In Dreams – John J Mercer 2005

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You can download the score from the video: J. Mercer – Johnny Mercer: Dream

Andy Williams – Moon River (H. Mancini, J. Mercer) ~ Erwin Lazaro 030

Living in the United States meant that I would be separated from much of my family. My mom learned to live without her entire family once we emigrated to the US on December 4, 1968. I know that it was a difficult transition for her. My mom and dad started from scratch when they moved our family to Seattle, Washington. Thus, I didn’t have the opportunity to spend very much quality time with my Grandpa Manuel and my Grandma Luz (mom’s parents). I was able to spend a few days with my grandparents in the Philippines when we visited, but that time was never enough. I know my mom missed her own parents terribly. I know that my mom’s heart was broken when Grandpa Manuel passed away (March 20, 1920 – March 24, 1997) and she was so far away. She wanted to share that time with Grandma Luz, but mom was facing her own health battles, and couldn’t go without further jeopardizing her own health. Even so, On August 9, 1999, my mom succumbed to her own struggles, after fighting a valiant battle for ten years. I know that Grandma Luz would have wished to be at my mom’s funeral. Thankfully, we did offer some comfort, as we tried to find comfort, ourselves, by visiting the Philippines at the end of 1999. We spent some quality time with my mom’s family. My Grandma Luz lived for another five years before moving into our Lord God’s Kingdom in Heaven (December 8, 1924 – April 16, 2004). I had just lost my last remaining grandparent. It was a solemn time, knowing that all four of my grandparents