Who can eat rice the fastest?

I decided to do a film with Kinkit and see who can chow down the fastest. Slow and steady wins the race.

If you like this piece you can download Chow Down by Rice sheet music online in digital format.

How to Make Perfect Rice Every Time – CHOW.com

Poppy Tooker, author of the Crescent City Farmers Market Cookbook, says that stirring rice while it cooks is the easiest way to wreck it. The mechanical action (stirring) plus the starch and water creates gluten–that means gluey, sticky rice. ======================CHOW.com========================= CHOW Tips are the shared wisdom of our community. If you’ve figured out some piece of food, drink, or cooking wisdom that the world has to know about, send us a message and tell us what you’ve got in mind! See all the newest uploads from CHOW with the Latest Videos playlist: bit.ly Subscribe to CHOW: bit.ly For more recipes, stories and videos, check out chow.com CHOW on Twitter: twitter.com CHOW on Facebook: facebook.com ======================================================== TRANSCRIPT How do you ruin the rice? I’ll tell you. It’s lifting the lid and stirring the pot. Liquid, that’s the water; rice, starch; plus the mechanical action of stirring the pot; equals gluten. Great in a bread dough; disaster in a pot of rice; where what you end up with is gluey, sticky rice. Rice is actually so easy and quick. Turn the fire on full blast. When the pot comes to a full, rolling boil, you take your lid, cover the rice, and turn it down to the lowest setting on your stove. Leave it completely alone for twenty minutes. At the end of the twenty minutes, lift the lid and, with a dinner fork, fluff up your even, separate grains of rice. Your rice is perfectly cooked and ready to serve.

Do u feed ur toddler rice? I haven’t fed my soon to b 20mos. old rice till just now. I made a Sunday dinner plate and he walked right up to it, picked up the fork and began to chow down on the rice. Lol he usually likes chicken n and any kind of veggies but he’s .probably tired of it now. But his doctor made it a point to say NOT to give him rice. I can’t see any real reason why tho–other than constipation maybe.*shrugs* when did or do u feed ur toddler rice?

If you like this piece you can download Chow Down by Rice sheet music online in digital format.

does the doctor that said no rice know you are feeding him chicken and veggies? I believe the no rice was for infants that haven’t started eating ‘real’ food.
Mine have been eating rice since 10-11 months old.. lol. They have not had a problem out of it.
Feed him anything he wants! What kind of doctor says no rice unless the child has a digestive/health problem? Seriously, give him anything he wants with the exception of raw/uncooked meats or eggs, spicy foods (but let him try a teeeeeny bit if he wants to) and unpasteurised milk. Other than that, get some food into that kid! He needs carbs to grow – rice, pasta, bread, corn, he needs a varied diet to grow up with a good attitude to food. Give him fruits, veg, carbs, full fat milk and yogurt, protein, sweet things (obviously limited), fish – go for it!

You can feed him anything he wants. As long as he capable of eating it than he’s fine. My daughter started eating solid foods at 5months and she ate everything. Rice,beans,chicken, anything really. You should be giving him whatever your eating.

yes not a problem.mine were eating that at about 14 months..white rice brown rice rice a roni.lots of rice..and potatoes..mashed augraten fried baked.and beans any type.great whole foods to feed.is he drinking from a cup too.happy eating.happy holidays..

My son has been eating rice since he was an infant. We eat brown rice just about every other day with either lunch or dinner. It’s a good supplementary source of fiber and protein (the brown stuff, not white rice).

Yes, they say not to feed rice cereals to babies when they shouldnt be eating solid foods, but rice for a toddler is fine, all of my kids have eaten rice after a year with no problems.

Ask your doctor why he said that.My kids both get rice. My 22 mo old used to love rice. She started eating rice by 1. There is no reason why a toddler couldn’t eat rice unless there us a health problem.

