It Don’t Have To Change, John Legend

This is a John Legend song that I like a whole lot (available for download on news: 1) MY EP IS ON ITUNES: 2) I have a bunch of other shows! May 14, Pittsburgh PA, Modern Formations Gallery, 8 pm May 15, Columbus OH, the Basement, 9 pm June 4, Toronto Canada, the Mod Club June 5, Chicago IL, Lincoln Hall June 7, Ann Arbor MI, the Ark June 8, Indianapolis IN, Radio Radio June 10-13, Manchester TN, BONNAROOOOOO July 9-10 Los Angeles CA, Vidcon This song is licensed by the Harry Fox Agency and is available on iTunes:

Changes – John T. Hall sheet music is available online.

Old Dogs-Children and Watermelon Wine by Tom T. Hall (Live)

Old Dogs-Children and Watermelon Wine by Tom T. Hall (Live) from 1978. Old Dogs-Children and Watermelon Wine was released in 1972 and became a #1 hit on 1/27/1973.

Can we all here at Yahoo call a truce and Stop going on about John Cena? Those in Favour of him, think he is the greatest ever, the hottest and super cool. Those Opposed think he is ruining the sport for being the chosen one, a la Hogan in his day, can’t wrestle and is horribly overrated. Please can we just accept this and stop asking how hot he is, or how gay, or how soon he will be in the hall of fame. No ones going to change their mind.Can we just debate issues that can be settled such as edge vs Cena at Summerslam and who will win and why(not because hes hot or a cheater) but realistically given the booking choices and storylines? Please answer this question in all seriousness.Cena as a Heel? Hmmmmm The question I asked was more of an example but feel free to rerspond.thats what I like about this forum, informed opinions and ideas on wrestling today, tomorrow and yesterday.

Changes – John T. Hall sheet music is available online.

Sorry but there are people who just wont listen 2 u. I think John is a great wrestler and I hate the fact that there’s more than 1 idiot on Yahoo answers pretending 2b him and dissing him
I just like his skill
What exactly was your question?Can we debate this all in a civilized mannor? I’d have to say its not likely.. :(Or who would win given booking choices and storylines? Personally, with the matches stipulation I’d to see Cena use it his advantage. Use it as a chance for him to turn heel. I think he could get some nice heat from both types of WWE fan.

Well ya know what they say opinnions are like assholes everyone has one!And I’m not gonna stop talking crap about him until he’s gone.Then I’ll agree with the truce,thanks for the 2 points!

its all a storyline.i like cena but i can name others who are just as good. admittedly cena is good eye candy for women and he is a good wrestler. i dont see why so many have decided that they dont like him.who really cares who is gay or not.i think that hulk is over rated. always have. i never liked ric flair either, so i guess im a minority. i met ric flair years ago and he was a total jerk. thats probably why i dont like him

What are some new bands or songs that I can listen to? I’m 18 years old and Im interested in finding some more music to listen too.I’ve got a very broad range of interests so put your favs please lol.To keep from getting stuff i’ve already got, this is the list of bands/artist i’ve already got.Angels and AirwavesThe AtarisAttention!The BeatlesBillie HolidayBing CrosbyBlink 182Bob DylanCas HaleyColbie CaillatDashboard ConfessionalDaughtryI’m A Gigolo – David Lee Roth haha.A Day To RememberDean MartinElla FitzgeraldElvis PresleyEric ClaptonFarewellFour Year StrongFrancesca BatistelliFrank SinatraThe FrayGeorge GerschwinHave HeartHit The LightsJames BrownJimi HendrixJohn ColtraneKeshaA little Lil WayneLittle RichardThe MaineMayday ParadeMichael JacksonMiles DavisNat King ColePanic At The DiscoRay CharlesSlipknotThe Spill CanvasStevie Wonder, the only song I have is Superstition so if you have anymore awesome ones, tell me.Trevor HallChanges by Tupac[Great, great song.]As you can see, i’ve a very wide range of musical interest so feel free to drop anything in the text box haha.My personal ‘favorites’ are pop punk, and any jazz type music from Billie Holiday-Ella Fitgerald-Dean Martin-Sinatra Era.I don’t like metal that has really low growling vocals, i just can’t get into it. I like metal that has really cool sounding instrumentals and I dig most metal core as long as, like I said, no deep vocals, annoys me lol.

John Morrison is not released its a hoax? They still show him in promos and mentioned him.Zack Ryder Had a tribute to him and his dad still wears the short on the showAnd he hasn’t changed his twitter o_OIt’s a lie normally when I wrestler is really gone from there unless they were a future hall of famed they wouldn’t get mentioned againJohns just taking some time off to heal up then return stronger than everlol Hunter Jigsaws is cool He’s my favorite wresting section user since señor booker lost his touch
Yeah I know, every wrestler that gets released is erased from History. It’s not like CM Punk cut a promo about WWE releasing Chris Masters or anything.

doesn’t matterBull Buchanan was released and he came back recently, plus they still show old wcw and ecw promos so.

John Morrison posted a video on youtube talking about he is going to take some time off and train more.He said “TNA or Japan?” now do you really think he is signed with WWE?It’s going to be a while before JOMO wrestles in any promotion.

Sorry man but he’s gone unless WWE calls him about his contract but they have never called anybody but Kurt Angle about coming back.

Agreed, WWE did say to Morrison he needs time off it’s probably due to WWE not having anything for him at the moment but WWE knows that if Morrison were to return possibly by the summer of 2012 he’d have a better opportunity at not being a jobber (hopefully).

if you’re talking intros etc. WWE doesn’t change them that often — and more likely with a new hire or someone signing to TNA. as long as they are on their 90 days there is no reason to change videos sinc ethey can’t be on another show so you’re not promoting some one else’s productRyder’s show is supposed to be his personal show. kind of hard to create the illusion of independance if he changes thinsg the exact same time WWE doeshis Twitter is ‘theRealMorrison’. depending on the letter of the law w/ copyright he might actually own the JoMo ID plus again he’s not taking bookings for another company so its a non issue on WWE’s part IF he’s got a fraction of the copyright control keeping the name is no different than being booked at an indy show as ‘Former WWE Superstar” Morrison himself posted on You-tube (or it ended up there) that he’s not booking with anyone, not touring, just taking time off. seeing as how far in advance we knew of the contract expiring, do you really think that if there was a contract in place it wouldn’t be known-yes, he may have a ‘good faith’ plan to come back, but there is no contract inplace, and he is free to change his mind