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“Changing of the Guards” Bob Dylan, what is this song about? No links please!?

Download sheet music online: Bob Dylan (Changing Of The Guards)

‘Changing of the Guards’ opens with Dylan reflectingon his own career: the time and energyspent; and at once we are back on the betrayaltheme—but here it is betrayal by the world, notone woman.Addition:That year’s album, Street Legal, too, which is atleast as soaked in the blues as any work of his beforeor since, is one within which Dylan seems tocut a wrist to mingle his own work-blood withthat of Robert Johnson—though in every case, asusual, Johnson’s is not the only presence on thisbusy street. How inward Dylan is with this predecessor’swork: again and again he tends to put thedirect blues phrases into his non-blues songs. Aline from ‘Changing of the Guards’ that arguablysums up that song, ‘my last deal gone down’, is anelision from Johnson’s title ‘Last Fair Deal GoneDown’.

The lyrics open sixteen years. The song was released in 1978 on a mediocre album, Street Legal. The clue is Dylan produced his first album in 1962 so the first line gives us the clue to the fact it is an autobiographical song. Dylan’s constant theme in the mid to late 70’s before he became a born again Christian is betrayal. His marriage to Sara, the true love of his life had broken, and the blood letting that followed can be heard on Blood on the Tracks. At this time Dylan was on a perpetual tour, The Rolling Thunder Review , bemoaning his betrayal by record companies, promoters, publicist, producers , the “merchants and thieves, hungry for power”. In many ways this song is an update of The times they are a’ changing, and when the ship come in and one too many mornings. It is just Dylan saying, things are going to change around here. Dylan was heavily influenced by French Symbolist poets like Verlain and Rimbaud, and the verse in this song is symbolist in style.

Bob Dylan’s The Changing of the Guards? I came accross a book recently that gave the story behind the story of many Dylan songs. The one I was most interested in, however, was not in the book. Does anyone know the story behind The Changing of the Guards? This is one of my top 3 favorite Dylan songs and I would love to know what it is really about.
Good question! I think this song has received both good and bad reviews from critics who, frankly, can only hazard a guess what the song means! Dylan himself said this about the song: “It means something different every time I sing it. ‘Changing of the Guards’ is a thousand years old”. Here are a few links discussing the song, if you’d like to read what they have to say::)

Which is better? Patti Smith’s version of Changing of the Guard, or Bob Dylan’s? Dylan wrote it.
What’s Bob Dylan’s song “Changing of the Guards” about? lyrics can be found at
Lyrically, this song has provoked much critical insight, both positive and negative. According to Oliver Trager, “Changing of the Guards” has been criticized as a “song in which Dylan unsuccessfully and cynically parodies his anthemic self in haunting fashion.” But many have found much depth and meaning in the song’s lyrics. Michael Gray sees this song as a thorough description of Dylan’s journey, from the beginning of his musical career, about sixteen years prior (the opening line is “Sixteen years”), through his marriage and divorce with Sara Dylan, up to his soon-to-be-announced conversion to Christianity. Indeed, much religious and biblical imagery is readily apparent in this work, especially apocalyptic imagery (not new ground for Dylan). Dylan once commented: “It means something different every time I sing it. ‘Changing of the Guards’ is a thousand years old'”. However, even the song’s critical supporters admit that there is a good amount of opacity in this song’s lyrics: “Like much in ‘Changing of the Guards,’ the intended meaning of this passage is opaque.”

What do you believe is the most moving bob dylan song you know? I am a big fan, and I am really into “changing of the guards” from street legal right now. I used to be into “shelter from the storm” from blood on the tracks”jokerman” from infidels is beauitiful”new morning” from new morning has always made me happy”my back pages” from another side of bob dylan says some things that i have never been able to put into wordsany thoughts?
The twin lyrical assaults of “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” and “It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)” off Bringing It All Back Home.

For me, it’s Not Dark Yet. It is absolutely heartbreaking, with hypnotically poetic lyrics that haunt you for hours after you hear the song.There’s so many others though. To me, Dylan is the undisputed master of lyrics and

Blank Versus Blank: Bob Dylan? I love Dylan!Songs:Like A Rolling Stone VS Idiot WindHurricane VS Tangled Up In BlueSimple Twist Of Fate VS Blowin’ In The WindLay Lady Lay VS Ballad Of A Thin ManShelter From The Storm VS It Ain’t Me BabeRainy Day Women #12 & 35 VS Changing Of The GuardsMasters Of War VS Gotta Serve SomebodyMr. Tambourine Man VS All Along The WatchtowerThe Times They Are A-Changin’ VS Knockin’ On Heaven’s DoorAlbums:Another Side Of Bob Dylan VS Slow Train ComingBlood On The Tracks VS The Times They Are A-Changin’The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan VS Bringing It All Back HomeBlonde On Blonde VS Highway 61 RevisitedDesire VS John Wesley HardingMembers:Dylan VS Lennon VS Morrison VS Hendrix (lyrics wise)BQ: Any Dylan quotes you’d like to share?BQ2: Which band tomorrow? BQ3: Ever have an encounter with one of The Shadow People (I’m freaking out about it)?
Like a Rolling StoneHurricaneBlowin in the WindLay Lady LayIt Ain’t Me BabeRainy Day Women #12Gotta Serve SomebodyMr Tambourine ManKnockin’ on Heaven’s DoorSlow train ComingBlood on the TracksThe Freewheelin’ Bob DylanHighway 61 RevisitedDesireDylanBQ: I’ll think of one laterBQ2: The ClashBQ3: encounter? ones my room-mate

