Who’s gonna catch me when I fall 🙂 I decided to perform this song because it’s so emotional and i just love that, this song is like a part of me. ‘Catch Me When I Fall’ originally performed by Ashlee Simpson Written and composed by: Ashlee Simpson, Kara DioGuardi and John Shanks. Published by: Geffen

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Bashy feat.Loick Essien – When The Sky Falls *Radio Rip*

Bashy’s 1st release of 2010 & also the title track from the upcoming movie ‘Shank’ ‘Shank’ is released on March 26th in cinemas nationwide & directed by video director turned movie director Mo Ali The movie stars amongst others Ashley ‘Bashy’ Thomas, Adam Deacon, Robbie Gee, Colin Salmon & Eddie Kadi The track features Loick Essien (‘Black Boys’ & Chipmunk ‘Beast’) & is produced by up & coming producer Yogi ‘People talking saying Bashy’s back, I never went no where!’ :: ::

Going off the rails on the Crazy Train? Alright. Heres my symptoms. any ideas at what the deal is? I mean. whats the hizzle my nizzles? I see spiders that arent there constantly..not just when I wake up. Right before I fall asleep, I hear and feel my brain explode. I have extreme depression, hear talking that isnt there (usually just one or two words at a time), see flashes of lights randomly, have extreme bouts of violence (which ends up in my slightly stabbing myself because I dont want to shank someone else), I catch myself spacing out frequently and just giggling the whole time, and I seriouslyhave the desire to destroy the world. -evil genius laugh-. But seriously. Any ideas?

Download and print PDF scores of Shanks: Catch Me When I Fall

OMG I heard about the train wreck in India, too! I heard it killed thousands and left hundreds with devastating injuries.

Yes, you could have serious mental illness. which could be caused by different things.You need to be evaluated by someone that is trustworthy, and dont forget to have , seriously, your thyroid TSH checked., and your other major hormones, FSH<TSH, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol.. because sometimes it can be caused by imbalanced hormones, and that is usually not something a doctor will check on.You need to seek help.

Those are my symptoms too! Are you copying me?There goes my brain exploding again!(Just stepped on another spider.);-)

Hi there,I read your Question and i really think you should talk to your Doctor about your symptoms.As you have mentioned that you suffer from extreme depression i think it would be a good idea if you talk to a mental health proffesional..your doctor can assist you with this.I obviously cannot diagnose you but what you have said does sound rather extreme and the fact that you are expirencing voices and seeing things could be a sign of something more serious.So i would see someone as soon as possible if not maybe in the mean time you could find someone to talk to about this, someone you can trust such as a friend or relative.I hope this has helped please take carex

you might have psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar, it might be a number of things, violent reactions due to possibly manic episodes, I had the same thing happen to me, except for the seeing stuff, so it might be psychosis, schizophrenia. If you hear and feel your brain exploding, your neurons are firing at a fast pace, and you possibly also have racing thoughts as well.

Should i add this song to my mix tape? i made my own cd called The End Of Time wanna rob a Bank and this is what i Thank, me and my friend Frank cant believe how low we Sank. hears the Plan we so smart you think we were chinese or from Japan. we head in the Bank with a gun each and a Shank, scream mask and outFIT, tell costemers to Fall and tellers to back up to the Wall and Sh!* and dont f*** around, unless they wanna get shot or their throte Slit. Frank takes out the Shank, and try to get this Image, he takes a blonde costomer Hostage. when i dealwith the workers i pointed the Gun and shot Some but left One, i said to the Red Head she’d be Dead if she dident take me to the safe, she knows were it is, cuz she is a Teller, so she admits its in the Cellar, and i Say lead the Way, i made it clear we wernt going to jail, especally Today,i also told her to bring lots of Bags and when im gone frank start shooting costumers Lags then Brags. Imma Be Rich I Aint No Ones B****, Click Click Think Twice Before You Snitch,,,x2 i get to the Stash load up the Cash, and when the bag got loaded, so did my Gun, BOOM BOOM, nighty night Hun. i run to frank okay, were done. NOT JUST YET, with his eye balls poppin out of his Sockets, we gonna have to empty out these b****es Pockets. the costomers lay money and jewlry on the floor right Slick, them tell em all to go suck a D***. then frank got the video Tape, destroyed all cell phones and made our Escape. we run hop into the getaway Car drives us so Far then we change to a different Car. then were on are way to the next city Over me and frank got the luck of a 4leafe Clover. it almost makes me Tear that the money will have to be on the low for a Year. oh Sh!t*, i dont know if the money is possable to Split, man. i cant do IT.BOOM BOOM sorry friEND, this isent how i wanted it to End. BOOM BOOM BOOM shoot the Driver 3 times to make sure their wont be a Surviver. i told ya id still become rich even if i cant Rap buddy i pull threw to the imposable i can sit on my own Lap. push the body’s out and steel the stolen Car and take off like a shooting Star.Ma F***ers Imma Be Rich I Aint No Ones B****, Click Click Think Twice Before You Snitch,,,x2 never trust your own Kind, i robbed frank Blind, now in Time i can clame the money all Mine, hope thats Fine.i got 9 mils, coins and Bills, Watches, so go lick their dead Crotches. now im the boss and aint no Bosses and im now sorry for your Loses. abd were im hiding out dont worry i got a Spot because ill be damed if i get caught and if a Cop i Spot, BOOM BOOM piggy found dead in tim hortans parking Lot Imma Be Rich I Aint No Ones B****, Click Click Think Twice Before You Snitch,,,x2