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Quick clip of my horse riding experience, wasn’t funny to me, but if it brings a giggle to your day, then by all means have a laugh…catch me on or @thebradlevin on Twitter…enjoy petals.

Download and print Levin: Catch Me! sheet music

Harvey Levin, allowing you to suck me up to sex Lindsay or Michelle doesnt make me gay

That catchy enough? TMZ like? If I could cover Allen Pinkett man to man, and catch Tim Brown from behind, can you imagine?? Stevia? Its already saving milions of lives globally, and Lou Holtz fired me because………………………A) point shaving, B), take your pic….so now, whereas dying peeps’d listen to an X NFL guy talking about stevia, now they’re dying cuz of lou holtz and his criminal betting activity firing me for an LT type stop, keepingme from NFL fame and……TMZ could help me….get a black speedster to try and dust me.

Anna Karenina question about Levin? I’m reading the book and I was confused.Levin talks about sins he has committed in the past and I didn’t catch it if it ever explained what they were (i’m only on ch. 30 so if the book reveals it later just tell me that, but don’t give it away) I was also confused about the IOU he and Sergey talk about.something about Nikolai sending an IOU and getting angry.i don’t

Download and print Levin: Catch Me! sheet music

i think levin’s sins had something to do with “ladies of the evening” after kitty rejected his marriage proposal. if Your talking about his older brother, if i recall correctly, it had something to do with improper treatment of a child.

Why shouldn’t Carl Levin and John McCain be arrested and tried for TREASON? S.1867 is a catch all bill. Its intention is to make legal (not lawful) the crime of unlawful detention without due process. By extension, the bill would condone the practice of extraordinary rendition for the purpose of torture of US citizens who could be kidnapped from our streets without being charged with a crime, having access to the courts for redress (the bill condones the military holding tribunals outside of the US court system at its discretion) and holding US citizens indefinitely without charging them with any crime. This bill is one of the final steps necessary in striking down any remaining Constitutional protections or rights, all under the phony war of terror being perpetrated by our own government against its own citizens. This is not a right or left, Democrat or Republican plan……they are all in it together.I want to know if there is ANYONE who can say “why” anyone who voted for this bill should “not”,.and I repeat “NOT” be arrested and tried for treason.After all, they,.each and every single one of those who voted “for” this, also swore an OATH to PROTECT the Constitution.By voting for this treasonous act, they have committed TREASON.
I remember Haebus Corpus being our most basic Civil Liberty taught it Jr. High Civics class. Amazing isn’t it. Here is a petition to get Obama to Veto it and a letter to your

Did executive incentives lead to the Fannie Mae debackle? “In a letter to SEC Chairman Christopher Cox in 2006, Nader also criticized the exorbitant salary of GSE executives Jamie Gorelick, Daniel Mudd, Robert Levin and Timothy Howard, and noted that their financial incentives were in direct conflict with consumer financial security because of the grave moral hazard created by accounting manipulations they sanctioned that benefited their personal wealth, with no penalty for being caught.” this happening throughout the American economy?
Nope.Out in the real world, stockholders get upset and replace the board of directors or just sell their stocks and drive the value of the company down when CEOs do stuff that really troubles them.Fannie “looks like” a private company; I guess they even offered shares. However, they were created by government, assigned tasks by government, their officers were appointed by government and government capitalized their risk.When you see “GSE” realize it’s government pretending to be a private company and is therefore essentially a piggy bank for congressmen.

The combination of greed and poor risk management by corporations, individuals and the Government were the the cause. Large compensation is a problem if there are not rules that prevent bad or selfish judgments.To say that the cause was one specific thing is certainly oversimplification. Several factors are responsible for this financial implosion.

The start point was the hous bubbel. Wall Street thot good times wood last forever. Then hous biers default, banks take bak houses.Fannee & Fredee bundeled morgages intu packages with 100-200 morgages eech. Thees sold. Trade em on stok markets. Then investment banks & brokers make derivativs based on thees packages. Evreewon sed all thees “instruments” R grade AAA, first klass bonds. Em was rong.It tern out a lotta morgages go bankrupt, so the papers R werth less.But how much less? nowon no. No klue. Wen yu kant figger it out, sell.

