Greatest freak out ever (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

Best (Care For Kids) sheet music is available for immediate download.


Two six year old friends who love the song “somebody that I used to know” by GOTYE make a music video… The two children in the video are my girlfriend’s son and his friend. A couple of months ago, they saw the GOTYE music video for SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW and fell in love with it. When they rode in the car together, they would request it constantly and loved singing it. We joked about making a video for the song and the children loved the idea. One day, I set up a camera behind my seat and when they got in the car, they saw the camera and got really excited. We filmed it over a few car rides and then I edited it together. Thank you to everyone for all the interest in the video and for all the fantastic comments. Here are answers to some FAQs: The car is an audi A3 The camera is (1) go pro wedged between the headrest and the seat for stability. Yes, they are playing punch buggy through out the entire video. EHAMMAR

What is the best Hair Care Product out there for Biracial Kids? I have three beaitful biracial daughters are mix with black and mexican and I’m trying to figure out what (hair product)s will work best for there hair. If there’s any parents out there with mix kids please tell me what you do for your kids hair.

Best (Care For Kids) sheet music is available for immediate download.

I use B&B or Bones Brothers Hair grease. I get it from Walmart. It smells really well also. It greases my sons’ scalps very well. If the hair is thinner, you can get it in light, also.

I have heard to rub lotion through hair, I have curly and frizzy hair, and it works ok, I don’t know if it matters what kind of lotion.This will keep frizzies down, I think—any kind of detangler should help also.

I’ve tried everything on my hair- trial and error type thing. I use pantene pro-v and garnier fructis. For frizz or to control my curls, I use mousse or pomade. And to keep healthy, I use miracle gro hair oil. There’s a lot of things you can use. Usually you will find out what’s better by trial and error, because everyone’s hair different. . And yes, like everyone else has said Mane N Tale is pretty good. My mom uses that; she is jamaican and indian.

I forgot about Mane and Tail! Yes, ditto to that! Works great!It is all about moisture for their hair. I don’t know their exact texture, so it is hard for me to say exactly what product, but I have always liked Paul Mitchell. However, you really just need to get moisturizing shampoo, use conditioners on their hair every time you wash it, and get a good leave in conditioner or moisturizer, like Moisture Max, especially if they have thick hair. Pantene is not bad, either. L’Oreal has some nice children’s shampoos, and they may have a moisturizing one. You can find these products at CVS or maybe the grocery store. I like Moisture Max because it is not too heavy, but is heavy enough to tame the kind of hair I think you are suggesting they have. I also like Aveda Hair moisturizer, but it is expensive. I don’t know if you are doing that wild hair thing that a lot of biracial girls do (I personally think it is too wild, but that is me), but if you aren’t, you can keep their hair braided. Not cornrows, but just three or four braids.even one braid down the back. It will help to keep their hair moisturized.You could try talking to a black hair stylist, but see if they do all kinds of hair first. Otherwise, they could suggest too much heat or too much oil on the hair. When they get older, the wildness will calm down. I’m not first generation biracial, but we have enough “something something” in us that my sisters and I have that kind of hair. My mother is still in shock over how much our hair has changed and gotten easier since we were kids!

It depends on there hair type. Instead of grease I use Africa’s Best Oil and it works wonders. I am mixed with white & black and my hair is nothing like the average mixed person.For years my hair was thick, frizzy and coarse. Now it’s sleek and straight still thick but thats good when it’s managable.Deep conditioning helps too. I like Therma Silk.

