Dirty Eyed Girls (2AM + 2PM) Abracadabra

2AM – Jo Kwon and Seulong 2PM – Wooyoung, Taecyeon and Chansung At the end of the video, there is a special appearence by the real Brown Eyed girls and the other 2PM members

Downloadable music scores: Dirty Eyes – Young

Solyndra: Real Scandal Is Dirty Energy Subsidies

Conservatives are expressing outrage over Solyndra but the money involved in that ‘scandal’ is a tiny fraction of what the US spends on energy subsidies for oil, nuclear and coal. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks down the numbers and gives some perspective. csmonitor.com Subscribe to The Young Turks: bit.ly Find out how to watch The Young Turks on Current by clicking here: current.com The Largest Online New Show in the World. Google+: gplus.to Facebook: facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com

what young celebrity has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes? and is a girl? has had dirty blondish hair before! must be a girl!

Downloadable music scores: Dirty Eyes – Young

Dakota Fanning is young 15, blonde and blue eyes.But I think the ‘dirty’ blonde hair would look like Ke$habut i don’t know her eye color.

Taylor Swift- gossip.whyfame.com/files/2009/11/taylor_swift4.jpgEmily Osment: blog-city.info/en/img4/4879_emily-osment-300b101006.jpgReese Witherspoon- ellegirl.elle.com/var/ellegirl/storage/images/entertainment/elle_covers/content/reese_witherspoon__1/13556-21-eng-US/elle_celebrity_reese_witherspoon_image_244_319.jpgTaylor Momsen- wannaplaymusic.com/files/taylor_momsen300.jpgDakota Fanning: pantylinepress.com/plpblog/plpblogimages/Dakota%20Fanning.jpgHayden Panettiere- greencotton.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/blog-hayden_panettiere1.jpgParis Hilton- gossipcheck.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/paris_hilton_350x.jpg

My cat is not eating since yesterday, he’s not moving much and has dirty eyes today, any idea what can it be ? He’s was not eating much yesterday morning and did’nt eat the rest of the day or today. He’s just laying down looking at me and today his eyes are wet and he has a brownish looking fluid aroung them. Any ideas what can I do before going to the vet, he’s not a young kitty anymore and I’m getting worried.
How old is he? If he’s old.14-16 yrs, he may have developed an “age-related” illness, and needs to see a vet ASAP, to see what kind of treatment he needs.If he’s not that old, but he’s not eating / drinking, he STILL needs to see the vet.maybe, for some tests.If he’s just “laying there looking” at you, he’s trying to tell you that he needs a doctor!! Take him in as soon as you can, and get him some help. He deserves it, don’t you think?Hope it turns out NOT to be too serious, but it’s always better to be safe by getting them in, than to be sorry you didn’t, when he dies from something that COULD have been treated.Good luck.

Hi Dluna,I am sorry your cat isn’t feeling well.It sounds from what you describe that your cat may have an upper respiratory infection. URIs can cause a cat to lose its sense of smell, therefore would not be interested in eating. Cats need to be able to smell their food.It is important for you to take your cat to your veterinarian for a proper diagnosis. No one here can make that determination since so many things can be the root of the symptoms you describe. Best to have him diagnosed by a vet and treated appropriately.Obviously your kitty is “under the weather” and needs for you to help him.Good luck to you both. Having him evaluated properly will help you to be less worried as you take action.TroublesnifferOwned by cats for over 40 yearsFreelance writer/blogger forpetside.com/the-sidewalk/

He has licked himself full of hair possibly stuck in his track.get ‘HAIR BALL GELL’ from your local pet store or Walmart. Kmart.etc and do it NOW.afterwards get dry cat food for cats that are inside (mostly) and make sure it says on box ‘ TO PREVENBT HAIR BALLS’ on the box.now GET! and go to the store before it costs U and arm and a leg to get animal bettter.Hey, once u get this gel, U put some on your finger and make the kat take it in to injest.some cats will eat and lick the gel, others will have to be forced to take it.lightly hold cats mouth so he swallows the gel.I have 3 cats, and this happened to 2 of mine.

My cat went through something similar with the eye drainage and it turned out to be an upper respiratory infection so the vet gave me some eye goop and it cleared right up. But the important thing is that you not let your cat suffer. If your cat is not eating you need to do something so that your cat doesn’t suffer, which means either taking it to a vet or putting it out of its misery.

I’m concasion have dirty blond hair I’m still a young teen I’m 5″4 Hazel eyes I’m 146 pounds i need opinions from the ladys to improov my self for yallim not short uz imonly 13
Wait til you grow a little.:D
I have dirty blonde hair fair skin and green eyes, I want my eyes to pop more how should i apply my eye makeup? I am young so i would prefer it not to be too heavyand i would like to also know what color of eyeshadow to use for green eyes thanks!!
I have green eyes and decided to try Almay’s line of makeup with color pallates designed especially for specific eye colors. I LOVE the colors for green eyes, they really seem to make my eye color pop, my eyes appear to be so much greener. You may want to check it out.

Purple looks AMAZInG for green eyes! I would do a purple smoky eye. For a lighter look, just try using a light purple shade.

try this:- shimmery tan/brown/champagne colored eyeshadows will draw attention to your eyes- mascara will always help- if you can go for a little more use a plum (NOT PURPLE) colored eyeliner on your waterline. that will help make your eyes pop.

use a dark black mascara and then use a brown eyeliner on top lid then on the outer part of ur waterline and where the eyelashes r, from the pupil to the end of the eye, and blend the eyeliner on bottom to make a smoky eyed look. hope this helps XD

Will Dark brown hair look good on me if i have tan/yellowish skin, dirty blonde hair and green eyes? When I was younger I had very blone hair, but over the years my hair has gotten darker and darker and is almost a light brownThanks for all the comments! they’ve helped alot!
Yes, but then no. It really depends on what shade of brown your getting, but most burnets have green or brown eyes. I would mostly say yes though.

It could look good on you. It is really hard to tell without seeing what you actually look for. I would try a website like Taaz.com and use a picture and add a dark brown hairstyle on yourself. Or ask a hair dresser. Good Luck.

ya it will trust me darker hair really makes green eyes look pretty i have green eyes and they looked way more noticable when i had dark brown hair

Yess!! I have green eyes I’m black and White so I’m kinda yellowish hah and have dark brown hair in the winter and dirty blonde in the summer

It might look good but green eyes will stand out more with blonde hair. I’d recommend getting blonde highlights.