Lisa Hunt Blame It On The Boogie @ Italian Festival 2009 Brisbane

Lisa Hunt performs ‘Blame it On The Boogie” made famous by Michael Jackson. Produced by Alessandro Sorbello for New Realm Media as part of Italian Week http an initiative of the Consulate of Italy in Australia Blame It on the Boogie” is a disco song, originally released in 1978 both by English singer-songwriter Mick Jackson as well as — in its most famous version — by the The Jacksons and was later also covered by numerous other artists. The song was co-authored by Mick Jackson (credited as Michael George Jackson-Clarke) as well as Mick’s brother, David Jackson, and Elmar Krohn. Mick Jackson’s recording was produced by Sylvester Levay[2] with the single released on the Atlantic Records label on both 7″ and 12″ vinyl and peaked at number 15 in the UK Singles Chart on 21 October 1978, and number 54 in the United States. The Jacksons’ best known rendition of the song (released on their 1978 album Destiny) reached number three on the US R&B chart.[when?] This song was also covered by 1980s boyband Big Fun and by Mexican singer Luis Miguel in a Spanish-language version titled Será Que No Me Amas. Songwriters: Jackson-clark, Michale; Jackson-rich, David; Kamschloer, Hans; Krohn, Elmar; Meyer, Thomas

This title is available as instant sheet music download: David Jackson Rich: Blame It On The Boogie

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bank? An Uncensored Investigation of the US Federal Reserve – 1 of 8

THIS IS PART 1 of an 8-PART EPISODE by Leesa Stanion | Stanion Studios. “What is the Federal Reserve?” Few people can actually answer that question. We interviewed leading economists, authors, Wall Street bankers, politicians (and other entertainers) about one of the most critical controversies (and controversial institutions) of our time The US Federal Reserve. And then, we took a shower. Bait and Switch TV: Investigative Satire [STANION STUDIOS] Presents Part 1 of 8 segments in the controversial saga of the Federal Reserve Banking system. Firmly rooted at the center of the current financial crisis, the Federal Reserve holds the purse strings for the USA monetary system. So it is hardly conspiracy theory to wonder about why this private and mega-powerful “federal” reserve system has been so controversial since its inception, why President Jackson was so opposed to a cartel as our central bank, what are the Fed’s actual factual successes and failures over the last 100 years, and how does currency, and control of that currency, determine the balance of power in a nation, and the world. Bait and Switch TV makes the financial collapse fun, and easy enough for a child to understand. But fun bedtime stories aside, we also propose real, obtainable, non-extreme alternatives to Federal Reserve Banking in this BSTV episode, including an in-depth look at the promising prospects of public, state-owned banks. Public banking can circumvent the federal reserve