Caroline (John Butler Trio – Cover)

La pluie n’en finit pas de tomber : l’occasion rêvée pour cette petite reprise acoustique de cette superbe chanson de JBT. La prise de son est pas tip top, mon micro sature un peu sur les basses. J’ai eu la flemme (ou plutôt je manque des capacités vocales) de chanter (par contre, mon fiston ne s’est pas gêné pour faire des vocalises !) Hope you enjoy ! Matos : Seagull s6 / Shure SM57 / Garage band / imovie 08

Check out digitalized sheet music for John Butler: Caroline by J. Butler

Laurel and Hardy Musical “Stan & Ollie!” Act 1 of 2 ( aka ” Take a Smile ! ” )

Laurel and Hardy Musical ” Stan & Ollie ! ” Act 1 of 2 also known as “Take a Smile! ” By Ron Day (lyrics) and P Nicholas Paule (music). (c) all musical rights reserved, Day and Paule. (+44 7905545174) Song: “A Boy with a Dream” Stan Laurel (born Stan Jefferson) as a boy stage hand at his father’s theatre in Glasgow, Scotland. 1906 “Good Morning America!” Stan and Charles Chaplin on the deck of the steamship called ‘Cairnrona’ sailing from England to America. 1910 “Karno’s The Name” Stan and Chaplin in Fred Karno’s Vaudeville Troup performing in New York. 1911 “Take a Smile” Oliver Hardy It is his last night as manager of the Milledgeville Cinema, Georgia. The usherette bids him farewell. 1913 “Call me Babe”Oliver Hardy / barbershop quartet. His friends have given him the affectionate name ‘Babe’. 1915 “This Times the Last Time” Stan and his partner Mae Laurel have one of many arguments. 1925 “Nineteen Twenty Six” The boys become a double act. 1926 “Laughter is Our Life” The Oscar Award Ceremony. Film “The Music Box” 1933 “Co Stars” Film set at the Hal Roach studio. 1939 “California’s Calling”. Homesick at the end of their European stage tour. 1948 “25 Years”. Celebration 1950s. “Birds of a Feather” Back on the boards again for a second tour. 1952 “Goodbye Babe” We lose Ollie. 1957 Finale “Stan and Ollie” Reprise: “Take a Smile” Credits “Laughter is Our LIfe” With many thanks to the superb Producers and Directors who have been responsible for performances England and