Jay Bennett Memorial: California Stars played by Ed Burch, David Vandervelde & friends

California Stars performed as the last song at Jay Bennett’s Memorial show at Cowboy Monkey in Champaign, IL on September 5th, 2009.

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California Stars ~ Wilco (1998)

From the album Mermaid Avenue, Wilco’s Jay Bennett and Jeff Tweedy wrote this terrific tune to Woody Guthrie’s lyrics. The video juxtaposes 1930s Hollywood with the devastating Dust Bowl which swept across the country at that time.

5 Child stars that grew up too fast? 1. Willow Smith- Superstar mother, father and brother. I can’t blame her! But a hit single at age 10? 2 Young artist awards by age 9? Her song already gone platnium in 3 countries? touring with Justin Bieber? Red carpet primeres with custom-designer over the top outfits? Where is her childhood? If she keeps going along like this she will not turn out the pop-princess her parents want her too be.2.Miley Cyrus- I feel like I don’t need to explain myself on this one. At age 13 she got the lead role on alter-ego show Hannah Montana. Filming, Recording and Choreographing all at the same time. Then rumors she was being a sl*t to her castmates, bossy on set and ignoring her father. She was overwhelmed from the beggining. Now she’s not even 19 and has her own mansion in Beverly Hills, starring in 2 hollywood films: “LOL” and “So Undercover” (in “LOL” she plays a 15 year old bi-sexual crack-head who can’t find her bearings.Suprise! Suprise!) and is making music videos that would make britneys spears one’s look resonable. Miley is headed down the wrong road.3. Demi Lovato- At 15 years old she was known for her great smile, breathtaking talent and perky additude. At 18 years old she’s known for injuring band members, cutting, thrashing out and emotional tantrums. She had to leave her starring role in “Sonny With A Chance” for rehab while the show is being completly re-written. She’s a sweet girl with good intension deep down inside, inspired by her little sis (That co-stars in Desparate Housewives a ‘Jaunita’) to become a better person. Although her emotions need some controling. Demi is bi-polar, so I won’t beat her down too much. She’s trying.4. Abigail Breslin- Abby hasn’t done anything wrong- yet. She started acting in the footsteps of her actor brother since being only a few months old. Then lead on to TV and small movie roles. Which came to her starring part in the 2006 comedy-film “Little Miss Sunshine” where she plays a rookie pageant girl that wants to win the ‘little miss’ title in the California beauty pageant. She was nominated for an Oscar at at 10 years old! She did not win, but then went on to starring roles in the movies “No Reservations” “Nims Island” “My Sisters Keeper” “Zombieland” “Rango” and the upcoming spin-off of ‘Valentines Day’: “New Years Eve” But if you’ve seen recent pictures. Abby has died her hair blond and is going for much more of a rocker-chic look-Not quite the “sunshine” we all feel in love with. But she is very mature and I know she is a talented girl. Keep it together Abigail5. Bella Thorne- Not everyone knows who Bella is. But I bet you’ve seen her in a catalog or in your favorite TV show. Small parts in “The O.C” “Dirty Sexy Money” “My Own Worst Enemy” “Big Love” and innocent movie roles in “Blind Ambition” and “Forget Me Not”. She’s also modeled for every designer label out there- and her stick thin body proves it! She is motavated by her actor siblings Dani, Kaili and Remy and is a very talented girl! But since her starring role on the Disney show “Shake It Up!” her life is in jepordy of the “Disney girl life”. Bella is a little more down to earth than the early Miley, Demi and Lindsay- but she’s still preppy, perky and popular. Which is always a recipe for disaster. Bella looks okay but needs to dim down her romance level- rumored with Cody Simpson, Adam Irigoyen and Jimmy Bennett along with ‘friends back home’ she seems to have relations with. Calm down Bella, enjoy 13 while you can.Tell me what you think! Do you agree? NO MEAN COMMENTS PLZ! Thanx!xxDecember

Download and print PDF scores of Bennett: California Stars

This wouldn’t happen if the world had any taste in entertainment. Quit donating your hard-earned dollars to these jokers.
I agree with you 100%. You hit it right on the money.
Even though I hate Demi and Miley(I can’t stand them), All the celeberities on this list are working very hard and as hard as they can to have more people have intrest in them. It will never work on Demi or Miley though.