Get to Know So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 All-Star tWitch! – Visit us for more SYTYCD exclusives, gossip, and spoilers! – Like us on Facebook! – Follow us on Twitter! Hey, hey, dance fans! I’m Jager Weatherby and this is Wetpaint Entertainment. Season 8 of So You Think You Can Dance was another huge hit for the reality competition. We were especially psyched to have Stephen “Twitch” Boss around as an All-Star. If you love Twitch, too, stick around for a few fun facts about the hip hop master. You may not have heard of Twitch until Season 4, but he’s a total reality-show veteran. Not only did he audition for Season 3, he was also the runner-up on Star Search in 2003… as well as a semifinalist in MTV’s The Wade Robson Project that very same year. What’s more, Twitch has also had his fair share of appearances on the big screen. He landed the role of Jason in Step Up 3D, plus one of the leads, Taz, in Stomp the Yard 2. Ever wonder how the Montgomery, Alabama native got his unique nickname? Well, if you’ve seen him dance, it’s pretty obvious… but did you know he picked up the alias way back when he was a kid? Apparently, little Twitch just couldn’t keep those dancing-genes still, hence the title. And, if you’ve ever heard Cat call him tee-witch, that’s because he capitalizes the W in his name instead of the initial T. He’s just super cool like that. Although Twitch may seem like he’s the definition of “buck,” he’s secretly a wee bit geeky — turns out he’s a huge comic book fan

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Elvis Costello – Mouth Almighty (song & lyrics)

This may not seem like much but a few years ago it was hard to get artwork of any kind, Windows Movie Maker and YouTube to play nice. It took lots of tweaking beyond the official specs back then. I was jumping for joy when it encoded clean. -T. Tuthill (Kinneas) Video: Tony Tuthill (Kinneas) Prior to publishing, written permission were requested from contacts at Elvis, EMI, Universal Music Album: Punch the Clock Please visit: for full liner notes. “…All of the above is not to suggest that I entered into the writing and recording of this record in a haphazard or lackadaisical manner. On the contrary I was still writing most of my songs at the piano and almost all of them were melancholy ballads. Clive cajoled me into picking up the guitar at least for the purpose of writing some more lively material. He argued that there was a danger in becoming known for only the most cynical and disillusioned songs of “Imperial Bedroom”. I remained allergic to the happy ending but in reply I managed a pair of proud and wishful songs on Love and Marriage: “The Greatest Thing” and “Let Them All Talk” and a couple about the Ugly Truth: “Mouth Almighty” and “Charm School”. –Elvis Costello — Chet Baker Trumpet, Soloist David Bedford String Arrangements Jeff Blythe Clarinet, Sax (Alto), Sax (Baritone) Barney Bubbles Booklet Design Elvis Costello Guitar, Vocals, Synclavier, Casio, Epiphone Colin Fairley Assistant Claudia Fontaine Vocals (bckgr