River Monsters: Monster Catfish

More Monsters: animal.discovery.com Did a large catfish attack a teenager in a German lake? Did a school of piranha eat flesh down to the bone of a busload of passengers that crashed in an Amazonian river? Over the ages, yarns have been spun that fish have actually preyed on man. These legends have found their way into literature, tales, folklore and now television. In the Animal Planet series RIVER MONSTERS, biologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade travels worldwide to solve these freshwater mysteries, to debunk these myths and to track down these harrowing tales. Wade has made his life’s passion and career searching for a variety of aquatic vertebrae while navigating the globe’s waterways.

Downloadable sheet music: folklore – Catfish

Catfish- Felisa Skibicki

Video digitalized at the historic Bonsall Bridge (built in circa 1913-1925). New Orleans, frying catfish, aquamarine skies and alligator dreams.

Do you think you might Jes’ be a Pagan Red Neck? It’s Friday’s folklore funnies can you add one or more? Don’t forget to read all the simple samples cause so, you’r a Red Neck Pagan if:::: If part of your rite is throwing shotgun shells on the fire.If the bell on your altar was ever worn by an animal in a pasture. If the cakes and wine are done with a bowie-knife, a can of Foster’s, and a Twinkee.If you chose your High Priestess at a wet t-shirt contest.If your priestess says “Blessed Be”, and you respond with “YEEE-HAW!”.If you bought your chalice at the Walmart and your incense and candles at Costco. If you can play the “Burning Times” on the banjo.If you carry your ritual sword in your pickup’s gun rack. If you know your familiar is an opossum–and still ate it. If you have combined Maypole Dancing/ Tractor Pull/ Turkey Shoot for Beltane. If you have cast a love spell on livestock. If your ritual music has ever included Johnny Cash singing “Ring of Fire.” If your coven chose its High Priest at a belching contest. If your coven’s secret names for the God and Goddess are “Cooter” and “Sweet Cheeks” If you sit on the back steps and complain about those townie Wiccans circling the still again. You might be a Red Neck Pagan if your pet chicken follows you to circle.You might be a Red Neck Pagan If your idea of a feast is Road Kill stew.if your alter cloth doubles as a shower curtain.if your cakes and ale is kool-aid and moon pies. If your alter is a piece of plywood and a couple of saw horses. And your ritual robes are made out of red and black checked flannel. If every woman in the group goes by the name of “Lulu” or “Ellie-Mae”, you just might be a pagan red neck.Your athame is a Bowie knife and a civil war sword for a ceremonial sword? Your altar cloth is a Southern Cross. Your cakes and Ale is Lone Star Longneck and Southern Made Doughnuts.If your alter is set up on the back of your Chevy tailgate, you might just be a pagan red neck. If you use the smoke of your Marlboro reds as incense, you might be a pagan redneck. If you kill your offering using dogs and a riffle, you are a pagan redneck. If you can not pronounce the names of the different Gods, then you are a pagan redneck.YIOu might be a pagan red neck if right after the sacrtifical burning, you follow it up with a catfish fry.If the pentacle on your altar is etched into a hubcap from one of the cars up on blocks in your front yard, you might be a pagan red neck.If you think Drawing down the Moon means demolishing your outhouseif your quarter candles smell of keroseneIf you think ‘Sidhe’ is a girlif your wand of power is a cattle prodIf your ritual wine is Maddog 20/20 or Night TrainWhen giving directions to your covenstead you use the phrase ‘After you turn off the paved road’If your idea of the Goddess is a playboy bunny or swimsuit model.If you argue that duct tape should be the sixth element and use it to hold your alter together during yule you sing ‘grandma got run over by a broomstick’Your outdoor circle has dead washing machines for quarter altars–Your altar cloth says “Motel 6”–You call the God and Goddess by hollerin’ “Hey, y’all! Watch me!”–Your Craft name starts with “Bubba”–Your anointing oil says 5W30 on the side–You bought your chalice at Piggly Wiggly and haven’t finished the grape jelly yet–You dismiss the elements by saying “Y’all c’n git now.” Your maypole still has the spikes in it where the power guy would climb up.Someone in circle farts and the rest of the gathering call out “Welcome element of air!”The inscription on your cauldron proclaims the contents to be “Good to the last drop.”If you’ve ever roasted hot dogs on the Beltane fire. and commented on how the tires add so much flavor to the smoke.The Great Rite means the elusive turn that NASCAR Drivers are unable to make. You invoke the Lord by name: Dale EarnhartYou don’t actually go skyclad for your full moon rituals, but you do drop your pants.The Yule log is a bundle of 2x4s from the shed that fell down.if your athame is a nine-inch folding knifeif your cauldron has bits of bacon grease on the bottom that just WON’T come off!your time of the year for brush burning oddly coincides with the bon fire of samhainwhen you go skyclad for a ritual, it’s not much different from what you wear around the house anyway.y’know – I have even met a few redneck pagans who shoot a pistol in the quarter direction rather than invoke with an athame.If your meeting dance involves a line.If the guardian at the gate needs to see your belt buckle and the answer to the challenge is “budweiser”.The alter doubles as an ironing board.you cut circle with your finger cause the fumes from scratching your ass are “powerful”you close circle with “merry meet, merry part, and merry meet

Downloadable sheet music: folklore – Catfish