Celebrate Jesus, the King

Young Men’s Ensemble and men of the Herald Choir at St Peter’s 7:30 Christmas Eve service.

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Jesus a Precious King – Leathia Williams

Mt. Zion Fellowship Christmas Concert 2010, “Chris”mas Celebration. To download track please visit mtzionfellowship.org

Striking similarities between Jesus and Krishna. What do you make of this? Hindus believe that Krishna was the eighth “avatar” or incarnation of the god Vishnu – one of the Hindu deities in the Hindu trinity. Hindu scriptures state that Krishna “appeared in all the fullness of his power and glory.” Krishna was born sometime between 900 and 1200 B.C. and his religious teachings can be found in the Bhagavad-Gita, one of the sacred texts in Hinduism. The karmic similarities between Jesus and the Hindu messiah named Krishna (1200 B.C.) are many. There over one hundred similarities between the Hindu and Christian saviors which could easily fill a volume. Some of these similarities are apocryphal which means their source comes from the extra-canonical scriptures of Hinduism.Identical Life Experiences(1) Krishna was miraculously conceived and born of the Virgin Devaki (“Divine One”) as a divine incarnation.(2)He was born at a time when his family had to travel to pay the yearly tax.(3)His father was a carpenter yet Krishna was born of royal descent.(4)His birth was attended by angels, wise men and shepherds, and he was presented with gifts.(5)He was persecuted by a tyrant who ordered the slaughter of thousands of infants who feared that the divine child would supplant his kingdom.(6)His father was warned by a heavenly voice to flee the tyrant who sought the death of the child. The child was then saved by friends who fled with them in the night to a distant country. When the tyrant learned that his attempt to kill the child failed, he issued a decree that all the infants in the area be put to death. Writing about Krishna in the eighteenth century, Sir William Jones stated, “In the Sanskrit dictionary, compiled more than two thousand years ago, we have the whole history of the incarnate deity, born of a virgin, and miraculously escaping in infancy from the reigning tyrant of his country.” (Asiatic Researches, Vol. I, p. 273(7)The Bible states that Jesus and family fled to Egypt afterward to escape from King Herod. According to the Christian apocryphal text “the Gospel of the Infancy,” the family traveled to Maturea, Egypt. Krishna was born in Maturea, India, hundreds of years earlier.(8)He was baptized in the River Ganges.(9)The missions of Krishna and Jesus were the same – the salvation of humanity.(10)Krishna worked miracles and wonders such as raising the dead and healing lepers, the deaf and the blind.(11)Krishna used parables to teach the people about charity and love.(12)Jesus taught his disciples about the possibility of removing a mountain by faith. According to tradition, Krishna raised Mount Goverdhen above his disciples to protect his worshipers from the wrath of Indra.(13)”He lived poor and he loved the poor.”(14)Krishna washed the feet of the Brahmins and transfigured before his disciples.(15)Krishna’s teachings and Jesus’ teachings were very similar. The celebrated French missionary and traveler, Evarist-Regis Hucv, who made a journey of several thousand miles through China and Tibet, stated, “If we addressed a Mogul or Tibetan this question, ‘Who is Krishna?’ the reply was instantly ‘The savior of men.” According to Robert Cheyne, “All that converting the Hindoos to Christianity does for them is to change the object of their worship from Krishna to Christ.” Appleton’s Cyclopedia says this about the teachings of Krishna: “Its correspondence with the New Testament is indeed striking.”(16)There is an extra-canonical Hindu tradition which states that Krishna was crucified. According to some traditions, Krishna died on a tree or was crucified between two thieves.(17)He descended to hell, rose bodily from the dead, and ascended to heaven which was witnessed by many.(18)Krishna is called the “shepherd god” and “lord of lords,” and was considered “the redeemer, firstborn, sin bearer, liberator, universal Word.”(19)He is the second person of the trinity, and proclaimed himself the “resurrection” and the “way to the Father.”(20)He was considered the “beginning, the middle and the end,” (“alpha and omega”), as well as being omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent.(21)His disciples bestowed upon him the title “Jezeus,” meaning “pure essence.”(22)Krishna is to return again riding a white horse to do battle with the “prince of evil,” who will desolate the Earth.I personally believe that Jesus and Krishna are the same person. God has had many forms, reaching to many people around the world, and Jesus and Krishna are just some of them. near-death.com/experiences/origen04.htmlSeeker of Holy GodPlease read. There are many connections. Read the Bhagavad-Gita.

Download and print Williams (Celebrate Jesus The King) sheet music

and the egyptians awaiting the return of Osirus, who baptized 12-students with holy fire.what else is new?
You are very right– Religion is a hard subject to talk about, for there is no way of knowing which one is real and not. One should generally look at it like this, even if you do have a specific religion- All religions are generally right, some more than others, so you should not become so obsessed with one that you fail to see the potential truth in all the others. For I think that the “God” went to all people of the world, and presented them with there own beliefs and practices. For it knew that when it went to the Jews that they would want to follow like that way of the bible. But it knew that the Hindus or Chinese or native Americans wouldn’t follow that way, so it gave them there system. I don’t think all religions are right, I think they all basically have some knowledge, and that they could have been changed over a hundred times till the time we no them. The bible I don’t believe 60% of what it says, I only believe the part of Jesus and that he did die for my sins. And some of the things it talks about of how to act, and what not to do. But as for the old testament I dont believe that at all, for I don’t believe one should sacrifice animals for your sins, that is corruption of the great evil. only look at the divinely influenced parts of the holy books, and not the human influenced parts

Yeah but where you get into trouble is after Jesus rose from the dead he showed how all his life fulfilled not Indian cultural prophecy but prophecies in the old testament books of the bible. And Jesus told his disciples to go into all the world and preach His gospel. Not Krishna’s. There is no other name where a man can be saved except that of Jesus Christ. Later.

A) The karmic similaritiesJesus teaches that there is no such thing as karma. 1 glaring difference right away.B) There over one hundred similarities between the Hindu and Christian saviors which could easily fill a volume.A very, very slim volume, apparently, if there are less than 200 differences.OK – let’s take a look, shall we?1) Divine being born from a virgin also true of Jesus – but (obviously) there are many very significant differences **in the details** – most particularly that Jesus was born of a human, not divine, woman.2) Not true of Jesus.3) Roughly true of Jesus (“carpenter” is considered an imprecise translation but is found in some English Bibles)4) True of Jesus – but, of course:- angels do not exist in the Hindu religion- they were not the same sort of wise men- they were not the same giftsall things which demonstrate how forced *and* how superficial this comparison is.5) Not true of Jesus.6) Similar but – again – the details differ markedly.7) Coincidence of language. Besides: the “Infancy Gospel of Jesus” is widely recognized to be a fraudulent document.8) Jesus was not.9) Identical.10) Superficially identical.11) The records that we have show that Jesus did not.I need not go further. What we have here is a typical list of forced, extremely superficial similarities. These are almost all the same similarities found in *any* account of a legendary hero; those that are not common to legendary heroes are – as I mentioned – similar only in the most superficial way.It is, in other words, not entirely coincidental (the hero thing), but most of the similarities are obviously not connected in any way – and the details prove this out.- Jim, bible-reviews.com/

There are lot of similarities.If you take a human being in India and a human being in Europe one will also find a lot of similarities.A man in India eats and a man europe also eats and so on.The same things goes with Krishna and Jesus.