Caught up in you, Hold on loosely ( Don Barnes) 1-17-09

Don Barnes of 38 Special performs 2 of his classic hits with several world class musican’s inspired by Jim Peterik at a one night only show. Props to the entire performing group of musican’s, sound crew, light crew. Most excellent show. WELL DONE !!!!!!

Sheet music for Caught Up In You – Don Barnes is available for downloading in digital format.

38 Special 15 – So Caught Up In You 6 18 11 Jazz Festival Rochester NY

38 Special 15 – So Caught Up In You 6 18 11 Jazz Festival Rochester NY “Free Concert” “Members Don Barnes – Guitar Donnie Van Zant – Vocals Danny Chauncey – Guitar Larry Junstrom – Bass Bobby Capps – Keyboard Gary Moffatt – Drums

are you required to buy Barnes & nobles? I have never really hang out there, but i just moved to a small town and I’m thinking about frequenting the store to catch up on some reading. I’m i required to buy a book every time i go or it works as a regular library where you can just go and read. and how about the Starbucks store can i just walking with a book in my hand and order , seat and read?? i don’t want to look like a retard .

Sheet music for Caught Up In You – Don Barnes is available for downloading in digital format.

It’s like a library, me and my aunt do that every time we go there, actualy everyone does 🙂 Just walk in, grab a book, grab a coffe, sit and relax 🙂
It’s a store, not a library. Don’t sit and read (and wear in) books you don’t own.
Is it dumb? I like conversation with guys, girls, older, younger, whatever. I really just enjoy talking. Really.Well I think the world of my boyfriend and love him very much. I even have stopped being worried about other girls, because im so confident in our love. I believe that everything is good and I am truely what he wants. He is what I want too. For a lifetime.How do I make him more comfortable about me talking to people. I know a lot of people since this is my home town and when we go into my past jobs or just around town I have a laugh or two with old friends or co-workers. I even try to involve him, because I want my life to be his life. Im not flirty, just talkative and happy. I love being out with him and having a good convo here and there. We even talk a lot, duh!So my question is, how do I make him more comfortable? I feel better when its all of us talking rather than just me catching up with old buddies.15 hours ago – 1 week left to answer. Additional Details15 hours agoFor example, we go into Barnes and Noble to get coffee and warm drinks. I used to work here so I know all the people. He has warmed up a little to talking to some of the people I talk to, but I just want him to know its just talking and catching up, nothing else. I would be silent if it meant loosing him. Not really, but you know what I mean. I just don’t want him to think anything and to be completely open as I am, because he is what I want. He doesn’t think its flirty either. He just wonders why I talk to people and catch up with them. I just want him to know that I am happy and just because I talk to people doesn’t mean I am missing out on anything in our life. Im just talkative, thats all.15 hours agoI do tell him this, but he seems to still be uncomfortable!15 hours agoHe does come with me, he just wonders what convos go on when he isn’t around. And seriously its all the same stuff that he sees when he is with me. Its harmless.15 hours agoAnd I don’t over talk with guys.I just say hey whats up, hows life, you know catching up. And I don’t dress like a slut or anything. Everything is casual. I keep him by my side and show people that he is my world. I just want him to completely comfortable. And I don’t go to bars and places where singles meet. We do couple things. We are 21 and been together for 3 years.
if he is telling you he is worried or get mads over it that is one issue .there is nothing you can do be yourself because if you change to make him less jealous then you are changing who you are and he needs to get over it and once he gets use to it and sees that you are still with him then it will be OKbut if he isn’t doing that.then he might just feel like the 3rd wheel and don’t know how to act he might be a bit shy or backwards about talking or he might just be a quieter person and that makes him uncomfortable..if this is the problem then just try to take more to him and bring him in on the conversation as you have them if that don’t work just still be yourself as you say he is talking a bit more this will probably improve too the longer he is with you and gets to know the people the way you do.

Does he understand that some peoples personalities are simply just different from his own? I completely understand your situation because I experience a similar one with my own boyfriend that I’ve been with for a year a half, except the roles are reversed.My boyfriend is super friendly, its really really easy for him to talk to anyone, even people he doesn’t know. He does promotion work for a friend of his which involves him going out a lot and having to work with complete strangers and trying to get them interested in what he’s promoting. A lot of the times when we’re out, he’ll run into people he knows (he knows a lot of people haha) and he’ll strike up conversation with them.At first I was a little unnerved by how easily he talked to everyone, but I started to get used to it after a while. I accept that its just part of his personality, and I should be happy for him that he’s that socially at ease. Im a much quieter person, so when hes talking to someone I don’t know, he’ll put his arm around me, introduce me as his girlfriend, and try to make sure I feel as comfortable as possible. Your boyfriend shouldn’t be insecure about your talking to your friends and co-workers. You evidently have a very social personality, and as long as no flirting is involved, and all it is, is really JUST talking, then what is he worrying about? Tell him to relax, and stop worrying. You love him, and Im sure he knows that. Just reassure him.

Do take this the right way, you seem very low self esteemed i mean come on, your man probably watches you and thinks how lucky he is to have such a wonderful,open,outgoing friend/lover/mate. He admires the way you can socialize with others weather it be male or female. you must not put yourself in a box to try to keep him because after 3 years of being together he already knows who you are and what you are about . I would say if anything if you continue to “live your life”only for him and only him you may smother the relationship and smother him. He is a man and he is who he is also. Believe me he does appreciate you acknowledge him but can also appreciate the fact you can socialize and don’t need to be attached to his very side 24/7