Phil Collins – Do You Remember

Ricordi…? Attraverso tutta la mia vita Nonostante tutto il dolore Sai che le persone a volte sono divertenti Semplicemente perché non vedono l’ora Di farsi ferire un’altra volta Ricordi…? Ci sono cose che dimenticheremo Sentimenti che non riusciremo mai a trovare Ci è voluto tanto per capirlo Perché sembrava che non avessimo mai il tempo C’era sempre qualcosa di più importante da fare Di più importante da dire Ma un “Ti amo” non era una di queste cose E adesso è troppo tardi GIUSY

If you like this piece you can download Collins: Do You Remember sheet music online in digital format.

Phil Collins – Do You Remember?

This is the video to the Phil Collins song Do You Remember?

Twilight Fans: Remember Barnabas Collins? I’m just curious to know if any of you are aware of the Vampire Hearthrob from the late sixties and early seventies. Barnabas Collins, as played by Canadian actor Jonathan Frid, rescued the “gothic soap opera,” television’s “Dark Shadows,” from cancellation and became something of a multimedium sensation when he became the center of a cult composed of women, from ages twelve through eighty-eight, who just absolutely wanted Barnabas to suck their necks. My question is, do you see anything of the Twilight series in Barnabas or vice versa? And “is there something inherently romantic about male vampires?” Answer either or both parts of my question, whichever you want. There’s a link to an article on Barnabas directly below so you can get the skinny on the character, or you could ask your mother or

If you like this piece you can download Collins: Do You Remember sheet music online in digital format.

Most Twilight Fans are Teenage girls too young to even know of the Vampire Role playing game released by Werewolf.

I guess I watched DS when I was in kindergarten although I can’t remember it well. I loved it when they remade it in the 80’s or 90’s.I haven’t seen or read Twilight but I’m a big fan of paranormal romances so I’m qualified to answer. There is something inherently romantic about vampires, regardless of how they are written. I see them as tragic figures. First there’s the whole getting vamped thing, then there’s the having lived for so darned long thing. That alone makes you feel sorry for the poor schmuck.But honestly, the biggest lure is how they’re written or portrayed. You never see a fugly guy playing a vamp unless he’s supposed to be a bad guy. And considering that all the vamp books I read are romances, of course they’re going to be hott.There’s probably also an appeal due to the whole bad boy thing. Even those of us who know better – perhaps especially us – may still harbor a secret longing for the guy who stirs your blood (before he whacks you upside the head and asks where the hell dinner is).I really don’t have a thing for vamps in spite of being heavy into paranormal romances. There’s nothing about bloodsucking, sharp teeth or any of the other stuff about them that appeals to me especially. I guess I just like the whole package as presented by the author/director/actor. Heck, if anything I would say I prefer shapeshifters because that at least lets you shed your everyday skin and become something else.

Give the Drummers some!? Hey music about your 10 favorite .not “best”) drummers? Here’s mine (in no order)Neil PeartMax WeinbergPrairie PrinceJim KeltnerPete ThomasPhil Collins .remember when he played drums, really well)Keith MoonPaul ThompsonBill BrufordSteve Ferrone.what do you guys think?
Good list. maybe Dave Grohl should be in there too, he played drums for nirvana before starting his own band Foo Fighters.

I can’t believe you don’t have Ginger Baker on your list.the best ever! Oh and all due respect to Buddy Rich & Danny Carey.


Personal Favourites:Neil PeartJohn BonhamAlan WhiteStephen MorrisKeith MoonChad SmithBill WardCarl PalmerTopper HeadonCharlie Watts

Dont know about ten but my three favourites areSteven Adler – Guns N’ RosesTommy Lee – Motley CrueLars Ulrich – Metallica

I have two?!Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers)and.Joey Jordison (Slipknot)Love ’em to death!

Carl Palmer, Cozy Powell, John Bonham, Keith Moon, Nick Mason, Neal Peart, Tommy Lee, Carmine & Vinny Appice, Charlie Watts.

Tommy LeePeter CrissChad SmithJohn DensmoreDavid GrohlKeith MoonLars UlrichMatt SorumCharlie WattsJohn Bonham

Buddy Rich-great big band drummerNeil Peart-of RushGinger Baker- of CreamJohn Bonham-of Led ZeppelinDanny Carey-of ToolKeith Moon-of The WhoMike Portnoy-of Dream TheaterTravis Barker-of Blink 182Gene Krupa-another great big band drummerAlex Van Halen-of Van Halen

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