HipHollywood Weekly Wrap – XLVIII

In this week’s HHWW. We catch up with Hollywood’s “IT” girl, Zoe Saldana about her rise to the top. Sit down with Ky-Mani Marley, one son of the legendary Bob Marley, to talk about his tell-all book. Sandra Bullock is the latest celebrity to adopt outside of her race. Vanessa and Angela Simmons dish about their love affair with Barbie. Co-founder of BET, Sheila Johnson speaks about her disappointment of the network she created. HipHollywood hits the studio with Ginuwine and award winning songwriter, Diane Warren. We honor Hollywood legend Lena Horne, who passed away earlier this week. Finally, this week’s HipClip of the week will bring you to tears…literally.

Diane Warren – Catch The Tears sheet music is available online.

FTLD’z Top 536 Songs of 2009

DISCLAIMER: If you’re subscribin’ to my page, please respect my versatile talents and tastes in media! NO requests for other people’s music! I approve friend requests mainly from people I know in person, Louisiana people, or any recording artists/TV people that I KNOW. My page iz for underground, Louisiana rap ONLY, and iz STRICTLY about doin’ business! I only do my countdowns yearly. Also, comments are disabled, so don’t write me any kinda bullshit in my inbox or in my other uploads; you’ll be blocked! Countdown finalized January 12, 2010. This iz my 10th annual year-end countdown. It took a few nights to rank tha songs, as well as 44 hours and 55 minutes to play them all back. This countdown iz statistically based off of how much I played each song in 2009. Mix names in red I liked better. Glowin’ spins: I played tha song 100+ times (*CERTIFIED CLASSIC*). Tha countdown iz divided into five levels (100 songs each, excludin’ Level 1). I attached a transcript to tha right of this info to view all tha songs. I think all tha songs come up in tha YouTube search, too. I’m new to tha transcripts on YouTube so I hope to get better at it, soon.