Colbie Caillat – ‘Capri’

Room 5 Hollywood CA January 6th 2006 Add my Facebook to see many other videos by Colbie and Others you cant see here this was shared in a few places but I never got around to uploading it to Youtube, Hope you enjoy

See and download Capri – Caillat music score

Capri — Colbie Caillat

My own little video I put together for this song 🙂

Cannot choose a first name for our baby girl? Aleah Capri Smoot or Valerie Capri Smoot?Which will go well with Preston James Smoot?Capri is after the song by Colbie Caillat, because my fiance says that song reminds him of me. :)Thanks!

See and download Capri – Caillat music score

Aleah. Capri is horrible. I get that it has a cat/dog Capri. It’s just not suitable for a child.
I like Aleah! congrats!
Aleah is horrible unless it spelt Aaliyah, definitely Valerie it’s really sweet !Capri is pathetic

Whats with all the a-hole answerers today??Our of your choices I definitely prefer Aleah Capri. That said, if it were me.. I’d spell Aleah Alia.. and instead of Capri i’d just us Colbie if it’s that meaningful to you. Preston & Alia or Preston and Colbie 🙂

Do you like the name Capri? I love this song by Colbie Caillat. I don’t know think I would use the name Capri, but I think it’s unique and very pretty.What do you think of the name Capri?Here’s a link to the song. It’s beautiful, like the Island in Italy. :o) guess I don’t think of pants or drinks because I love the song so much!
That is like my FAVORITE song! I know I keep questioning if I should use the name too just b/c I love the song so much BUT.I think it’s a little too much. I just sing the song to my daughter and she loves it! : )

I think it’s a cute and interesting name. TV Chef Giada de Laurentiis, who was raised partially in Italy, vacations at a family home on the island of Capri. However, she pronounces it “CAP-ree,” not “kuh-PREE” as we’re used to hearing it here.

I actually went to school with someone named Capri, because her parents honeymooned there, but the mean kids at school all called her Crapi

Where can I find FREE coblie caillat karaoke music? i am looking for the song CAPRI
I thought id share a nice video for the pregnant women!? It makes me cry. Colbie