Snickers Song ( Cover ) – Nick Thompson

Funny Commercial that I love. Happy peanuts soar Over chocolate covered mountain tops And waterfalls of caramel Prancing nougat in the meadows Sings a song of satisfaction. how you all remember it

You can download the score from the video: Thompson – Caramel

Caramel Soldiers 4 Takes Freestyle to RoxXxan Verse on Roc the Mic

After the Upload of the Video C.3Style: Female Collective, to give her followers a bit more insight of where she’s coming from and how she ‘Marches’, Caramel Soldier put together all her out takes of the freestyle session in this short video. Bits that you didn’t see and didn’t make the final cut! Enjoy! For further works and info log onto and follower her March in today’s entertainment industry! Salute x

Who is Andrew Reece, British or Nigerian? works in Malaysia, a scammer, who is he? He said that he is British, born in UK, 66 yrs old, came to USA and lives in Beverly Hills, California 20 yrs ago, widowed for 6 years, wife died of cancer, one son living in England studying Medicine. He said that he’s in Malaysia with a 1.5M business contract, working in a construction site (Big Shopping Mall) and be back in USA in 3 weeks or a month. Met him through dating site and started corresponding through email, after 2 weeks he said that he got robbed in the mall while shopping, then when he’s about to finished his contract he fell in the roof doing inspection and broke his leg/ankle. He said that he can’t cash in his payment because it’s in a payment certificate and he can’t do it until he gets to USA. He doesn’t have money either to buy his plane ticket.. He is a professional scammer, he can manipulate anybody with his romantic love words. So ladies out there beware and don’t get fool with this guy, stay away from him. He’ll scam you big time, Anyway, he also have a scam partner who claimed to be a judge but he is a fake judge, his name is Fred Thompson, email address: he said he’s from Australia working with all foreign contractors in Malaysia as their legal advisor. I wonder if these scammesr ever be caught and put to justice. Is the Malaysian Government doing anything about these Scam cells in their country?

You can download the score from the video: Thompson – Caramel

Thanks for posting up the information on that scammer. Making a scammer’s scam googlable on every scam-warner-anti-fraud-busting site you can find is a great way to slow that scammer down when a suspicious potential victim goes looking for information, finds your post containing the name the scammer is using, his email address, phone number and the emails themselves and then that potential victim does not become a scam victim because you took the time “get the word out”. Thanks!!Wasting a scammer’s time legally and safely is called “scambaiting”. If you google that word, you will find sites where you can read scambaits, post up the emails and email addresses of scammers, post up a fake website, read up on how to alert a hosting company that they are hosting a fake website, ask questions and learn all about the hobby of scambaiting.

Do you think there are alot of black individuals who are ashamed to be in their own skin? I recently read Revelations : The Eyes of God by Taj Thompson and the main character is a black youth. He has no memory of himself but right away he says he doesnt like what he sees in the mirror to the point he didnt even identify with it. he called what he saw “the man in the mirror”. There is a scene when he meets a girl and she tells him she liked him which was odd cause she wasnt into black guys (which is a phrase im sure alot of people heard) and he felt conflicted to the point where he didnt want to belong to society anymore. he said that the was searching for his identity but the earth already chose it for him “the mask of the black man”. my fav part he says something like the night is black. the road is black. but my skin is caramel. yet i am still the blackman. Do you think many others feel this way because of society.
No. While I do think there’s more navel gazing about race these days I think it’s mostly done to make people feel positive about the race they happened to have been born into.

i dont think too many are ashamed but there probably are some who are just like some people of other races/ethnicity are ashamed to be in their own skin.

I suppose there are a few who may feel the same way, but for the most part we tend to be very strong willed so overall I’d say no, we are not ashamed to be black.

Some do some don’t, is like me I have light brown eyes but I wish they were green. But then again no, they make me who I’m. Is like when I use to hate my nose and wish I could get a nose job, but now I like my nose. Is what society expects of us, but is up to us to decide who we truly want to be.

i think there are a lot of blacks living in USA(i dont care what country they are from) if they were born or raised mostly in USA..and didn’t have right guidance to counter racist white societal influences..then yes they will hate being blackUSA society says little to nothing positive about blacks..if you listened to white’d assume that blacks in Africa do nothing to help one another..which is far from truthEverything in society/media is negative against blacks..all races(not just whites) who are non-black are racist towards blacks the most..even some blacks are racist to blacks.Anyone that denies this fact either dont live in USA..or are ignorant and probably racist themselves