Weird you were told not to give rice. It is on the plunket food list for the 8-9mth age group. So he is more than old enough to have rice.It is also the main ingredient for BABY RICE, which is suitable for 4+mths. As well as being the first “go to” food for babies with any food allergy.Sometimes I wonder why people have doctors, most seem to be stuck back in the dark ages with no attempt at staying up to date as far as the latest medical and scientific studies are concerned. My best advice is to talk to the baby experts, like plunket and karatane. they know alot more than your local GP about things like this.What country are you in? In my country (NZ) we have plunket, karatane, mothercraft, parents as first teachers, tipu ora. all free and they know EVERYTHING there is to know about babies/children and their development. We even have free call centres running 24/7, where we can talk to plunket nurses (registered nurses that have decided to specialise in babies).I see so many people on Y!A that, like you, seem to have very little guidance.You should check and see if there is ANYTHING like this in your area and get involved. honestly, they are brilliant when you need good solid answers.Ill post the link to plunket too. perhaps they could help via email or something?

Yes, my kids ate rice when they were toddlers. It’s a staple in a lot of cultures, so it’s fine to feed them rice. (unless there’s a medical reason like a allergy)

What is a good,well priced, chinese food ( sit down/take out) restaurant in the Savannah,Ga area ? All I see around here are quick places that use inferior ingredients! There are a couple that are over priced nicer ones , but I am looking for an everyday , run and grab some take out , pay 30 or so bucks to feed your fam of four , and that uses good quality chicken, not fatty tough pieces? How hard is it to get some good chow mein,fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, egg foo young, etc?
how do i get my puppy to eat dog biscuits? we recently took a puppy home with us from the animal shelter. the people at the shelter have been feeding her with rice. now that the puppy is home with us, we are having trouble trying to get her to chow down dog biscuits. she shies away from them and refuses to even touch them when we hand-offer the biscuits. she has no problem eating the chicken-cubes for dogs but she does not like the puppy milk too.any advice?p/s: my mom seems to think that the biscuits are a bit too tough/hard for the puppy although the puppy is already 8 weeks old
My dog has never liked crunchy treats and I feed her small dog food pellets. Your puppy is young. Keep trying to introduce the new foods.
give him a little time
My last two dogs would bury every single dog biscuit I gave them tried different brands even I think their putting something in them that dogs don’t like. My daughters dog won’t eat them either

unless they are puppy biscuits they most likely are too hard for her. I wouldn’t give her hard treats like biscuits until she was older and preferrably had her adult teeth. If you want to feed her treats buy some soft chewey treats, like the ones made by Milkbone, they have a large variety of them. She no longer needs puppy milk, so stop giving her that, just give her water in a bowl to drink. You can try canned puppy food to get her used to new food. Then slowly introduce dry puppy dog food by just adding bits of it to the canned food. Gradually add more puppy dry food and less canned until all she has is the dry food. Also, when looking for a dry puppy food or even adult dog food, make sure the first ingredient listed is chicken, beef or pork. Not animal by products or wheat.

Puppy milk is not natural for a dog to injest after it has been weaned from its mother. Have you tasted the dog biscuits? Do you know or even care about the ingredients? Get this dog on a more natural diet or perhaps organic chicken mince, beef, etc. Add to your dogs meal vegetables like beans, carrots, garlic, peas, apples, lettuce, etc.all are better for your dogs insides. Can I also suggest you stay clear of all yearly vaccinations as these also cause major damage to your dogs organs in later years. Pay for your animals health now, so it won’t cost you an arm and a leg later. Give your dog a raw bone, mother natures tooth brush. All the best. I have never given one of my four cats or two of my dogs any vaccinations in over 7 years, and not one has had to go to the vet for ANY treatment. Yes I feed my animals on organic (chemical free) food. If it is not good enough for me to eat it is not good enough for my animals to injest.

Yes same thing with you a got a brand new puppie too, i figured it out your dog is not use to dog biscuits they are probly too hard and don’t feed milk to your puppy when it gets older it will get diarreah.Feeding tips: you should feed your puppy some ceaser brand puppy food or pedigree brand little champions soft puppy food, feed your puppy either one brand for one week then add a table spoon of steamed cook rice. do that for a month then add ten pieces of any kind of hard dog food. I used this with my puppy and it work well

Some dogs just don’t like dog biscuits. try to change the brand of biscuits. The puppy might not like the brand of biscuits that you have. keep trying without forcing them on him. As long as he is getting the nutrition he need everything is OK.

Soak the biscuits in warm water, slowly decrease the water until she is eating dry.You can buy pet gravy and mix it through or get some canned pet food and mix it with that.