Londonderry Air (Danny Boy) Irish Folk Song (Celtic harp & tin whistle)

Beautiful Nothern Irish anthem “Londonderry Aire”, also known as “Danny? Boy”. Performed with Celtic harp and tin whistle. The song has been interpreted by some listeners as a message from a parent to a son going off to war or leaving as part of the Irish diaspora. Some interpret it differently,[who?] such a dying father speaking to his leaving Danny. The phrase, “the pipes, the pipes are calling”, in this interpretation, could refer to the traditional funeral instrument. The song is widely considered an Irish anthem. “Danny Boy” is considered by many Irish Americans and Irish Canadians to be their unofficial signature song.

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Danny Boy – Londonderry Air [Easy Piano Tutorial]

More tutorials: Share this video on Facebook: Share this video on Twitter: Piano tutorial for beginners: how to play “Londonderry Air”, an Irish anthem. “Danny Boy” is a ballad usually set to the tune of the “Londonderry Air”. This is a simplified version, adapted for beginners. Subscribe! Twitter! Facebook!