Down Boy – The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Maxwells Hoboken, NJ Aug 1 2003

Down Boy – Brian Chase sheet music is available online.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Down Boy (Live Video)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs performing their single “Down Boy” Live @ The Fillmore, San Francisco. Tell Me What Rockers To Swallow [DVD]. Available now @ © 2004 Yeah Yeah Yeahs & Polydor (UK) Ltd, A Universal Music Company.

Which of these do you like best? Ok, so I’m having twins and I’m trying to narrow the names down a bit. Last name Ketler.For the girl:-Emma Jean -Skye Faithful-Riley Morgan-Hope RosabelleFor the boy:-Clayton Brian-Maxton Chase-Grayson Parker-Hayden rude comments pleasei’d like to keep those middle names because they run in our families

Down Boy – Brian Chase sheet music is available online.

I LOVE emma jean. I could just picture a lil cutie with that name. Its precious.For the boy I really like Grayson Parker. Very original and unique ( without being weird )Great names mama! And congrats on the twins. LUCKY !

Girl:Hope Rosabelle KetlerEmma Jean KetlerBoy:Grayson Parker KetlerHayden Chase Ketlerthose are the names i like good luck : ]

Hope Rosabelle and Grayson Parker.Answer mine??

riley morgan and clayton brian (his friends can call him clay)the others are a little out there. a name lasts a lifetime, think about your son/daughters future and everything that someone does on a daily basis that involves their name.

two girls:I love Emma Jean & Riley Morgan togetherEmma Jean is my favorite.Hope is pretty.I don’t like Skye.two boys:I like Hayden Tyler.I feel that the endings of all of the boy names are very similar. They sound okay for young children, but when they’re older, it might be strange.Hayden Tyler and Chase Maxton sounds boy/one girlI like Emma Jean & Riley Morgan with either Hayden Tyler or Grayson Parker.Emma Jean & Hayden TylerRiley Morgan & Grayson Parker

Girl/Girl: Emma and Skye (hate the middle name though)Girl/Boy: Emma and ClaytonBoy/Boy: Clayton and Hayden. Max is ok, but I hate Maxton

What do you think of:Hayden Tyler and Morgan Rylie? I like these combinations more and think that they go better together. Good luck and love ya

Honestly I don’t like them much, sry to be rude, but most of these are names trendy & lacking in good taste & coordination. If I had to pick I would choose Emma Jean & Hope Rosabelle; Clayton Parker & Hayden Chase.Sugestions you may like thoughGirls;Hazel FaithSkye RoselleBoys;Blake ColtonRayden Bradley

Can someone who is good at grammer help me with these prepositional phrases? please tell me the prepositional pharase and the object of each. Please answer correctly for BEST ANSWER!1. The train raced through the tunnel.2. No one worked during the strike.3. Brian walked toward the ballpark after school.4. Linda tripped clumsily over the rug.5. Ask Dad for the keys to the boat.6. The doorman stands inside the lobby during winter.7. Have you looked for your umbrella in the closet?8. The signature on the check is a forgery.9. David drove past the driveway.10. Without a doubt, this is the best restaurant in town.11. The safe is behind the painting on this wall.12. A flock of geese landed beyond the ridge.13. An assortment of wild flowers grew in the meadow.14. You sounded like Helen on the phone.15. A horseshoe was nailed over the door.16. We parked in the lot near the bank.17. Without a doubt, Natalie will arrive before us.18. Cassie has not been in town since last month.19. Throughout the day, newscasters broke into the regular programs with special bulletins.20. Jim sat on a bench against the wall. 21. Mark is the biggest boy by the bike.22.Juan put the beanie babies in his toy box.23.They arrived at the train station.24.Canada is in the northern part of North America.25.The dog ran out the door.26.The fox chased the deer down the trail.27.Tuya arrived at the party on time.28.Columbus discovered many places in the western region of the world.29.Throughout the month, many people voted in regard to the new proposal.30.In contrast to Jason, Robert was a very shy child.
Prepositional phrase – objectSome will have two prep phrases, which I will seperate with a comma.1. Through the tunnel – train.2. During the strike – no one.3. towar the ballpark – brian.not sure.4. Over the rug – Linda5. For the keys, to the boat – keys .not sure.6. Inside the lobby, during winter – doorman7. For your umbrella, in the closet – umbrella8. Past the drive way, davidI have no idea if those are right. Sorry, I don’t have the energy to do the rest of them.I know I did those completely wrong,Sorry.

1.through the tunnel2.during the strike3.toward the ballpark, after school4.over the rug5.for the keys, to the boat6.inside the lobby, during winter7.for your umbrella, in the closet8.on the check, is a forgery9.past the driveway10.without a doubt, in town11.behind the painting, on the wall12.of geese, beyond the ridge13.of wild flowers, in the meadow14.on the phone15.over the the lot, near the bank17.without a doubt, before town, since last month19.throughout the day, into the regular programs, with special bulletins20.on a bench, against the wall21.the biggest boy, by the bike22.the beanie babies, in his toy the train the norther part, of North America25.out the door26.the deer, down the the party, on the western region, of the world29.throughout the month,in regard, to the new contrast toI’m not sure if these are all right since I did them without help.