Oathkeepers Protect The Constitution w/ Stewart Rhodes & John Oatken 05_04_12 A2D Show

On our Friday 05_04_12 episode of “Agree to Disagree” on TheNewAmericanMedia.com , host Brian Engelman spoke with Southern California Director of Oath Keepers, John Oetken, and Oath Keepers founder, Stewart Rhodes. Dan Johnson of PANDA (People Against National Defense Act) joined the show to discuss the NDAA “law” that allows for the kidnapping of United States citizens. We would love to read your comments on this episode below.

You can download the sheet music from the video: Dictator – Rhodes

Press Briefing by Jay Carney and Ben Rhodes

Jay Carney and Ben Rhodes hold a press briefing at the G-20 meeting in Los Cabos, Mexico. June 18, 2012.

How did imperialism affect Zimbabwe/Rhodesia, and what modern problems has it influenced? (FREAKING OUT? my history project is due on monday, and i am freaking out about everything. i dont understand a lot of the topics, like inflation (how does it come about) and how the modern problems relate to imperialistic rhodesia. so far basically i have (reworded):inflation: current inflation rates have rocketedcecil rhodes, british south africa companymugabe, dictator prime ministeri just need a lot of help on the modern problems and how imperialism influenced them. PLEASEpleasePLEASE help! thank you!

You can download the sheet music from the video: Dictator – Rhodes

Prior to the age of Imperialism, these countries had little in the way of unified governments. The Imperialist nations created a unified system of government (which they controlled), but did little to unify the people, often doing exactly the opposite. When they had milked these nations for all they could, the Imperialist countries pulled out, leaving no stable government, but many weapons and tribal grudges in their wake. The results have been wars, genocide, collapsed economic systems, disease, etc.

The short history here will help some:cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/zi.htmlThis will also help:news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/country_profiles/1064589.stmOf course the biggest issue is choleraafrica.reuters.com/wire/news/usnLU256163.html

Why is Ian Smith hated so much? I’ve read a lot of press articles, past and present, that say that Ian Smith was a racist, a dictator, a murderer, and one said he was the most hated man in Britain (when it really should be bloody Wilson). From studying the man, he comes across as a decent and loving man. He put his life on the line for his country and nearly lost it twice. He devoted most of his life promoting the interests of his country, despite the criticism he knew he would face. His belief in good ethics, fair play were unshakeable and always put conviction before convenience. In the face of sanctions, Rhodesia thrived! He welcomed visitors, even strangers, to his home which he always left unlocked. He was encouraged to apply for a Rhodes scholarship by his professors, but turned down the offer.As an Australian, I’m ashamed we played a part in the downfall of Rhodesia. That maggott Malcolm Fraser was responsble for that!Of the people he killed, he killed killers only! Terrorists, thugs and bullies. Never defenceless women and children.I’m 30 years of age, so I can’t say I have first hand experience of the conditions in Rhodesia, but studying Smitty’s personality, achievements and state of mind, I find it hard to understand why he was so hated. In my opinion, he is the only politician who you could trust with your life!Thanks Dave and Glass! Glad to know there are at least 2 sensible people who contribute to Yahoo!Even though I’m not African, I feel a sense of pride for the former Rhodesia. A lot of Rhodies have emigrated to Australia, as Australia is very similar in many ways to Rhodesia, as far as culture, government and quality of life is concerned.Even though I have no ancestoral link with Rhodesia, I wish I did! Maybe I could be adopted ;o)
No one should ever read too much into what Malcolm Fraser says, Kevin Rudd will disappear into history too without much fanfare in the future.Rhodesia/Zimbabwe had a gr8 future, look at it today, virtually no farms left, high inflation rate at an unbelievable level, no tourism, just nothing but persecution of the people who were brain washed into believing they would be better off with Mugabe.Just the British propaganda machine and its Commonwealth bought the regime of Ian Smith down!Why hasn’t Britain gone in and rescued these people from this despot, Mugabe? We usually see countries that have been taken over by a dictator, worse off than they ever were before, as Malcolm Fraser would know, one of the worst Prime Ministers of Australia!

Has anyone seen the 1937 Nazi anti-Catholic film featuring priests dancing in a brothel? Immediately following the March 1937 Mit brennender Sorge by Pius XI which stated that a religion based on nationally, race and blood was a fallacy, and that “He that dwelleth in heaven shall laugh at them”vatican.va/holy_father/pius_xi/encyclicals/documents/hf_p-xi_enc_14031937_mit-brennender-sorge_en.htmlHitler went mental.___________________________More serious Hitler wrote that “I shall open such a campaign against them [the Catholic clergy] in press, radio and cinema so that they won’t know what hit them …. Let us have no martyrs among the Catholic priests, it is more practical to show they are criminals.” Franciscans were arrested in Koblenz and tried for “corrupting youth” in a secret trial, with numerous allegations of priestly debauchery appearing in the Nazi controlled press, while a film produced for the Hitler Youth showed priests dancing in a brothel. Anthony Rhodes, Vatican in the Age of the Dictators, 1922-1945, pp. 202-210amazon.com/Vatican-Age-Dictators-1922-1945/dp/0030077362chivalricorders.org/vatican/piusXII.htmErm – Sure, just like they do all the film which protray them in a bad light. (sarcasm)
Let me check.oh yes. Here it is with all the other stuff in my collection of Nazi propaganda. Want a copy?
And the nazis are all gone.
Maybe Hitler did not like Christians, in the same way that some Christians do not like Jews (if you know what I mean)