CAN YOU FEEL IT live 1981 Triumph tour “Left Hand Glove Version”

Notice the left hand grey sequen glove – I didnt’ know this existed in 1981 ! I produced this video mix using a mix of 3 sources: Live Tour Video + Sci-Fi Original CYFI Video + Jacksons LIVE audio track. Lots of video editing – hope you like it !! Please COMMENT & RATE IT. Thanks for watching!

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Can You Feel It?

By the Jacksons

Is this good for the beginning of a story that I started? Be honest!! tell me anything that i can use for help!! =P here goes!! “Isabella, I love you and i always have! theres nothing i want more than to be with you!” I wondered here the voice was coming from. It sounded so familiar, but I couldn’t remember. the voice was the same that i had heard for the past month in my dreams, but as usual, I couldn’t place a finger on it! O! NOw i remember! the handsome voice was coming from Jackson Lable. I realized I had to say something.and fast. My mind wandered as i searched for the right words to use. “jackson is that you? o jackson! i feel the same way about you!” Right after i said that, i knew it was just a dream and it would end in BEEEEEP! Ugh!! why does it have to be a dream everytime? i wanted to be able to hear those words for real! to be able to touch his face and kiss his lips. If only he felt the same way about me. I sighed as i remembered the last day of 9th grade. Jackson, of course, had a girlfriend. her name was sarah burnhart. she was beautiful, with shiny blonde curls, and tan skin. everyone worshippe her. everyone but me. now i will go back to the story about the last day of the year as me being a freshman. i was talking to jackson abouty the summer. and what he planned to do. “so jackson, what are you going to do this summer?” i had asked hoping for the response of him saying he would break up with sarah. he hesitated a bit to answer. “well, actually, i was planning on vacationing in rome with my family. everyone in my family is amazed by the Roman gods.” the smile that i love had started on his face. thats wen sarah showed up as she a smile flash across jackson’s face. “now jackie bear. you know i dont like mythology! so why are you talking about it with.that?” she emphasized the word “that.” “i know you dont like them.but i do.” it was sad watching him try to defend himself with no luck whatsoever. “yeah. i know. so are you coming to my house tonight for the end-of-the-school-year party or are you going to be hanging around with.that?” the emphasized the word again. jackson didn’t answer. he just smiled apologetically and walked away with sarah. as soon as i realized school was in only 15 minutes, i went back to the real world. i walked over to my closet, and saw my favorite pair of jeans. they’re so worn out its unbelievable. it would make me look like a hobo who couldnt afford her own clothes. i didnt want that now did i? no! deffinatly not. so i grabbed my mini skirt i never wore and a cute blue baby doll top. i brushed my teeth fast, hoping my breath wouldnt smell bad. i put my hair up in a high pony. it would have to do for now! “Izzy! we’re leaving now!” my mom’s voice was sounding frustraded even though it was the first time she told me to hurry up. i realized that she said “we’re.” she probably wasnt over my dads death yet. its just been four months. now its been just my mom and i for the whole time he was gone.thats all i have so far. i know there are some spelling mistakes but im hurrying so its ok! so tell me what you think of this story. what you like and what you dnt like. thanks!! =)TEAM EDWARD CUZ REAL MEN SPARKLEi was gonna have it be that jasper and her get together, but it turns out hes not the guy that she thought he was and hes like a jerk or whatever, and they break up. and BTW.i loved the name isabella before twilight.but its still awesome. and i am still going to have izzy. and i did no bout the tense. but it was going back to that time of 9th grade, and stuff like that. i knew there was difficulties with that and i will try to get help with that. thank you!!sorry! i mean jackson.oops!! hehe.i guess i have twilight on the mind!!

See and download Jackie Jackson – Can You Feel It music score

i like how the girl has the same name as me :)the thing i didnt like when i was reading it was how it said ‘now ill get back to the story’i think chop that out and it was good

Okay. if you’re going to name your character ISABELLA can you not call her IZZY? Please?Oh and I’d change her name COMPLETELY. If you’re in love with Edward and the lame twilight books and you copy a character’s name.I’m just going to assume you’re going to copy meyer’s crappy book and just switch some names around.

Be careful with your tenses. First person is easy and comfortable, but you are slipping in and out of past and present tense. Also be careful not to address the audience unless you truly mean to. Lastly, simplify your descriptions and remember that things should flow. These adjustments will not only make it easier to read, but also simpler to write. instead of: “as soon as i realized school was in only 15 minutes, i went back to the real world.i walked over to my closet, and saw my favorite pair of jeans. they’re so worn out its unbelievable.”Try: Realizing school was in 15 minutes i picked my favorite worn jeans out of the closet. (or something along those lines). Simplify your adjectives and your writing will flow brilliantly. Remember, in writing, its the power of similes not the quantity.Good luck on the rest of your work.

It’s good. Really good.Um, you should post it on, fictionpress.netIt’s a site where you can actually write stories and get reviews for it. Usually, you make a story, chapter by chapter, and “update” when you’ve finished writing the next chapter, or so. I actually just read the stories on there, but I write my stories on my fanfiction account. Almost the same, but you can recreate Twilight, or Harry Potter, or any other book that you like(if it’s on the list). People actually tell you if it’s good or not. You should check them out.