Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – “Carry On” -1980 Remix

Awesome Stills guitar added to the “Carry On” portion of the song

Check out digitalized sheet music for Stephen Stills (Carry On)

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young-Carry On

The opening track from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s 1970 album Deja Vu. Credited to Stephen Stills.

Who did a cover version of Stephen Stills’ “Carry On”? I heard a funky female voice doing this while walking through a store. It was a wonderful version, and I cannot locate who did it.

Check out digitalized sheet music for Stephen Stills (Carry On)

I can’t believe it, why is it that most story ideas are already taken, particularly this one story? I have been writing ever since I was 5 years old (I started early), and most of my ideas when I was a child were extremely mediocre and downright cheesy. Now, I have matured a great deal and my story ideas as well, I am beginning to get into the horror genre and most people that read my work call me ‘then next stephen king’. I usually don’t ask questions about stories on y! as I don’t trust it, but I am in desperate need of opinions. In the early summer of 09, I had an overflow of ideas, in total I have 26 short story and novel ideas, most of them decent, but this particular one stood out (its safe to say its in the top 10, not my best–the best is a series that I am positive has never been done before, save for a few events–and not my worst, but definitely among one of the better ones. The main plot idea is that a well known horror writer has been suffering from writer’s block for quite some time and is wife suggests that they move to a more tranquil side of the country (Maine, I suppose) in hope that something will come to him. Most of the locals are fans of him and all seems to be going well until his wife suddenly disappears (kidnapped, actually) and the events that he has written in his previous stories begin happening to him. He has no memory of writing these stories but he knows that he has seen them before.Now, apparently this exact idea is being used for a video game called “Alan Wake” that will premiere in 2010. I had no idea this game even existed as I don’t own a gaming system and video games don’t catch my attention, but a friend kept asking me to look at this one trailer and right when I saw it I was shocked “What the hell, thats my fucl(ing story idea!”. I have few novel ideas, and I had previously planned to make this my third published novel, I had hoped for working my way up in skill (mostly better plots) as I publish but to see my exact idea already played out is just heart-rendering.Should I still carry out the idea even though I might be accused of plagiarism?
The idea has been used long before any video game. Sad, but true. Still, if you are into this idea enough then it should be easy for you to make it your own. PS I live in Maine. If you ever need background info or reference contact me via email.

Ideas are NOT copyrighted. Story lines, narratives are copyrighted in a sense. Names are copyrighted, once again not Daivd or Bob or mary, but Mickey Mouse. If you can think of a story idea that is original it will probably be too convoluted and no on will understand what is going on.

It is a movie called Secret Window, it starred Johnny Depp from a story written by Stephen KingSince you scripted the identical movie, I’ll just assume this is a hoax.You’d have had a better chance claiming this was original if you hadn’t used the horror writer cliche of having the central character be a writer. Come on what next, you’ll claim to have wrote a slasher movie about a slasher movie screen writer?

Stephen Jackson or Chris Johnson in fantasy draft 2009? I know what my choices are going to be when my first round pick gets to me and i have it boiled down to two guys, but i can not decide which to draft: Chris Johnson or Stephen JacksonHere’s what i know.Jackson pros: Under Linehan he is going to be the focal point of the Rams offense. Still only 25 years old. PPR league he is always good for receptionsJackson cons: Injury prone.thats about all i can come up with, but is it enough to not draft him?Johnson pros: Fastest 40 time in NFL. 23 years old. Not an injury case. Run first offense with great offensive line. Exposive; Can break it from anywhere on the field. Good hands as well.Johnson cons: Lendale White.he came in to camp 20 lbs lighter this year. Does that make him less effective as the goal line option, or does it mean that he will have the same power but end up more explosive, therefore taking more carries from Johnson.Any input on either of these players, or even what you may know about the Rams or the Titans that may help me with my decision would be appreciated.
If those are my two best RB options I’m probably drafting Andre Johnson. I think Lendale is going to have the better year over CJohnson, by far and you can get him later. I just don’t like StL. I think thier D is terrible meaning they will fall behind and have to abandon the run in favor of making up points quickly. Your first round pick needs to perform EVERY week and I don’t trust either of those guys to do that.

Chris JohnsonWhyRams lost Orlando Pace and another linemanLinehan is not the HC anymore it’s steve spagnolowhy titans still have everyone on O-line

I would take Johnson. Sure Jackson may be the focal point of the offense, but the RAMS suck so bad they if they fall behind by alot, they will abandon the running game.