Best Health care for kids in Florida? I would like to know about the health care plans for children in Miami, I am currently living in new York and we get health care plus which is free if you dont qualify for medicaid, do ylu have a similar system in Florida. please advise
what is the best hair care for kids? what is the best hair porduct to use for children two years of age
You should ask your local hair dresser what you should use for them. maybe if you be a’little tiny pacific on your question like brands. People could answer with a little more understanding.Good Luck!
use johnson+johnson
What is the best skin care to have a flawless skin for the kids?
This is partially based on genetics but some things you can encourage is.1. wear at least SPF 25 EVERYDAY!2. drink lots of water.3.good hygiene4. use lotion after bath or shower.5. wash face when you wake up, when you come home from school, and before bed.
A healthy diet, lots of exercise, and no soda pop, maybe once a month as a treat.
i am 18 and im am looking to look after kids in care what is the best route for me to take ? i have been in care my self and i would like to help other kids that are in the same situation as me i don’t have many qualifications but i have 10years experience can some one give me advice how to go about this job opportunity thanks feel free to email me on thanks ..
You can start by going to a community college in Early Childhood. Get your studies and all your doors will open after that.

When you need a babysitter for your kids, what do you look for in a babysitter? Suppose your well known babysitter offer to watch your kids for free, would you accept?What was the best or worst experience You had with a babysitter for your kids?Is a daycare or a babysitter a best care for the kids?
Get referrals from family members and friends. Knowing the babysitter – their family is best. Look for his/her parents to be protective of thier own child – “When will you have her home? Did you need me to pick him up after he’s done?”Look for teenagers with a lot of interests, extra curricular activities and maturity. They are active in a sport, yearbook and can fit your kids in on Saturday. Ask them if they have taken any classes or workshops on babysitting. Ask them if they have taken care of younger siblings.Then also look for them to ask you a lot of questions.Is Johnny allergic to anything? Can I reach you if there is a problem?I haven’t had any horrible experiences with babysitters. My best friend advertised in the paper for babysitters and had so many horror stories! My husband and I choose to use a drop off day care center. The place is always clean, full of kids to play with, has an inflatable bouncer and is on a video surveilance system that I as a parent can access only while my kids are checked in.

I would certainly want to know why a sitter would watch my kids for free (if she isn’t a friend or anything). You must get references and check them out carefully. I would especially try to find out if there is a family where the sitter no longer sits.Ideally a sitter is best – like having the parent in the home. It is important to clearly state your rules for the child – how much tv, snacks, how to deal with problems, etc. Many people feel safer in daycare, though, because there is more than one adult present. But if yu can find a sitter who has left the last family for a good reason and gets a good recommendation, I would go with her.

Only you can truly answer that question. If your babysitter is well-known and offers to babysit for free, be grateful. Not sure why you are asking.If you are looking for a babysitter and someone you do NOT know offers to babysit, then you need to have that person checked out. Who are their family, where so they live, do they go to school, do they have experience? Have they babysit for anyone else in the neighbourhood?You won’t hand your kids to a stranger, so why would you let a stranger in your house?Only you can decide whether or not you want someone to come in to your home and watch your kids, or you want to send them to Daycare. Each has it’s pros and cons. I have a Nanny come in to my home to watch my two youngest, we interviewed her, we knew her family, checked her references, made sure she had a police check and had her come in and watch the children a couple of times before we hired her. I like it because we don’t have to get the kids ready for daycare.If you are just looking for either, look in your area for the local daycare and ask them how long they have been in business and what they do with the kids, activity wise.Here are a couple of websites that may help you.canadiannanny.cacanadiansitter.caGood luck!

Well, the babysitter you choose should depend on how old your kids are. If you have a 10 year old, a 12 year old babysitter wouldn’t really work. I would recomend a babysitter 14 years old or older. I would look for a babysitter that has taken a class or knows CPR, and what to do in an emergency. See how responsible the babysitter is. Try leaving the babysitter with you kids for an hour while you run an errand, when you come back see how things are going. Did the babysitter call you more than 3 times already? Are the kids happy or mad? Is the house still clean? Are the kids playing a game or watching TV? You can tell from those kinds of things if the babysitter is a good babysitter or not. I think a babysitter or a daycare are both good choices. Once again it depends on the age of your kids. Very young kids, and older kids will like to stay at home more because they will feel more comfortable, and older kids don’t want to go to daycare anymore. If the kids are more in the middle area sending them to a daycare helps them meet new friends. If someone offers to babysit your kids for free I would want to know the babysitter first before I left that person alone with anyones kids. Good Luck!