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Wilson Celebrates Chinese New Year @ Grand Asia Market w/ HDLionDance (FOX News Rising)

STALLINGS, NC – The Chinese New Year begins on January 23rd. Wilson was in Stallings today at the Grand Asia Market where he was helping to celebrate the Chinese “Year of the Dragon”. Not only did he find out more about the Chinese holiday, he had the opportunity to watch a great performance by the Hidden Dragon Lion Dance Team that was created by the youth group of the St.Joseph Vietnamese Catholic Church. This Saturday, January 21st the Grand Asia Market will be hosting a performance by the Hidden Dragon Lion Dance Team in celebration of the Chinese New Year. The event runs from 2:30PM until 4PM. Find out more about the Grand Asia Market at their website: To find out more about the Hidden Dragon Lion Dance call 704-458-2940 or check them out on facebook or on For booking inquires, contact: Follow us to get the latest updates!

Were my Christian brothers & sisters offended that they jumped on the wrong boat with the Bush Regime? Honestly, I am not trying to pull a joke nor am I trying to be sarcastic. The Bush Regime had about 4 group of people.1. The Corporations = Cheney, Exxon, The Scowcroft Group2. The Jews who were promised full security for Israel and wealth if Bush won the White House = Canadian Frum, Wolfowitz, Perle, Kristol, Libby , Kissinger ect.3. Joe Wilson & others who really thought they were serving the United State but got the boot for working4. The Christians who really thought that Bush was a man of God. The Christians that really wanted a moral United State. The Christians that were concerned about the direction of the United State after two fags kissed on stage celebrating the victory of Bill Clinton. The Christians that were concerned about the rising crimes in the United State. I share all of your concerns too but you guys just jumped on the wrong boat.Maybe a fat devil, on viagra, is whispering too much fake news into Christians’ ears?

Downloadable music scores: Celebrate The News – Wilson

All politicians are liars. As a matter of fact, the word “candidates” should be changed because it has the word “candid” in it. But Bush just takes the cake for being a stereotypical paragon for lying politicians.

Unfortunately, even now they are not. Anyone can make mistakes. So, electing him first time is understandable. But re-electing him is shocking. Supporting him even now is completely beyond my grasp.


Um.I’m still on that boat. I have not seen Bush do anythign that would make me think he is ‘not christian enough’. Nothing you have mentioned is even a major topic or why Bush is disliked. The religion has little to do with this change of likeness.

i agree with you most of Americans vote on there moral feelings not on what the economy is going to be like. look at the economy during bill Clinton’s administration it was great! but he didn’t have many moral values. so people were ready for a change. just like in the recent elections people are ready for a change so they vote democrat. in my opinion they need to set there moral issues and religion aside to vote. that’s why we are suppose to have a separation of church and state.

Do you like Burger King for your fast-food of choice? Ohio Burger King Worker Takes Bath In Utility SinkXENIA, Ohio – Burger King Corp. said Tuesday it has parted ways with an employee who was recorded taking a soapy bath in the restaurant’s utility sink. The nearly four-minute video, which was posted Thursday on, shows the unidentified employee taking the bath to celebrate his birthday.The worker, who refers to himself as “Mr. Unstable,” appears to be naked.Burger King spokeswoman Denise Wilson said two employees involved in the incident were fired and another quit. She declined to identify the employees or say whether the man who took the bath quit or was fired.The sink is used to clean large pieces of equipment, said Greene Health Commissioner Mark McDonnell. Bacteria or viruses on the skin could have potentially contaminated equipment, but there have been no reports of any customers becoming ill.McDonnell said he dispatched an inspector to the restaurant, but at that point the restaurant had sterilized the sink.Miami-based Burger King, the nation’s No. 2 hamburger chain, said in a statement that it also disposed of all kitchen tools and utensils used in the incident and is retraining the staff in health and sanitation procedures.Xenia is about 15 miles east of;_ylt=AnYVOTbVh93uFfDNGNky6GntiBIF
Yeah, I saw a report on that. Disgusting.anyway, Taco Bell is my fast food choice, and I don’t even go there that often.
I use to, but now I am going to be careful about ordering a “whooper”
Considering how bad I know Burger King are this is quite a short paragraph you wrote!I Don’t like Burger King because various times I’ve been there and in various different countries it has always been quite frankly crap food.I remember once in singapore I had Burger King and some of the chips were green at the edges. I didn’t notice/care so much since i was so hungry.Later I felt really sick aswell as my brother. He actually vommited.Another time in england I had Burger King and the chips were so under cooked they were a light yellow and slightly hard.I’ve never gone there again!Chloe =]