You’re not the only one :)Idiot Wind by a mileHurricaneBlowin’ In The WindLay Lady LayShelter From The StormChanging Of The GuardsGotta Serve SomebodyMr.Tambourine ManThe Times They Are A-Changin’Slow Train ComingBlood On The TracksBringing It All Back HomeHighway 61 RevisitedJohn Wesley HardingDylanBA : Advertising signs they conYou into thinking you’re the oneThat can do what’s never been doneThat can win what’s never been wonMeantime life outside goes onAll around youBA2 : The Velvet Underground ! please oh please-ohBA3 : nope

Songs:Like A Rolling StoneTangled Up In BlueSimple Twist Of FateBallad Of A Thin ManIt Ain’t Me BabeRainy Day Women #12 & 35Masters Of WarAll Along The WatchtowerKnockin’ On Heaven’s DoorAlbums:Another Side Of Bob DylanBlood On The TracksBringing It All Back HomeBlonde On BlondeDesireMembers:DylanBQ: ramona tried to tell me “stay away from the train line,” she said that “all the railroad men just drink up your blood like wine,” and i said “oh, i didnt know that, but then again there’s only only i’ve met and he just smoked my eyelids and punched my cigarette.”

Songs:Idiot Wind – hard to go against the iconic “LARS” (an old standard of mine, which I even performed at my H.S. reunion) but he includes himself in the lambasting with Idiot Wind – last line “We’re idiots babe, it’s a wonder we can even feed ourselves” – which a lot of people seem to overlook.”Tangled Up In Blue” – no contest – one of his very best ever. Hurricane purpose driven and good, but . . .”Blowin’ In the Wind” – covers larger issues. “STOF” is a great song and much more complex, in concept and execution, but got to go with the greater good.”Ballad of a Thin Man” – no contest. “LLL” shows a vocal talent (“singing”) that many people don’t think/realize Dylan has/had, but is far below BOATM in all other respects.”It Ain’t Me Babe” – I like SFTS better in many ways, but I think IAMB is more iconic, for lack of a better word.”Rainy Day Women #12 & 35″ – just plain fun – important in music. COTG is perhaps too complex, although, as usual, I do like it.”Masters of War” – perhaps his greatest angry song, great concept. GSS is not a favorite of mine.”All Along the Watchtower” – call this one almost even – more gut level/darker than the more complex MTM.”The Times They Are A-Changin’ – no contest.Albums:”Another Side of Bob Dylan” – a more definitive direction for him.”Blood On The Tracks” – I generally consider this his “best” album.”Bringing It All Back Home” – more great songs and more of a concept.”Highway 61 Revisited” – if I sat down and played these two, it would be the one I was listening to at the time. BOB is more mature, H61R is more spontaneous.”Desire” – surprised myself here. JWH is one of my favorites (as are many others), but Desire won the coin toss (thinking about the songs).Members:Dylan – no contest (with anyone)BQ – “I always thought I might want to be a doctor. Where else could you ask a woman to take off her clothes and send a bill to her husband?”BQ2 – HendrixBQ3 – haven’t bumped into one yet – see them out of the corners of my eyes sometimes, I think, maybe.(all/any of above subject to change without notice)

I was born to answer this question.Songs:***Like A Rolling Stone*** VS Idiot WindHurricane VS ***Tangled Up In Blue******Simple Twist Of Fate*** VS Blowin’ In The Wind***Lay Lady Lay*** VS Ballad Of A Thin Man <–why'd you make me do that?***Shelter From The Storm*** VS It Ain't Me Babe***Rainy Day Women #12 & 35*** VS Changing Of The Guards***Masters Of War*** VS Gotta Serve Somebody***Mr. Tambourine Man*** VS All Along The WatchtowerThe Times They Are A-Changin' VS ***Knockin' On Heaven's Door***Albums:***Another Side Of Bob Dylan*** VS Slow Train Coming***Blood On The Tracks*** VS The Times They Are A-Changin'***The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan888 VS Bringing It All Back Home***Blonde On Blonde*** VS Highway 61 RevisitedDesire VS ***John Wesley Harding***Members:***Dylan*** VS Lennon VS Morrison VS Hendrix (lyrics wise)BQ: Any Dylan quotes you'd like to share?I share his quotes in nearly all my answers. How about: 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, gonna knock him clean right outta his spleen!! HECK YEAH!!BQ2: Which band tomorrow? That makes no sense, so I'll just mention a random band: PavementBQ3: Ever have an encounter with one of The Shadow People (I'm freaking out about it)?Your ma won't even recognize you.

like a rolling stonetangled up in blueblowin in the windlay lady layit ain't me baberainy day womengotta serve somebodyall along the watchtowertimes they are a changinanother side of bob dylantimes they are a changinfreewhellin bob dylanhighway 61 revisiteddesiredylan and lennonbq2 neil young

Songs:Like A Rolling Stone Tangled Up In BlueBlowin' In The WindBallad Of A Thin ManIt Ain't Me BabeRainy Day Women #12 & 35Masters Of War All Along The WatchtowerKnockin' On Heaven's DoorAlbums:Another Side Of Bob DylanBlood On The TracksBringing It All Back HomeHighway 61 RevisitedJohn Wesley HardingMorrison and Dylan are tiedBQ I have so many favs we'd be here all dayBQ2 Elvis Costello?BQ3 I dont think so