Anna Nalick – “Catalyst” Live Acoustic (RMTV Official)

Watch more and interact with Anna: Anna Nalick performs for a small studio audience in NY. Songs include Breathe (2AM), Wreck of the Day, Drink Me, Catalyst, Forever Love, and More than Melody.

You can download the score from the video: Catalyst (Anna Nalick)

Grey’s Anatomy: Catalyst [Derek/Meredith]

Another Derek/Meredith movie set to Anna Nalick’s song Catalyst.

What is the meaning of Anna Nalick’s song, Catalyst?

You can download the score from the video: Catalyst (Anna Nalick)

Nicole – Check out the website below for the lyrics to CATALYST By Anna Nalick and a forum of people discussing the meaning of this

Who likes Anna Nalick’s music? She is the artist of “Breathe(2am)”&”Catalyst”, the songs from Grey’s Anatomy. Please don’t say you hate her music just because of Breathe(2am).Most have only heard Breathe(2am), and say that she is terrible, without even bothering to listen to any other tracks. And, before you judge Breathe(2am) or any other of her songs, I think you should know that Anna Nalick writes ALL of her own music and lyrics. The meanings to her songs are well-thought out. Reply if you like her music or not, it’s okay if you simply don’t like her style =]If you DO like her music, please say what your favorite song is. I have a few, like “In My Head” and “Paper Bag”. And so you know, Breathe is a WONDERFUL song. Happy answering =)
I love her, and I have really enjoyed her CD. My 3 favorite songs on her CD “Wreck of the Day” are:1. Breathe (2 AM) – this is why I bought the CD.2. Wreck of the Day3. In My Head

I must admit there is an extra bounce in my step each day i hear that song. I love it! I also like “In My Head.” I am gonna go listen to that song now! Thanks, and have a great day!

Actually i like her music! Breathe (2 a.m.) is a good song and I listen to it all the time! i basically listen to all music except for like the kind my grandpa listens to!

When I heard Breathe for the first time I was like “yes Jewel is coming out with new music” But I was wrong. It bugs me that she sounds so much like her. I didnt like that song for a long time then it grew on me and I like it a lot now.

Does anyone know any songs with about Los Angeles and/or Mexico? I’m looking for songs that speak about either of them (example: Mexico by Cake or Catalyst by Anna Nalick) but if someone knows songs that speak about both places that would be even better.
What are some good slow songs? I love the song Catalyst by Anna Nalick, as well as Blush by Aly and AJ. Could anyone give me some more songs that are similar in nature (i.e. with a acoustic guitar or piano or both). Many thanks in advance!
Can music actually cause you to not feel tired? I’m NOT listening to any loud, screaming, death metal, or hard rock, or anything. It’s simple easy listening teen music. This is the playlist:Lemon-Katy RoseOverdrive-Katy RoseExplain it to me-Liz PhairTeaching Myself to Dream-Katy RoseCraving-t.A.T.u.Breathe-Anna NalickCatalyst-Anna NalickWreck of the Day-Anna NalickNow, last night I felt REALLY tired, because I stayed up later than usual to watch a movie that was coming on that I’d wanted to see since I was born. Then, I started listening to these songs while finishing up a few more things I had to do on my computer, and the next thing I knew, it was past midnight! I didn’t even feel tired!I wasn’t doing much on my computer to keep me up, just updating my myspace, which took three seconds, and checking my questions here on Y!A.Is it possible that these songs kept me awake? I’ve got large connections to these songs, and can relate to most of them, so maybe that’s it? I don’t know.Sorry about the section! Wasn’t paying atttention(I’m listening to the songs again)
Most times the exhaustion we feel isn’t physical entirely. It could be mental, due to excessive use of thinking or calculating or even talking during the day. Anything could make us feel mentally tired after a long day. Considering what you already said, that you enjoy listening to this type of songs it’s not impossible that you felt relaxed. Someone else who enjoys a warm bath might have had the same results as you.

I suppose it’s possible. sometimes. I remember many a night when I was at dance clubs that played music louder than was healthy on the ears and I still wanted to fall asleep, but I have noticed it helps when driving. Distracting yourself, keeping yourself busy and singing along with whatever’s playing on the radio or CD has kept me awake when I felt like I could collapse into sleep at any second. I think maybe it just depends on circumstance and whether it’s your time for you and your GMC Suburban to die in a feiry car crash with a bus full of old people on their way to Las Vegas. I guess circumstances just vary.

Well, yes, it could have been the music; it effects mood, and if you started singing or moving around, you woke yourself up through increased activity-level.I find being on the computer wakes me up; not sure why.Or you “caught your second wind” — when you’re tired, but don’t go to sleep, you often get a new burst of energy, rather than continuing to get more and more tired. It’s like your body is saying “Ok, so we’re NOT going to sleep now” and it goes into being awake mode.

Do You Know Any Songs About Being A Family Disappointment? And I want some more depressive/suicidal songs too, about family or being lonely but not about love.I listen to 21st century songs, not oldies and rap.Just a few sad songs like Perfect by Simple Plan, If I Never Wake Again by Picture Me Broken, I Realize by Megan McCauley, Catalyst and Drink Me by Anna Nalick, Out Of Reach by The Get Up Kids, The Big Sleep by Bat For Lashes and I Wish I Would Die by Fiction Plane.I won’t commit suicide or something like that, I’m just having bad days.Thanks.
Remember Everything by Five Finger Death Punch, A Trophy Father’s Trophy Son by Sleeping With Sirens, My Sundown by Jimmy Eat World, Broken Home by Papa Roach.