What do you think about my piano recital repertoire? Diploma Examination (LTCL) :Links are there if you don’t know the pieceChopin op10 no1 Etudeyoutube.com/watch?v=ROVy9PC8_8AChopin Op10 no3 Etudeyoutube.com/watch?v=cKTfcX8NbaMAllegro Barbaro by Bartok youtube.com/watch?v=8twYWCGqpkEBrahms Capriccio C# Minor Op. 76 No. 5 youtube.com/watch?v=jCXuCt9pQLgChopin Polonaise Op. 53 in A flat major youtube.com/watch?v=KZGi49BnghsBeethoven Sonata Op 57 “Appassionata” Mov3 youtube.com/watch?v=xz7usUEPWscBeethoven’s Tempest Sonata mvt. 3youtube.com/watch?v=LfjD-DQ5REkAnd I’ll add some Mozart Piece in there afterwards..’Your chosen programme should display a range of moods, styles and tempi. You should bear the artistic coherence of theprogramme in mind when selecting and/or proposing repertoire.’I am currently blinded for selection of my pieces because I might have picked the ones that sound appealing to myself.Anyway, do you think its good enough in fulfilling the ‘range of moods, styles and tempi’ requirenment?

Download and print Mozart (Capriccio in C Major) sheet score

Firstly, hope your recital goes well!For the programme, a few things jump out. Firstly, that it may be too long, not sure what the time requirements are.Secondly, you can’t really play two different movements from two different Beethoven Sonatas. It would look and sound slightly absurd. Replace a Beethoven with a Mozart, Schubert or Haydn. Also you have too much Chopin, when you could have another composer for variety, such as Debussy, Ravel, Satie (the Impressionists are noticeably lacking from your programme).Lastly, you really need some Bach (or a Handel keyboard sonata if you’re not confident enough with Bach). I don’t think a decent programme at this level can be complete without some Baroque keyboard music. And their requirements seem to want you to show a broad range. You could lose points for playing, say, several Chopin’s but no Bach, for instance.Anyway, as I said, good luck and sure it will be great!

As I concur with more or less all the observations already made, I won’t cover that ground a second time, superfluously.You have, however, a rather more serious problem embedded in this programme which is that you’re breaking the ‘artistic coherence’ issue not once but actually twice! Not only have you broken the fixed pairing of Chopin’s op.10/3 with op.10/4 that must follow ‘attacca’ as op.10/3 fades, but you do it again by severing the same linkage between the final movement of Beethoven’s op.57 and the movement that precedes it, from which the final movement must organically flow forth. (The entire opening of the third movement makes no sense whatsoever without it arising from the embers of the second movement immediately before!)This is an issue that I would mark down severely and I know many colleagues would likewise. Combined with the overall impression of this being a TWHL programme (for “These We Have Loved”, i.e. made up predominantly of family favourites and/or warhorses) with no real discernible narrative guiding its progress, and were I to be at your panel table you’d be in a considerable amount of doo-doo before the first note had even sounded.You will need to rethink this across the board, with the emphasis on balancing time periods & styles, avoiding repertoire clichés and, above all, *no* ‘bleeding torsos’ like I’ve just pointed up whatsoever! And while you’re rejigging your repertoire, keep half an eye on the actual key-scheme of your programme: this one you have now proposed could lumber you with some very uncomfortable juxtapositions if your order of play happened to be unfortunately chosen, either by you or by panel members on the day.All the best, and good luck!

It’s an impressive repertoire indeed but i think you need a lot more variation in it. All the pieces there are Romantic era or Romantic sounding. If were one of your professors (sorry if this offends you) but i would of thought that you didn’t take much thought into the presentation and you just put selections that you like or could brag about. I would suggest:-ADD BACH! yes, i hate baroque music too, but every single music staff loves him or is forced to love him. You must add some type of Baroque music because Bach is known as one of the smartest musicians ever. Many later musicians followed followed and idolized him and baroque music started the common practice period too. Do a handfull of selections from the Well Tempered Clavier and just play them one after the other.-Do a full sonata. If you could, play the full Appassionata because it’s a classic in the diploma examination. Almost everyone plays it as their Sonata so it may seem boring to some professors, but if you put enough of your own subtle touches, you can make it memorable. You can choose any Sonata from the Classical Era but you wrote Appassionata 3rd movement so hopefully you know the first two. Plus, the third movement just seems out of place. It makes no real sense just to play that section without doing the first two movements, especially if it’s in a reticle. -I personally don’t like hearing Etudes in diploma examinations. I don’t know why, I just don’t. If you like choose one Romantic era peice that complements the other choices you have. You could do maybe the two etudes you have from Chopin and play them one after the other like what I said about the Well-Tempered Clavier, but i would advice against it and to choose just one romantic piece.-Do something different. It could be an impressionistic work; something from the 20th century; something modern/ contemporary; a piece from an american composer, a woman composer, or a lesser known composer. Just do something out of the ordinary to make it unique and not like everybody else’s diploma examination. I would choose one or two from this category.-Then I would do a filler song. A song that you just love, that you and your professors think you play perfectly. That would be a suitable outline for a diploma examination: Bach, Full Sonata, Romantic, Different, Different, Filler. You don’t have to follow it, but that’s what most people would expect rather than a selection from the same era. Hope you do well!