Matt Nathanson Performs Faster Live!

Check out Matt Nathanson’s performance of Faster LIVE from Dees Studio!

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Spotlight #4

At Mickey Dee’s Finn:Would you like to go in and order? Rachel:Yea! *gets happy and jumps out of the car* Finn:*gets out smiling* Rachel:*walks in seeing the playroom and starts running towards the door* Finn:Rachel? *follows her* Rachel:*laughing as she climbs the little steps* Finn:Rachel? Rachel:Oh no Finn you have to come and get me if you want me! Finn:*chuckles* Okay then here I come! *starts walking up the steps* Rachel:*starts crawling through the tunnel* Finn:*starts crawling after her and then his phone rings* Hello Finn here! Puck:*growls* Hudson where are you I’m hungry and so are the girls! Finn:I’m in a tunnel crawling after Rachel! Rachel:*looks at him and smiles* Puck:What!What do you mean your in a tunnel crawling after Rachel? Finn:Look man where in Mickey Dee’s play area and I’m kinda busy right now! Puck:*yelling* YOUR PLAYING ON A FUCKING PLAY AREA WHEN YOU SHOULD BE BRING US FOOD HUDSON I UGH! Finn:Sorry man got to go bye! *hangs up and starts crawling after Rachel again* Rachel:*squeals as Finn wraps his arms around her* Finn:Got you! *pulls her in his lap as they slide down the slide* Rachel:*goes to get away* Finn:No you don’t! *picks her up and goes and orders the food* Back At The Motel Finn and Rachel:*walk in carrying the food* Puck:*crosses his arms* Where have you two been? Rachel:*smiles real big* In the play pen at Mickey Dee’s Noah it’s so much fun and II want to go back! Brittany:*squeals* I love that place! Rachel:*turns at jumps up and