Ben’s Brother teaches you to play Carry On and more

NOWPLAYIT.COM:Preview trailer of Ben Brother’s piano and guitar tutorials with Jamie Hartman on Now Play It. The tutorials are for their songs ‘Carry On’, ‘Let Me Out’ and more. Download the full versions from now. Let us know what you think? Thanks Jennie

Download sheet music pdf: Carry On (Jamie Hartman)

Final Fantasy X & X-2 – Ben’s Brother – Carry On

My 3rd video, this one’s FFX. I had to cheat and use some clips from X-2 to fit the words, but at least I think it all works well. I really like this song, and i’ve noticed how certain songs were actually made for Final Fantasies I swear! The song is called Carry on, By Ben’s brother. I wasn’t too impressed with the real video to this song because it just didn’t do it justice! This song is perfect for FFX because Tidus was 1000 years away from home and hoped to go back, but he stuck beside Yuna. He gave her the hope and strength to carry on with her journey, even though this would mean sacrificing her life at the end of it. Whenthey discovered all they had ever belived in was lies and false hope, they were told new hope would be denied them because there was no other way to achieve what they wanted. But because they unconditionally stuck by each other, together they found their new hope and Yuna didn’t have to die. Tidus vanished at the end but even in X-2 Yuna didn’t give up hope in her search for him. I love the lyrics to this song and I think they are perfect for this video. I Hope you enjoy it!