Van Morrison – Carrying A Torch (with lyrics)

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Digital sheet music source: Carrying A Torch – Morrison

Tom Jones w/Van Morrison – Carrying A Torch – music video – 1991

Do you agree that Wrestlemania 25 is the perfect place to pass the torch to younger generation (detail inside)? Now, most of us are currently celebrating Orton being the rumble winner, right? And we currently have great talents like The Legacy Members, Morrison, Punk, Swagger, MVP, Kennedy, Kofi, and Natalya who will carry the company in the future (Kozlov isn’t included, he’s lame and boring).Doesn’t that make u think Wrestlemania 25 is the most perfect place to pass the torch, represented by :1. Randy Orton winning the World Heavyweight Championship from John Cena. Simply because this event will truly marks that WWE trust the younger generation to lead the company. Not to mention opening possibilities for the younger generation to win future Royal Rumble and headline Wrestlemania. 2. The long awaited Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels. HBK has disappointed JBL twice, and I can see their storyline ends at No Way Out. Undertaker is currently involved in no feud. So, I can see the two met at RAW vs SD! Brand Supremacy match at Wrestlemania 25. You knew they met at Royal rumble and that’s the sign for things to come. I won’t talk about the hype or the quality of the match since the two are greater than Hogan, Austin, and Rock when it comes to wrestling ability. What I’m trying to say here is, the spirit that match could represent.So many users said about how The Undertaker will face Kozlov or Umaga and HBK is going to face JBL at Wrestlemania 25. Although there’s a chance for those matches to be good, but the hype, the aura, the atmosphere, and the quality will be nowhere near 16-0 vs Mr. Wrestlemania.HBK and Undertaker represent the older generation as two of the WWE Big Four, and they’ve been here since the first RAW episode aired. If their match happen, the younger generation will see and learn, what kind of wrestlers they have to be in order to carry the company.They will learn more about spirit, passion, and loyalty. Do you remember Flair vs Sting symbolically ended WCW? Let’s say HBK vs Undertaker will symbolically pass the torch of carrying the company to the younger generation, the future. Since starting at Wrestlemania 26 next year, it’s the younger generation’s chance to headline and main event Wrestlemania.What do u think? Agree with me or not ?I know that feeling, Madison. It hurts seeing them passing the torch. But you know, all good things come to an end. And don’t say you’re old? Didn’t you say you’re 21? That’s not old.LOLMadison, your words start to make my eyes teary. And I’m not lying. Just to think about it pains me.It’s hard seeing them being a transitional champions. But didn’t they say they want to give the younger generations a chance to shine? It’s hard, but no doubt it’s noble. They are a big legends with even a bigger hearts. And that’s something you could be proud of for eternity, for it means that their glories didn’t last because of the championships, but because of their own greatness.Wound heals, scar fades, but glory lasts forever.For Kane, at least for not longer than 4 months he made ECW championship looked like the first tier belt, again.I think “The TC has spoken” will be the most legendary catchphrase in this section.

Digital sheet music source: Carrying A Torch – Morrison

Yeah, it’s about time Kennedy gets that push. I agree though. With most of this at least. The thing is though, that means Kane will lose any match that he will be in that night. It’s bitter sweet I guess. I’m old. All these “older” guys, are my guys. It hurts to see them losing and “passing the torch”. I agree it’s great and should happen, but it also hurts too. I do want to see HBK and Taker, but I feel like when it happens, they are so much closer to retirement. I can’t stand that word. I can’t stand those two names in the same sentence with that word. I don’t know, it’s hard taking all of this in I guess. Stone Cold is going into the HOF.all these wrestlers are passing the torch. It’s hard. I love it, but it’s not easy.Edit: I know it’s not old, but I started watching when they began their careers. I’ve even seen the 80’s stuff I wasn’t born for. I’ve seen their entire careers, Kane, Taker, HBK. I’ve watched my entire life. It’s been many years. Seeing them losing like this, seeing them without titles.I don’t’s hard. I do agree, they don’t need titles to be the best.but before they retire.well it would be nice.Plus, it’s getting frustrating. I tend to like the injured, retired, old, and in other company wrestlers. Hopefully, I get a few of those back. Christian, Kennedy, etc. I want them winning belts. I want them on top of the world. I was beyond happy when Jeff returned after being away for so long. He finally won the title. Now he lost it. Things are frustrating, that’s all.Edit: I understand and agree. It’s just Kane keeps losing. One title. One title reign.that’s all I am asking for. Kane vs Cena.

I agreeand no it’s not because I want Randy Orton to beat John Cena so bad it kills me! Can’t stand Cena’s character. I wont go so far as to say I hope he retires cuz he sucks so bad like a lot of Cena haters but the over come the odds thing should be buried especially when he doesn’t over come anything. Can Cena over come the odds and beat a man he beat 3 times before! Gee I wonder JR I wonder. Michael’s vs Taker at wrestle-mania? I have to disagree because if I agree and it doesn’t happen I will be so bummed out dude. People continue to hype this up and I want to see that match bad. To see a match where your watching something special and the outcome itself really doesn’t matter as much as the event is just incredible and I just don’t see WWE having all there pieces together to show us or any generation a match of that Caliber. I think that would be awesome though.

Ya theyhave the older guys squrea off to sell it but then have younger guys in title matches. MVP would be a great champ. So would carlito or morrisson. I think randy ortom hbk and taker should all be involved in the same match some how. That way they have the legend killer vs mr. Wresltemania vs the undefeated eternal phenom. If anyone will end taker’s streak it will be one of those two.

I hoping these matches will happen at WM 251. Chris Jericho vs Mickey R the actor star of the Wrestler2. money in the bank match hopefully these stars R-Truth, Edge, Finlay, Jeff Hardy, and mystery opponent RVD3. Shane Mcmahon vs Randy Orton4. the Rock vs SCSA or whoever5. if match number 3 doesn’t happen then Randy vs Cena with Vince as the referee.6. Undertaker vs HBK

Agree & Disagree.1 – OBVIOUSLY Orton is winning the WHC.Thats not Even a Question.2 – HBK/’Taker WOULD/WILL be a GREAT Match at WM25.But isn’t the Whole Idea of ‘Mania to MAKE Careers , and CREATE Legends?A HBK/’Taker match doesn’t do that for anyone.It puts No One Over.It would be a great Sentimental Match No doubt though.I do believe However , we ARE seeing the Nu Gen. get their Chances.As evidenced tonight with Kofi.Kane Put Kofi over for a REASON.Kane is Company Guy & a Team Player.He sees the Bigger Picture.Sure , he COULD have the Title , but when that’s Done , and there’s No Young guys who are Over Enough to take on that Responsibility – What do you do?If the Older Vets like Kane DON’T put Over Younger Guys , There Won’t be a Business for Their Legacies to be in Anyway.The Passing of the Torch is Not always a bad thing , Because Do you really want to see Kane end up like Duggan?55 & still trying to put on Great , Stellar Matches?I think Not.And Madi , Don’t Feel Old – It only feels that way Because watching a Superstar Rise ThroughOut a Career is like a Dog’s Life – it Feels a lot older than it is.1 WWE Year feels like 5 Normal Years.Also – A trans, Champion is NOT a Bad Thing , Look at Edge.The Master of the Transitional Reign.All that matters is He’ll be in the Record Books at Least 7 times.Ah , Your Words sound like a Pep talk.Yeah , Kane Did make ECW look Mediorcrely Respectable for a While.Probably because he looked like an ECW Original.*EDIT* – Thank you Clown – I am.LEGEN – wait for it -DARY!