:Soul

Story Writing Guidance/Opinions?!? Hey, I’m having a go at writing a story, and here’s what I’ve gotten up to now:”The drops of heavy rain shattered the silence of the saturated road of Lakeview Drive; a perfect suburban street on the outskirts of the town of Riverton, as Matilda Applegate left her car and greeted the spring showers. She ran into her house; holding her breifcase over her head to avoid getting her hair wet. Matilda loved it when the seasons changed; it was just part of her ever-changing personality. She loved the colours that autumn brought, the white coat the winter wore, the flowers the spring created, and the heat the summer delivered. Matilda walked down the hall before looking in the mirror to check that she still looked presentable. She smiled; Matilda had been told that she had very good looks, although she wasn’t vain at all, she didn’t think she was a plain Jane. Her eyes were a light blueish-purple; which everyone seemed to comment on. Her crimson lips were as tempting as ever, which complimented her olive skin. She quickly took off her long black raincoat and shoved it on the radiator to dry. It had been another hard day at the office. Nine to five really wasn’t her thing, and she longed to break through and persue her dream career of being on the big screen. She took off her purple scarf as her long brunette hair shimmered in the light. She groaned, it was another microwave meal. She wished that someday she’d walk home to a lovingly prepared meal by the man of her dreams, but that wasn’t going to happen any time soon. Matilda didn’t like being single, in fact she hated it, but a series of bad-dates had put her off trying to have a love life. She was twenty-nine; and her sisters, Kendra and Gabrielle, had always joked that when she was thirty, it was time for her to subscribe to CatFan Magazine and watch Loose Women, because to her it was the law. For her, being single at this age was hard. She sat there and didn’t really eat much. What a very nourishing meal that was she thought. The truth was she didn’t really have an appetite tonight. She got up shoved it back in the microwave, dragged herself up the stairs quickly got changed into her favourite pyjamas. She crawled into bed and fell into the comfort of her pillow, whilst listening to the rain battering against the window, and the wind howling. It was this night this changed her life forever.”It is called ‘Remember My Name’ and is about Matilda trying to achieve her dream. I would like you to tell me what’s good, what’s bad and what could be better in this introduction! Then I would like you to give me your ideas of what could happen next. I had like a burgulary in mind or something which leads the story on. So whatcha got? 🙂 P.S. Do you think these are ok names for her family?Brothers:Calvin ApplegateJames ApplegateSisters:Gabrielle ApplegateKendra ApplegateParents:Emily ApplegateRoy Applegate