Cat Stevens * Child for a day * With David Essex

Last Song from Unicef concert together with David Essex december 1979. A song written by his brother David Gordon. Released on Izitso 1977.

Child For A Day by David Gordon sheet music is available for downloading in digital format.



why haven’t they re opened the Madeline Mccann Case? there are so many questions about this that haven’t been answered, and fair enough, the portugese police won’t be happy so why not just have english police investigate? because of all the new evidence that has come to light and it just doesn’t add up.. Why haven’t they reopened the case??heres some examples.. I got them off a website which had extracts taken from the book published by the head police officer. first of all I do think the mccanns did it. It states in the booklet that Kate struggled with Madeline because she demanded constant attention and she did not like to be left alone- she cried, and yet the parents put her and Sean and Amelie in a creche for about 14 hours a day and left them in the apartment at night.Some suspicious stuff here:1,The day before Madelines disappearance David Payne was talking to Gerry and making sexual references to his own daughter and to Madeline. He had also been on pornography sites, but it doesn’t say whether these are to do with children- he was suspected as a peodophile though.2.They lied about sedating Madeline, they denied it but a relative said that they always gave something to the children to help them sleep- because Madeline couldn’t- but the twins managed to sleep through the night but she didn’t?3.Gerry took a ‘faulty fridge’ out of the apartment to a tip miles away.. but most of us just get someone in to fix it or get a new one.. he posted this on his holiday blog but as soon as he came under suspicion he removed the post.. I’m not certain on this but i think he took it soon before Madeline went missing.4.The Tapas group were the only ones who said they saw an abductor, no one else saw a thing. And they all described him in a different way- quite odd.5,the apartment was contaminated with different dna from friends and any other people- perhaps this was deliberate considering Kate and Gerry are doctors and know how to clean away dna?6. why did Gordon Brown get involved with the Mccanns?? and why have they got 6 lawyers defending them even though they haven’t officially been accused of anything and haven’t been to court??7.Why are they making money out of their daughters death and refuse to go back to find out what happened??8. WHY is no further action being taken and why was the head inspector removed from the case by Gordon Brown??what are your thoughts? i know i’ve gone a bit overboard but people go to jail for less than this so why has the case not been re investigated and WHY are the mccanns getting away with this when it’s blatantly obvious how guilty they are?? money cannot be the only reason can it?

Child For A Day by David Gordon sheet music is available for downloading in digital format.

Because she is not the only child who has gone missing. Others have to and to spend millions on just one child who is presumed dead would be horrible to the hundreds of other families with missing children whose faces are not known across the world.Personally I think the media coverage the family is getting out of it is sick and they should concentrate on their other children. It is not healthy for their twins that they keep talking about Madeline as if she will be found because it is unlikely. Sorry if that seems harsh, just my opinion. I know it must be tragic for them (if they didn’t do it themselves) but they have to realize their media fame has to end someday.

Simply all the questions you have asked have all been answered to the satisfaction of the police and social services thats is all except one in your question 7. They do not know if Maddie is dead or not .

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