De Colores (letra de cancion & English translation)

De Colores sung by Maria Fernando, is a Spanish folk song about colors in nature This video has lyrics and English translation so that you can sing along. It can help the Spanish language students to learn the language as well. Enjoy this fun song.

Download sheet music pdf: De Colores – Folk

De colores filipino

In the Spanish speaking world the folk-song “De Colores” has enjoyed widespread popularity. It can be found in song books for children and is used in the Cursillo movement. The United Farm Workers union uses this song as an unofficial anthem. “De Colores” was originally brought from Spain to the rest of the Spanish …speaking world including the Philippines in the 16th century. This video montage of a retreat for women just outside Toronto, Canada, uses the interpretation by Filipino singers with Pete Cruzado under the supervision of Angel Pena. It is on the Golden Cross Recording Company label. philclassic is the audio source.

What song on de colores and other Latin-American Folk Songs for children is from Peru?

Download sheet music pdf: De Colores – Folk

Sana sana may not have originated in Peru, but it is certainly sung there to accompany abdominal massage for the relief of constipation in children.

Have you put a De Colores bumper sticker on your car? If so, what message did you intend to convey doing this? This question is ONLY for folks who have put a De Colores bumper sticker on their OWN car. I want to see your explanation of what message you wanted the world to understand about you when you chose to put that on your car?Thanks to anyone who actually has one of these for your honest replies.
i dunno, i just liked the colors, i guess.but now that i think about it, “De Colores” can actually mean “of color”.only i’m not.