Am I doing the right thing? Career! Life! Risk!? I’m 21 and worry I will live a life I will regret. I live life on the safe side and don’t take risks, making my life boring without realising it. I do a engineering degree . that says alot. You know the sterotype. I’m beginning to think its true. I feel as though the people I enjoy being with do degrees like arts and I feel like I don’t belong with the engineering bunch. They aren’t as exciting as the arts folk and don’t do it for me. However, I do like working on projects and thinking about how to make things, I just sometimes wish I had a more exciting job. I currently have a casual job in pharmacy and always have a interesting story to tell, I feel as though when im doing engineering that i will only have concrete and steel to talk about around the dinner table. I have never had a girlfriend and feel like I have little chances meeting someone in a guy dominated industry seeing as though im not that great socially and not much of a leader. I look at the arts people and think they seem to live life so casually, not really looking toward the future much and just doing as they please in the present. They have few hours at uni while the rest of the time they are partying doing stuff beeing part of art events just doing cool things in general whilst mooching off centerlink.

You can download the score from the video: Folk – How Great Though Art

Jake – I wish you and I could go out for a drink and talk about life. At the end of the conversation you will feel a lot better about yourself. An engineering degree will get you far in life because it is in demand even in a weak economy. OK, it is not bold and exciting but there is joy in creating things that advance technology and improving lifestyles. It’s fun if you have the right attitude. As for social conversation, it’s a big world and you should develop hobbies, interests, and diverse areas of expertise that can fill that gap. As for social contacts, OK, your workplace is a dead end but there are hundreds of things you can do outside work to take care of that part of your life. There are thousands of women your age dying to meet a guy with a bright future and you shouldn’t let them down.

Was this good news or not ? How refreshing to see those yobs meet their matchOne thug bad mouthed a guy who turned out to be a martial arts expert and was decked as a resultTwo more drunken idiots picked on two transvestites who turned out to be cage fighters and were given a beating. Great.Many folk would like to see more of this though it’s a good job the police were not about as the good guys would have been arrested if things ran true to form.Well done fellas.
Everyone in the UK will agree with you – except the Government and it’s pathetic PC advisers.Well done fellas – do it again!

Yes, this man was calm right up to the end then he must have said to himself enough is enough and whack!! off went the yob! serves him right,I seen the other video with the two transvestites, I bet that gave them yobs a

I read that in the Metro on my way home from the gym this evening! Fantastic story. The two yobbo’s were given 3 month community orders and tagged with a curfrew. Serves ’em right for fighting with Spiderman!

Good news ?. It was great news – I have a new found respect for ‘transvestites’ from now on and will see them as ‘pillars’ of our society and as you say – well done them!Those other 2 morons – (and it looked as though they were really hurt – good) have been dishing it out every weekend – until that day. Maybe they will think twice before taking some one esle on in future.

Best news this week. Similarly there was an instance where a yob confronted another person who was able to defend himself by knocking the sod out with a single punch. It must be rather rewarding to punch the living daylights out of yobs who want to cause you harm and I am of the opinion that learning self defence should be a prerequisite for survival in this violent society. The snag is that we would be charged by the police for defending ourselves.

I know the proper story, fancy dress party and on the way Spiderman was a hero, the two dressed as females were also on their way to the party. All caught on CCTV. All the heros are in Wales.The full story is funny and the two yobs went to court.

It was classic and made my day. What a scream and yes they got what they deserved. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve watched it and it makes me laugh each time.What a shock they must have got, when it turned out they werent ‘trannie’ soft targets but cage fighters dressed up for a stag

Do you ever get chills listening to Elvis Presley singing about Jesus’ second coming, knowing it won’t happen? Or songs like “How Great Thou Art” and “He Cleansed Me And Made Me Whole”Do you get inspired in spite of yourself, though fully aware Jesus won’t be coming back? Likewise: Do you fervently sing the holy hymns in church along with the whole congregation, while secretly wondering how adults can believe this stuff?And so: How many church folks recognize there is no god, yet they like church anyway — and especially don’t want a scandal upon their elderly relatives, and whatever other calamity might ensue.I’m thinking not nearly as many people believe this church stuff as pretend to. Yeah well — correct me if I’m wrong, and tell me where you’re getting your info..