Wrestler Randy “Macho Man” Savage Dies

The pro wrestler and WWE star dies after suffering a heart attack while driving. Some tragic news today in the wrestling world- Macho Man Randy Savage has died. Randy’s brother Lanny Poffo tells TMZ the WWE Wrestling star suffered a heart attack while driving in Tampa Florida around 10:00 Friday morning. Randy lost control of his car and veered across a concrete median, colliding head-on with a tree. Macho Man will always be remembered for being an 80’s wrestling star. Randy was 58 years old.

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RIP Macho Man Randy Savage

TMZ — Macho Man Randy Savage — one of the most famous wrestlers of all-time — died today in a car accident in Tampa, Florida … TMZ has learned. TMZ spoke with Randy’s brother, Lanny Poffo, who tells us the wrestling legend suffered a heart attack while he was behind the wheel around 10 AM … and lost control of his vehicle. Savage was 58.