Why isn’t the Press calling out the Left on their plans to re-collapse the US Economy? I speechless after reading this article. Caught on audio and the Press isn’t saying anything, if this had been Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, Levin, we’d never hear the end of it.
Uh, you haven’t heard about it because this “source” is nothing more than an opinion-based biased blog. I can also quote many of the Liberal-leaning blogs like Left Take, but choose not to because they are based in opinion, which is NOT fact.Opinion does not equal fact. You can choose your own opinions; you don’t get to choose your own facts.
Why would you call out something you are in favor of and actually promoting?
The”press” is owned and run by the FED–so they report whatever they are told to.Like Hitler’s army–samo is obama–and like Hitler–obama is just as much of a coward–letting women and children fight his battles-while he hides in chile–chicken shiite piece of shiite!

Because most of the people in the media are themselves liberals, or socialists, and a few are outright communists.

Socialism caused the collapse. We’ve seen zero economic growth and a starting to see massive inflation on top of it.So, believe what you want.their not recollapsing the economy. They collapsed it in the first place by socializing the housing sector. And now their about to collapse our currency.End of story.

In my experience only one article on it, makes the whole thing sketchy and good journalism requires multiply sources. This is one paper reporting this, if the other rags pick it up then it might have merit. But, without further proof than that one article — and by proof mean credible proof from another paper, this just seems fake. It’s only one source and good journalism knows you must have more than one source before breaking a story like this. If proven false could be end of that person, if not they could rise. But the risks outweigh positives here, besmirching paper you work and spreading rumours could end badly. I’m not saying don’t believe it, I’m saying it’s unlikely as there is no other proof and no other rag taken it up.

The Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine are the very ones orchestrating the demise of America and the Constitution in favor of a One World Government run by the UN. Just check out who authorized the attacks on Libya. Obama is allow the UN to dictate American policy and operate the US Military in violation of our treaties and our Constitution while he vacations in South America. Is he getting ready to join the Fascist that fled Germany at the end of WWII and moved to Argentina, after he finishes destroying Liberty in the USA?

Quotes taken out of context does not equal fact, regardless of what Fox “News” pretends. If there was a single iota of truth about it, it WOULD be all over the news.The hypocricy of those on the right suggesting that the left is planning to collapse the economy is beyond comprehension. After what YOU and YOUR representatives did to our economy, you have some nerve even opening your mouths about the left or their plans to do anything. YOUR representatives rang up 10 trillion dollars in combined budget and current account deficits. *Not ours.*YOUR representatives borrowed more money from foreign sources than the previous 42 Presidents COMBINED. *Not ours.*YOUR representatives embraced trade and outsourcing policies that shipped 6 million American jobs out of the country, and the right wing STILL embraces and advocates these same policies. *Not ours.*YOU’RE the ones whose representatives are attacking and trying to destroy the unions, which for the past 100 years are the only thing keeping us from working in abusive conditions like what we had BEFORE we formed unions to protect us. You REALLY want to go back to working conditions like there were before unions? Think carefully about that before answering.You’re the ones whose representatives passed the Patriot Act, and multiple Constitutional violations contained within it. *Not ours.*You’re the ones whose representatives illegally invaded a country that posed no immediate threat to us. You’re the ones whose representatives spent over 800 billion (and counting) on said illegal war. *Not ours.*You’re the ones whose representatives lost 10 billion dollars in cash, (which just “disappeared”) in Iraq . *Not ours.*It’s YOUR representative who gave the richest 1% of people in the country, over a trillion dollars in unpaid-for, unnecessary taxbreaks, and WE’RE not the ones who want to CONTINUE to give the richest 1% of people billions of dollars in tax breaks under the guise of it “creating jobs” despite the fact that the past ten years has PROVEN that doing so does NOT create jobs! It’s YOUR representatives’ ideas that caused the worst 8 years of job creations in several decades. *NOT OURS.*Lack of oversight and regulations from the Bush Administration caused US Citizens to lose 12 trillion dollars in investments, retirement, and home values. And YOU’RE the ones who want to CONTINUE on the path of deregulation and lack of oversight, because you clearly don’t learn anything from the past. In Bush’s first year in office, over 2 million Americans lost their jobs and that trend continued every month (that’s an average of 166,000 jobs a month) thoughout his ENTIRE presidency, YOU’RE the ones whose policies decimated our economy and caused the worst job losses in decades, you want to continue using those SAME policies, and you have the NERVE to criticize US?I’ll give you one thing. What you people lack in brains, common sense, and ability to learn from the past, you MORE than make up for in huge cajones. You’ve got huge ones.

maybe the press got tired of appologizing for every right wing video that they showed that turned out to be doctored and fake?at some point, you just have to ignore a source if it always lies.