Blur – Oily Water + Chemical World (Wolverhampton Civic Hall, 24th June 2009)

I don’t know whether it’s accidental or not that the spot on Graham casts his shadow perfectly across the Marshall stack behind him, but it’s a cool piece of lighting if it is deliberate. I almost pressed stop cos people kept walking through the shot (which was their right, I hasten to add), but I’m glad I left it going cos it isn’t that distracting when watched back.

Digital music scores source: James: Chemical World

Blur – Chemical World (Köln 1993) PART 9

and the moral is: dont jump too high XD hahaha funny performance, sucks they didnt play chemical world again

Is there a new member of My Chemical Romance called James?? I heard that in the next album some guy called James is joining. is it true??Also have you heard the song “the world is ugly” by them because he plays in it.Is that song going to be on there next album?? Anyone know?Thank you!Sorry some people were saying it.

Digital music scores source: James: Chemical World

James DeWees has joined My chemical Romance on tour, he plays the keyboard. He will become the 6th member on the next c.d.

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That’d be cool.but it might not have a happy ending like in movies lol.
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Which of these songs have made you cry? names of the songs in this list which have made you cry, really upset, or just caused crying/anxiety/emotional painPS = im making a playlist of really sad songs Adam’s Song = Blink 182After The Fall = Metro StationAll Apologies = NirvanaAll Good Things = Nelly Furtardo All I Need = RadioheadAlone Again (Naturally) = Gilbert O’Sullivan Asleep = The SmithsA Bad Dream = KeaneBleed American = Jimmy Eat WorldCancer = My Chemical RomanceCemetery Drive = My Chemical RomanceColourblind = Counting CrowsCrawling = Linkin ParkCreep = RadioheadDead = My Chemical RomanceDemolition Lovers = My Chemical RomanceDisenchanted = My Chemical RomanceDry Your Eyes = The StreetsA Dustland Fairytale = The Killers Eleanor Rigby = The BeatlesThe End = My Chemical RomanceEverybody’s Fool = Evanescence Fix You = ColdplayForever Young = Youth Group (or original version if you prefer)The Ghost Of You = My Chemical RomanceGoing Under = Evanescence Good Enough = EvanescenceGoodnight, Travel Well = The KillersHallelujah = Jeff Buckley The Happiest Day’s Of Our Lives = Pink FloydAnother Brick In The Wall Part 4 = Pink FloydHello = Evanescence How You Remind Me = NickelbackHurt = Christina AguileraIm Not Ok (I Promise) = My Chemical RomanceI Don’t Love You = My Chemical RomanceLet It Be = The Beatles My Immortal = EvanescencePain = Jimmy Eat WorldComfortably Numb = Pink Floyd Please Don’t Stop The Rain = James Morrison The Scientist = ColdplaySleep = My Chemical RomanceSpace Oddity = David BowieTalk = ColdplayWe Never Change = Coldplay Yesterday = The Beatles The Final Cut = Pink Floyd Feel free to add songs or criticise the songs i have currently, some seem weird but they are there because they have affected me in some way, some are just sad! 😀 Anyway, thanks 🙂
well none of those ^^everyone has different tastes :\the ones that make me cryEverything’s not lost by coldplaybonds ~kizuna~ by an cafenyappy in the parallel world by an cafethat’s it really

Songs almost never make me cry, but “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley definitely puts a lump in my throat.

Linkin park-crawlingHow You Remind Me = NickelbackGoing Under = Evanescence My Immortal = Evanescence&& i think through glass is good.. its by stone sour, but you might not think its sad!

Talk by Coldplay. It always makes me sad and/or cry as it brings back certain thoughts and memories.

My immortal has made me cry my eyes out. it reminds me of my best friend who i fell out with and i have not got over. another song is crash and burn by savage garden!

They’ve not made me cry but like you have affected me in some way – the coldplay songs. But also for me, a LOT of Snow Patrol (here’s a few):Chasing CarsMake This Go On ForeverBeginning to Get To MeYou Could Be Happy

Most of the songs you listed that I know I don’t think are all that sad =P But the two that have made me want to cry are the acoustic versions of Creep and My Immortal.And ones you haven’t listed are.Since I’ve Been Loving You- Led ZeppelinDosed- Red Hot Chili Peppers (this one I can’t really figure out why, but it did)Climbing to the Moon- Eels (he wrote it about his sister who killed herself)

MCR – Cancer.Mcr are my fave band and my nan died of cancer in March so ive been listening to that alot.Radiohead – CreepMCR – DisenchantedEvanescence – Everybody’s foolColdplay – Fix youMCR – The ghost of youthat song actually brings me to tears everytime.Christina Aguilera – HurtMCR – I don’t love youPink Floyd – Comfortably numbColdplay – The ScientistMy Chemical Romance – SleepI’d also add Faber drive – When I’m with you The song brings me to tearsMadina Lake – Morning SadnessAs it’s about Matthew and Nathan’s mother dieing when they were just 12 and you can really feel Nathan’s pain when you hear him singing it.and the last i’d add isRyan Cabrera – Fall baby fall