Paul McCartney – Live at the Olympia Paris – C Moon

Paul McCartney sings “C Moon” with his band on the stage of the Olympia in Paris on the 22/10/07. Funny explaination of “C Moon” at the end. “I know, deep philosophy!” Sir Paul McCartney is back in Paris on the stage of the Olympia where he last performed in 1964 with the Beatles. The concert was performed on the 22nd of October 2007 in Paris. This is a film by Don Kent (2007) NO COPYRIGHT INFRIGEMENT INTENDED

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Paul McCartney & Wings – C Moon/Little Woman Love (Studio Session 1974) [HiD]

***Audio Without Speech and Stereo Remastered Version*** “C Moon” is a reggae song written by Paul and Linda McCartney and performed by Wings. It was released as a double A-side with “Hi, Hi, Hi” in 1972. With the ban of “Hi Hi Hi” in the United Kingdom, “C Moon” became a top five hit. The name “C Moon” was inspired by lyrics in the song “Wooly Bully” by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. McCartney said, “There’s a line in [Wooly Bully] that says, ‘Let’s not be L7.’ Well, L7, it was explained at the time, means a square—put L and 7 together and you get a square… So I thought of the idea of putting a C and a moon together (a half-moon) to get the opposite of a square. So ‘C Moon’ means cool, in other words.” The recording includes a missed-cue intro that was kept in the released version. Sometimes, when the song is performed live, McCartney will shout words in Jamaican (including “Rastafari”) during the intro, replacing the line “Was that the intro I should have been in?”. The song is in the key of C and is in 4/4 time. The performers change instruments from their usual places. Guitarist Henry McCullough plays drums, guitarist Denny Laine plays bass, and drummer Denny Seiwell plays xylophone. Also released on McCartney’s All the Best, and later reissued on a remastered Red Rose Speedway in 1993. “Little Woman Love” is a Wings song released as a B-side to the single “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on 12 May 1972. It was composed by Paul McCartney in 1970 and recorded during the Ram